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State-of-the-Art Imaging Software. Open-Integration Design.

More Freedom For Your Practice.

Apteryx XrayVision imaging solutions are built around a rare but simple premise – delivering state-of-the-art dental image management, analysis and processing with a focus on open-architecture, giving you more freedom to run your practice without the limits of proprietary system integrations.

Apteryx imaging solutions are designed to seamlessly integrate with your practice management system and imaging devices from most major manufacturers, so you get the freedom to use the combination of software and image acquisition technologies that fit your practice.

Our XVWeb Saas (Software-as-a-Service) solution utilizes the latest in Microsoft Azure cloud technology to deliver a new level of data accessibility and security with an affordable subscription pricing model. Our customers range from single clinician practices to large-scale dental organizations, including the United States military, government public health clinics and many of the nation’s largest dental support organizations. Our focus is to deliver an exceptional customer experience for each and every customer, ensuring that your imaging software operates at peak efficiency and your patients receive the attention they deserve.

Imaging software should always enhance the way you practice dentistry and never become an obstacle to efficiency or patient care. The design of XrayVision and XVWeb delivers a new level of freedom, flexibility and efficiency to your practice. Let us show you what imaging freedom looks like.


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