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XVWeb – Apteryx’s new web-based imaging application

  • January 03, 2014
  • News Releases

File download: XVWeb Introduction

Apteryx would like to introduce XVWeb™, a new web-based imaging application and web-based PACS/DICOM server.  XVWeb is a flexible and robust service designed to operate in a number of environments; it can be used as the main imaging application for an organization, or it can be used to add additional services to any existing imaging application, even if it is not an Apteryx imaging product.  XVWeb’s most common uses and benefits are:

  • Advanced web-based querying and image viewing.
  • Adds web-based image viewing to existing imaging applications.
  • Operates as a fully functional, secure and affordable PACS/DICOM server.
  • Vendor neutral archive that enables different vendor’s modalities to be stored and viewed anytime and anywhere.
  • A fully featured, scalable imaging suite for organizations of any size, ranging from the largest multisite enterprises to private practices.
  • Offers easy off-site backup to existing imaging applications.
  • Easy and secure method of sharing images.
  • Allows mobile access from phones, tablets, and all other web enabled mobile devices.
  • Reduces hardware cost and overhead with no need for local servers.
  • Requires little or no installation due to the cloud-based technology.

Need to add new web-based imaging technologies to your product line?  If you are not currently distributing Apteryx imaging products, XVWeb offers several integration opportunities for third-party imaging applications.

  • As a PACS/DICOM server, XVWeb can receive images from any DICOM based imaging application.
  • For more advanced integration, Apteryx offers an API to XVWeb.  This API allows third-party applications to provide different levels of integration ranging from simple demographic bridging to full charting and image viewing capabilities.

For more information, please refer to the attached PDF or contact an Apteryx representative directly at 877-APTERYX (877-278-3799).

About Apteryx, Inc.

Apteryx, Inc. was founded in 1995 to provide the custom application development market for customers around the world. Apteryx’s products include XrayVision and XVlite, an imaging suite of applications that digitize x-rays and other images for dental practitioners; XrayVision DCV DICOM software for the institutional dental market; XVWeb, a cloud-based PACS and DICOM server; and other Windows-based applications and utilities.

For more information, visit Apteryx’s web site at, or contact Apteryx at 330.376.0889 or via email at