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Hourly Data Mapping service for data correction and modification. Purchase one for each hour needed.


Item ID: 99938


Data Mapping Service

During data conversions at times data can be changed or corrected. Common scenarios are:

  • Switching practice management software may require and ID update in imaging data to preserve the “link” between the systems
  • Single database joining enterprise system
  • Bad data entry techniques historically

You will need to provide a spreadsheet mapping the old ID numbers to the new ID numbers. Once the ID mapping is complete, you will need to test and confirm that the new IDs are as expected.

The basic ID mapping service does not include additional matching of the patient data according to other criteria, such as the date of birth, or any other cleanup of the patient data, such as removing or adding middle initials or SSNs. These services are purchased at an hourly rate.

If an issue with the patient demographic information was caused specifically by the conversion – such as invalid DOBs that did not exist in the original database – those will be corrected at no additional charge.

During the Data Mapping service Apteryx works with the customer to determine the state of their existing data, what the data needs to look like, and what is possible with automated tools. Please setup an appointment with one of our conversion specialist at 877-APTERYX or contact us by email.