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Apteryx Database Conversion with Data Mapping service, includes up to 3 hours mapping. We will convert all the x-rays, scans, photos, and templates from your previous dental imaging software for use with an Apteryx Imaging software or service.


  • Carestream / KDI / Orthodontic Imaging
  • Curve Dental (Curve Hero)
  • DentalEye
  • Dentrix Image
  • Dexis
  • Eaglesoft / Patterson Imaging
  • Mediadent
  • MOGO
  • PatientGallery
  • Planmeca Dimaxis / Romexis
  • ProImage
  • Schick CDR DICOM
  • Sidexis
  • Tigerview
  • Visix
  • VixWin (see supported bridged modes below)
  • XDR


  • Adstra
  • Adstra SQL
  • CADI + Dentrix (G4 and earlier)
  • CamSight CDMx
  • Carestream Dental Imaging
  • Carestream OMS Imaging
  • Carestream Orthodontic Imaging
  • CaptureLink
  • CDR (Schick)
  • Choice Imaging
  • ClearDent
  • CliniView
  • CliniView SQL
  • ClioSoft (VistaDB)
  • Curve Dental (Curve Hero)
  • Dent-A-View
  • DentalEye
  • Dentrix
  • Dentrix Ascend
  • Dentrix Clarity
  • Dentrix Document Center (legacy versions)
  • Dentrix + Image
  • Denttio
  • Desco Dental Imaging
  • Dexis
  • Dexis + Dentrix
  • Dexis + Softdent
  • Dexis + XLDent
  • DICOM (Or ImageExplorer)
  • Digora for Windows
  • Dimaxis
  • Dimaxis SQL
  • DXIS
  • EagleSoft
  • EasyDent (Vatech)
  • Easy Dental Document Center
  • Easy Image (Easy Dental)
  • Evasoft
  • FrontDesk
  • ImageFX
  • Jasc
  • KDI (Kodak / Carestream Dental Imaging) + PracticeWorks
  • KDI + Denticon (PlanetDDS)
  • KDI + Dentrix G5
  • KDI + Eaglesoft
  • KDI + Maxident
  • KDI + OpenDental
  • KDI + SoftDent
  • KDI + Windent
  • Kodak OMS Imaging
  • Kodak Orthodontic Imaging
  • Mediadent (standalone/unbridged)
  • Mediadent + CAD
  • Mediadent + Dentrix (G4 and earlier)

  • Mediadent + Innova
  • Mediadent + OpenDental
  • Mediadent + PracticeWorks
  • MOGO
  • Onepix (Unident)
  • PatientGallery
  • Patterson Imaging
  • PhotoBase
  • PracticeWorks DICOM Imaging
  • ProImage
  • ProImage + Dentrix (G4 and earlier)
  • Quickvision
  • RayMage (MyRay)
  • Romexis (SQL Server)
  • Schick CDR
  • Schick DICOM
  • Schick D+SQL
  • Sidexis
  • SoftDent
  • SoftDent + Trophy
  • SpeedVision
  • TigerView
  • Triana (Genoray)
  • Trophy (standalone/unbridged)
  • Trophy + Dentech
  • Trophy + Dentrix (G4 and earlier)
  • Trophy + PBS Endo
  • ViperSoft
  • ViperSoft SQL
  • Visiodent Imaging
  • Visix
  • Visora (Cieos)
  • VixWin (standalone/unbridged)
  • VixWin + Dental Office Manager (DOM)
  • VixWin + Dentech (Extracted Patient List)
  • Vixwin + Denticon (PlanetDDS)
  • VixWin + Dentimax
  • VixWin + Dentrix (G4 and earlier)
  • VixWin + Dentrix Enterprise
  • VixWin + Eaglesoft
  • VixWin + FrontDesk
  • VixWin + Dentrix G5
  • VixWin + Maxident
  • VixWin + MOGO SQL
  • VixWin + OMS Vision
  • VixWin + Open Dental
  • VixWin + Opus
  • VixWin + PBS Endo
  • VixWin + PracticeWorks
  • VixWin + Softdent
  • VixWin + Stomatolog
  • VixWin + WinDent
  • VixWin + XLDent
  • XDR (MySQL)
  • Zuma Dental

The list of supported imaging software conversion is constantly growing. If you do not see your software in the complete list above, please contact Apteryx, and we will work with you to enable your software to be converted.


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Data Conversion with Data Mapping

During image data conversions, data may need to be changed or corrected. Common scenarios are:

  • Switching practice management software typically requires an ID update in the imaging data to preserve the “link” between the systems
  • Single database joining enterprise system
  • Previous bad data entry techniques

During the Data Conversion with Data Mapping Service, Apteryx works with the customer to determine the state of their existing data, what the data needs to look like, and what is possible with automated tools. Please setup an appointment with one of our conversion specialist at 877-APTERYX or contact us by email.

Bundled with our Database Conversion service, we can merge the x-rays, scans, photos, and templates from your previous dental imaging software into the Apteryx Imaging database. This will allow you to manage all of your images in one database, rather than switching back and forth between different softwares. The conversion will also maintain image quality, patient demographic data, tooth numbers, taken dates, etc. We will work personally with your office to guarantee that the conversion results meet your expectations.

Typically, database conversions occur in one of two different ways:

  • You may wish to schedule the conversion1 to occur right before “go-live” – the date when the staff plans to switch over to the new software. In this scenario, it is recommended that you first schedule a test conversion at least a few weeks in advance. Because any imaging software may have a variety of data file formats, a test conversion will indicate in advance whether it is necessary for our development team to tailor the converter to handle your specific database. A test conversion will provide an estimate of the resulting database size, how long the conversion will take, and how the converted images will appear in Apteryx Imaging.
  • Because scheduling the conversion to occur at the point of go-live may be problematic, it is often recommended instead to have the staff continue using their old imaging software to view previously-captured images, while using Apteryx Imaging to capture new images. Then, after go-live, the conversion can be scheduled to occur at the office’s convenience.

At the specified time, our conversion expert will remotely login2 to your office server, and initiate the conversion. Depending on the size of your database, the conversion may take from a couple hours to several hours or more to complete. For this reason, we usually recommend scheduling the conversion to occur at the end of the day, to minimize the impact on network performance. If we are unable to login remotely, the office can also send us the data on an external hard drive for the cost of the Standard Conversion. Apteryx will perform the conversion here at Apteryx headquarters and ship it back to you. Please contact us to discuss your options.


  1. Please schedule at least a mininum of a business week prior to your “go-live” date. A test conversion is highly recommended prior to scheduling your conversion date. 
  2. Remote Conversions require customers to have high speed internet access to the target computer (e.g., Cable, DSL, T1).

If you have any other questions, please contact us at 877-APTERYX!


Version 1.1 Revised 9.15.20


Database Conversion Process