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CT + Panoramic + Cephalometric Imaging

Developed by Ray, a former subsidiary of Samsung, the RAYSCAN Alpha Edge is versatile enough to be used for orthodontics, implantology, periodontology, dental sleep medicine and many other clinical diagnostic situations. Diagnosing patients has never been easier, faster, or more precise.


Multi-Function Imaging

The RAYSCAN Alpha 3D Edge is a multi-function digital extraoral imaging system with 3D cone beam computed tomography (CBCT), panoramic and cephalometric capabilities.

The RAYSCAN Alpha Edge captures high-resolution pan, ceph and CBCT images that are ideal for a wide variety of clinical applications. CBCT resolution of up to .143 mm3 ensures high quality 3D images that can be used for a wide variety of clinical applications. The system’s multi-FOV makes capturing CT images simple with two available fields-of-view: 8×8 cm and 8×5 cm. The 8×8 cm field-of-view can be utilized to capture both arches simultaneously, while the 8×5 cm field-of-view allows acquisition of either individual arch. The Edge also utilizes proprietary imaging algorithms and Metal Artifact Reduction (MAR) to optimize image quality. Available STL file conversion allows for object scanning for importing manual impressions, stone models, etc.

Due to its sleek design, the RAYSCAN Alpha Edge imaging system can fit into nearly any practice floor plan. The system’s height adjustment component means patients of all sizes, including those in wheelchairs, can fit comfortably in the unit. The RAYSCAN Alpha Edge also offers a wireless remote control for patient positioning. Additionally, green, blue, yellow and red LED lights indicate the status of the unit to practitioners at a glance: ready, standby, exposure and system alert. In addition to the RAYSCAN Alpha Edge’s advanced imaging capabilities and unique design, the system also features an intuitive user interface to streamline the capture process and simplify the manipulation of images.


Benefits of the RAYSCAN Alpha 3D Edge Imaging System

  • Intelligent Operation
    • Ingenious “Adaptive Tube Cooling Time” for continuous scanning capability and improved workflow
    • Image Layer Control Technology – minimizes impact of imperfect patient positioning
    • Minimized preparation time
    • Scan preview – available on onboard touch screen
    • Remote updates
  • Lower Dose
    • Faster scan times
    • Pulsed for reduced x-ray exposure
    • Various partial scan modes
  • Three Exclusive Detectors
    • Consistent operation
    • No damage
    • Long life span
  • Advanced Design
    • Intuitive user interface
    • Wireless remote control allows easy adjustment of patient position
    • LED lamp provides system status via intuitive color coding
    • Dedicated sensors for each modality
  • Flexible Diagnostic Capability
    • 3D/Pan/Ceph (scanning)
    • 3D Pan/Ceph (one-shot)


Features of the RAYSCAN Alpha 3D Edge Imaging System

  • Mulitiple F.O.V. Sizes (8×8 cm & 8×5 cm)
    • Complete diagnosis of the region of interest can be obtained with one acquisition
  • Minimized Scanning Time/Reduced Patient Exposure
    • Acquires panoramic images in a maximum of 14 seconds
  • 6 Specialized CT Modes
    • Image acquisition and reconstruction methods are optimized based upon clinical need
  • Panoramic Image Layer Control Technology
    • Adaptive Moving Focus Technology optimizes the focal trough to produce high quality panoramic images
    • Minimizes image quality issues caused by faulty patient positioning
  • 16-Bit Full Imaging System with DICOM
  • Metal Artifact Reduction
    • Proprietary CBCT reconstruction technology significantly reduces metal artifacts such as stars and shadows caused by x-ray scatter
  • Adaptive Tube Cooling Time Technology
    • Continuous acquisition without the need for forced cooling
  • Intuitive Ambient LED Color Coding Indicates Patient Exposure Status
  • Advanced Design and Usability
    • 10″ touch monitor with preview function
    • Wireless remote control for patient positioning


Specifications for the RAYSCAN Alpha Edge 3D Imaging System

  • Type: Cone beam
  • Patient positioning: Stand type
  • Focal spot: 0.5mm
  • Tube voltage: 60 ~ 90kVp
  • Tube current: 4 ~ 17mA
  • Weight:
    • RAYSCAN Alpha Edge (CT + Pano): 326.28 lb (148 kg)
    • RAYSCAN Alpha Edge (CT + Pano + Ceph): 361.56 lb (164 kg)
  • Detector type:
    • CBCT: CMOS
    • Panoramic: CMOS detector
    • Cephalometric (Scan type): CdTe detector
  • Field of view:
    • CBCT: 8×8 cm, 8×5 cm
    • Panoramic: n/a
    • Cephalometric (Scan type): n/a
  • Voxel size (CT):
    • CBCT: 0.143 ~ 0.286mm3
    • Panoramic: n/a
    • Cephalometric (Scan type): n/a
  • Scan time:
    • CBCT: 14 seconds
    • Panoramic: Maximum 14 seconds
    • Cephalometric (Scan type): Minimum 4.0 seconds


Dimensions of the RAYSCAN Alpha 3D Edge Imaging System

Configurations:  RAYSCAN Alpha Edge (Pano+ CT)