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Light-Guided, Completely Customizable Free FOV

The RAYSCAN Alpha Plus delivers exam customization like never before with Light-Guided, Free FOV technology and a voxel size as small as 70 microns.


The Next Evolution of Digital Imaging

The RAYSCAN Alpha Plus builds upon the award-winning technology of the RAYSCAN Alpha platform, delivering further innovations in image quality, simplified patient positioning, and reduction in patient x-ray dose.

With its exclusive Light-Guided patient positioning system, you have the ability to visualize the area being scanned before acquisition, with the field-of-view superimposed on the patient’s face to confirm the exact anatomy being acquired. Free FOV technology allows you to further limit radiation dose by collimating the field-of-view to any size between 4×3 cm and 16×10 cm, making systems that confine you to a series of pre-set field-of-view options obsolete.


Benefits of the RAYSCAN Alpha Plus

  • High-Definition Imaging to Grow Your Practice
  • High-resolution with a voxel size as small as .07 mm3
  • Perfect for endodontics, implantology, orthodontics and oral surgery

Next Generation Low-Dose Technology

  • Faster scan times – scan in less than 5 seconds
  • Free FOV means more control and less radiation exposure

Simplified Patient Positioning and a More Efficient Workflow

  • Light-Guided Field of View makes positioning more intuitive
  • Less likelihood of retakes
  • Fast image acquisition and reconstruction saves you time


Features of the RAYSCAN Alpha Plus

  • Free FOV from 4×3 cm to 16×10 cm
  • Completely customizable according to diagnostic need
  • Collimate the acquisition to the smallest area possible, reducing radiation exposure

Light-Guided Patient Positioning

  • Super-imposes the scan field of view on the patient’s face, allowing you to see the exact anatomy being scanned
  • More intuitive for you and your staff, making patient positioning simpler with less risk of retakes

Image Resolution up to .07mm3

  • Perfect for any diagnostic need from endo to orthodontics
  • Standard and Segmented Panoramic Acquisition Including Extraoral Bitewings

Choose from a wide array of panoramic protocols based upon patient size and clinical need

Optional One-Shot Cephalometric Module
Acquire ceph images in less than a second, reducing radiation exposure and the risk of blurred images due to patient movement


Specifications for the RAYSCAN Alpha Plus

  • Type: Cone beam
  • Patient positioning: Stand type (wheelchair accessible)
  • Focal spot: 0.5mm
  • Tube voltage: 60 ~ 90kVp
  • Tube current: 4 ~ 17mA
  • Weight: RAYSCAN Alpha – Expert 3D (CT + Pano + Ceph), 361.56 lb (164 kg)

Detector type:

  • Panoramic: CMOS detector
  • Cephalometric (Scan type): CdTe detector
  • Cephalometric (One-Shot): a-Si TFT

Field of view:

  • CBCT: up to 16x10cm
  • Panoramic: up to 15 cm (height)
  • Cephalometric (Scan type): 26 x 24cm (max)
  • Cephalometric (One-Shot): 33 x 33cm (max)

Voxel size (CT):

  • CBCT: 0.07 ~ 0.400mm3

Exposure time:

  • CBCT: 4.9 ~ 14 seconds
  • Panoramic: 2.2 ~ 14 seconds
  • Cephalometric (Scan type): Minimum 3.8 seconds
  • Cephalometric (One-shot): Less than 1 second


Dimensions of the RAYSCAN Alpha Plus

Configurations: RAYSCAN Alpha Plus

RAYSCAN ? - Expert (Pano) / RAYSCAN ? - Expert 3D (Pano+ CT)

Configurations: RAYSCAN Alpha Plus with Ceph

RAYSCAN ? - Expert (Pano + Scan ceph) / RAYSCAN ? - Expert 3D (Pano + CT + Scan ceph)