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XrayVision4 upgrade from XV 3.x

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XrayVision 4 features a completely refreshed interface, including updated menus, graphics, buttons, and more. These updates provide a more streamlined experience, allowing users to perform daily functions quickly and efficiently. For a detailed review of improvements, please view the XV4 Release Notes under More Information to the right.

Updated interfaces include:

  • Open Patient Images
  • Layout and Groups of Images View
  • Streamline Capture interface
  • Editing Layouts
  • Fully Customizable Toolbar and Toolbox
  • Multiple Monitor and High Resolution Screens Support
  • Hardware Options
  • Application Options and Preferences

Image Acquisition and Viewing

Improved capture featuring new modes to allow continuous series and multiple PA, and image type classification.

Better image viewing and diagnostics using a now easily accessible Compare Images interface, spot enhancement using our Real-Time Filters,  and the ability to create custom Real-Time Filters. New Image and Layout Descriptions allow you to easily attach labels and descriptions to images and layouts, and appear with the image or layout thumbnails.

Updated Tooth Controls

Tooth controls have been improved, including easier selection in voice controlled systems. Different veterinary tooth controls have also been added to XrayVision, and include canine, feline, and equine dentition along with a general veterinary control.

Printing Improvements

Enhancements to Printing include a central printing option interface, along with updated and simplified printing of single and multiple images. You can now have easier control of printing single images, full layouts and individual images from layouts, as well as an easier and more efficient process of selecting and printing multiple images.

User Security

General security has been upgraded, and now allows Active Directory integration to customize permissions within XrayVision for various user groups on a Window domain. You may now also choose to import usernames from an Active Directory group and set them up as individual users within XrayVision‘s native application security. Secure Logging has been updated as well as a new Audit Trail function better control and review of user actions.

Please read the following notes regarding upgrading from version 3.x (or earlier) to version 4.x:

  1. It is recommended that you perform any 3.x to 4.x upgrades when the software will not need to be used for a sufficient period of time to ensure that the software has been upgraded successfully and any new configuration has been completed. 
  2. There may be an upgrade fee associated with upgrading to the new 4.x version of the software. Please check with your sales representative regarding upgrade fees.
  3. Version 4.x of the software will require obtaining a new registration number. Please check with your sales representative to receive your new registration number or numbers. 
  4. Upgrading from older versions may require reconfiguration of your toolbar and/or toolbox buttons. 
  5. Upgrading from version 3.11 (or earlier) will require you to update all of your extensions. 

Please contact your appropriate technical support provider or Apteryx support for more information.


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