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XrayVision to DCV Crossgrade


Item ID: 40110


Crossgrade from any XrayVision v3+ product  (including OEMs) to DCV

Original owner only, one crossgrade discount per address and/or invoice. User must provide original invoice, registration card or number(s) to Apteryx within 3 business days. The XrayVision registration number(s) you provide will be converted to a single DCV Client number with all users included.

DCV Crossgrade includes the following:
  • Apteryx installation via remote connection
  • Convert all existing users on one network
  • DataGrabber – Apteryx’s patented “bridge” to any Windows practice management program
  • Ability to acquire images from most digital intraoral sensors, digital pan and ceph devices, and phosphor plate scanners
  • Image capture from intra-oral and extra-oral cameras
  • Scanner support to input existing film radiographs
  • Patient image management
  • Built-in image security and encryption
  • Automatic document generation
  • Easily add more users at anytime with DCV Additional User licenses
  • Electronic Manual and Window’s Help Documents
  • Free minor updates available as downloads from the Apteryx website

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