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Add-on single user XVLite license bundled with XV Sync, intended for use at the OR, Mobile Clinic, or home office.



XVLite Mobile is a bundle designed for doctors who need a single, standalone license of XVLite for use in the Operating Room, remote or mobile clinic, or at home for patient follow-up and emergency use.

The XVLite Mobile bundle allows you to have completely separate databases (regular office/clinic and the mobile laptop) that are synced using our XV Sync product, and provides for the additional user license that is allowed to run independently or on your office network.

Satellite offices, mobile vans with more than one user, etc. with an additional, separate XVLite database is considered an “Additional Location License” and requires that license. The main differences between XVLite Mobile and the Additional Location License are:

  • Additional users cannot be added to XVLite Mobile.
  • XVLite Mobile includes XV Sync.
  • Additional Location Licenses are expandable with Additional Users (PACs), but do not include XV Sync.


A Primary license of XVLite is required. This package includes 1 XVLite Mobile License and choice of up to 2 licenses of XV Sync. XVLite Mobile licenses are single-user only, and cannot be extended with additional users.