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XVWeb® 3D is a revolutionary cloud solution for 3D dental imaging

A true game-changer for 3D imaging workflow and accessibility, XVWeb 3D allows you to store, access and plan treatments with your CBCT data from any compatible web-enabled device. Requiring no download of data to your local computer, all XVWeb 3D CBCT image enhancements and manipulations are performed in the cloud, including image optimization, slicing, nerve canal tracing and implant planning.

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3D Imaging From Anywhere Via The Web

XVWeb utilizes Microsoft Azure cloud technology to deliver state-of-the-art clinical image storage, optimization and analysis as a cost-effective subscription service. XVWeb 3D adds support for accessing, viewing and securely sharing cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) and stereolithography (STL)* datasets via any compatible web browser in real time. Requiring no downloading of data for image manipulation or enhancement, XVWeb 3D allows practices to access their clinical image data 24 hours per day, 7 days per week from compatible web-connected devices with the added security of off-site storage and back-up. All 3D image interactions can be performed via the web, utilizing a full suite of online image enhancement, annotation and implant planning tools. 3D image data can also be securely shared online via XVWeb 3D, with no need to burn CD’s or utilize flash drives for providing clinical images to referring/ collaborating doctors.

Getting Started

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*STL compatible for data storage and retrieval. 

Version 1.0 Revised 10.1.2019 

Features and Benefits

  • 24/7 access to CBCT and STL image data from compatible internet-connected devices
  • No downloading of CBCT files for treatment planning – all functions are performed via the cloud
  • Independently audited HIPAA-compliant solution ensures secure data transmissions and protection of patient privacy with off-site data backup
  • Full suite of image optimization and treatment planning tools, including: image enhancement/ manipulation, clinical filters, measurement tools, nerve canal tracing and implant planning
  • Implant library for accurate implant planning
  • Open-architecture design for compatibility with most major CBCT manufacturers
  • Native DICOM-standard format
  • Eliminates upfront capital costs for hardware, servers and software
  • Provides more predictable cost structure for software and technology with no surprises
  • Clinical project managers and IT engineers assure smooth, turnkey implementation with ongoing service and support
  • Monthly subscription includes all updates and annual IT maintenance

Key Functionality and Tools

  • Volume rendering with window/level controls and presets
  • Zoom (including quick 1:1 and Fit buttons)
  • Measurements (linear, polygonal, and angular)
  • Annotations
  • Curved slice/ pano reconstruction
  • Implant planning with implant library
  • Nerve canal tracing
  • Secure data sharing


XVWeb 3D is designed with open-architecture so that it is compatible with the majority of cone beam systems on the market today, including direct integration with:

  • Rayscan
  • Carestream Dental
  • Planmeca
  • Vatech
  • Owandy
  • NewTom

Apteryx strives to build direct integration to all hardware. For the devices that are not directly supported, the CBCT data can be imported using the XVWeb CT Importer.  With the CT importer, any CBCT that can be exported in DICOM can be imported into XVWeb.

For complete compatibility details, please contact us.



Document Downloads

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