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XVWeb® is the leading cloud-based dental imaging software for 24/7 access to your data, enhanced security and offsite back-up, all for one monthly subscription.



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  • Up to 3 capture stations
  • 25 GB of cloud storage
  • All software updates
  • Included technical support
  • Upgrade at any time


  • Up to 5 capture stations
  • 50 GB of cloud storage
  • All software updates
  • Included technical support
  • Upgrade at any time


  • Unlimited capture stations
  • Unlimited cloud storage
  • Optional XVWeb 3D
  • All software updates
  • Included technical support


State-of-the-Art Cloud Dental Imaging.

XVWeb delivers the ultimate in imaging flexibility. If you are looking for an imaging solution that brings you flexibility, security and works with your existing imaging devices and practice management system, look no further than XVWeb.

Getting Started

To learn more about XVWeb, watch our brief web demo below.



Version 1.6 Revised 9.17.20

Why XVWeb?

  • Easy, convenient access anywhere, anytime from compatible, internet-connected devices
  • Microsoft Azure cloud technology for high performance and the latest security
  • Reduced IT expenses and associated costs – XVWeb includes off-site back-up, enhanced security and is always up-to-date
  • Independently audited HIPAA-compliant solution ensures secure data transmissions and protection of patient privacy
  • Converts your existing proprietary images into industry-standard DICOM
  • Imaging device independent – integrates seamlessly with most sensors, imaging systems and other devices on the market
  • Works with any practice management system
  • Hybrid solution ensures functionality even  during internet outage
  • Available XVWeb 3D for CBCT and STL file support, including CBCT image manipulation, enhancement and treatment planning with online implant library



Features & Benefits

  • Fully DICOM compatible and designed to work with existing imaging/viewing applications via secure TLS DICOM.
  • Allows for centralized image storage and easy third-party viewing and image referral.
    Lets you store, retrieve, and backup images from a webpage or any DICOM-compatible imaging program over a secure connection.
  • Allows custom integrations and bridging to and from the web service through available API functions.
  • Fully-functional DICOM server that can accept images from any DICOM-compliant imaging software.
  • Fully DICOM compatible, and can be added on to your existing DICOM-compatible imaging software.
  • Easily configured as an add-on to an existing imaging solution providing access to patient image records anywhere at anytime.


Integration Methods

  • Simple Integration – The XVWeb PACS server is a full DICOM server and allows any application that currently supports DICOM communication to forward images to an XVWeb site.
  • Bridging from XVWeb – Launch and pass patient information from a patient being displayed in XVWeb to a third-party application.
  • Querying/Viewing Integration – You specify which patient and/or images should be displayed, and allow a third-party application to include an XVWeb view sub-window directly in their own application.
  • Data Integration – Enable a third-party to query and retrieve information directly from an XVWeb website.
  • Image Acquisition/Storage – XVWeb makes the process easy:
    • Utilize existing image programs for image capture even if that application is not an Apteryx product.
    • Utilize locally installed capture components that ensure an image can be captured even if the internet connection is down.
    • Once images are captured, they are stored on an XVWeb server using encrypted DICOM communications.
    • XVWeb has the ability to open a patient in third party programs as well as a launching other applications utilizing customizable command line options1.

1 Please review the list of digital imaging software solutions to which XVWeb can integrate.


Document Downloads

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