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XrayVision 3 Licenses


Development for XrayVision 3 has officially ended. All new feature development and hardware integration will be intended for XrayVision 4. Apteryx cannot guarantee compatibility of future hardware features or imaging extensions within XV3. Apteryx recommends that you keep your system current and continue to update to the most current version.

You may upgrade to XrayVision4 for continued updates and new hardware support.

XrayVision 3 brings all your digital imaging needs to your practice – from over two dozen hardware choices for sensors and phosphor plate systems, to integration with most popular practice management applications.

A primary license required for all XrayVision 3 installations.

The XrayVision 3 installer is available as a fully-functional 30-day trial.

XrayVision® 3 Additional Location License


will capture, enhance and display all of your dental images. supports image capture from a majority of the different digital sensors available today

XrayVision® 3 Additional User License


Add one (1) more user to your existing XV – Base Install on the network.

Add-on single user XV license bundled with XV Sync, intended for use at the OR, Mobile Clinic, or home office.




Version 1.0 Revised 10.1.2019