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The Top 5 Dental Intraoral Sensors Of 2020

The Top 5 Dental Intraoral Sensors of 2020

By Ryan Chan

The Top Dental Intraoral Sensors of 2020

Every day, our team meets with dental practices all over North America to discuss their imaging needs and how our software and intraoral sensors can help them improve their clinical capabilities. And, because we have been developing imaging software for over 25 years and have worked with the vast majority of sensor manufacturers on the market, dentists will often ask us about our opinion of other brands.

First, for full disclosure, we sell our own sensors under the TUXEDO brand. And while we believe our sensors can go toe-to-toe with the other leading brands on the market, we are blatantly honest about our own products AND our competition – after all, we want our customers to be as informed as possible when it comes to determining the best imaging technologies for their practice. We also understand that while our software and sensors will often be a good fit for one dental practice, a different brand may be a better fit for others.

In the spirit of providing the best information possible, here are some of the other top sensor brands currently on the market*:

Schick 33 by Dentsply Sirona

  • Has a theoretical resolution of 33 lp/mm and is distinguishable by its replaceable cable

Dexis Titanium by Kavo

  • The follow up to the DEXIS Platinum sensor, the Titanium is a popular one-size fits most sensor

RVG 6200 by Carestream Dental

  • The most recent version of their line of RVG sensors, the RVG 6200 is known for high resolution image quality. Previously sold under the Kodak brand

XDR Sensor by XDR

  • Lower-cost sensor notable for its maximized active area

Gendex GSX-700

  • Popular for its ergonomic design

So, there are 5 of the top dental sensors on the market in 2020. As I mentioned above, we have worked with all of these products and have many customers that utilize these sensors in conjunction with our XrayVision and XVWeb imaging software solutions.

While all of the sensors above provide great intraoral images, there are several other considerations you should keep in mind before making a purchase decision. Software integration, open vs. closed image formats, cost of warranty coverage, and technical support/ service reputation are all aspects that should be compared. You’ll definitely want to research these other components to get an apples to apples comparison.

Here are a few other resources that you might be interested in:

Finally, our entire team is available if you have any questions about sensors, software or all things imaging. Feel free to drop me a line at and I’ll be happy to answer your questions.

If you need a quote for imaging software or compatible equipment, our team is available via the link below or at 877-APTERYX.

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