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Version 1.2 Build 1
Release Date: 3/30/2010

  1. Redesign of the internal imaging engine.
  2. Change made to enable support the 64-bit drivers.
  3. Defaults changed for 2000 sensors (Gamma = .7; Contrast = +10).
  4. Defaults changed for the SuniRay sensors (median filtering).
  5. Timeout of the sensor increased.
  6. Support option added to produce a raw sensor data file.
  7. Watermarks changed in the returned images.

Version 1.1 Build 7
Release Date: 1/23/09

  1. Removed CRC check for CMOS sensors.
  2. Modification for noise correction function.
  3. Restored the FPN correction to the original values.
  4. Default threshold updated.
  5. Added 1.5 second delay before the “sensor ready” green screen is displayed.
  6. Added enhancement options similar to Suni Imaging SED.
  7. Incorporated newest firmware and generic drivers.
  8. Error message that was displayed when a 2000 sensor is plugged in after capturing a suni ray image was corrected.
  9. Added random row defect correction code (stitch correction).

Version 1.1 Build 15
Release Date: 11/14/2008

  1. Updated sensor resolutions.
  2. Generic driver support added.
  3. Corrected FPN noise correction for some sensors with vertical stripes.
  4. Horizontal stitch correction implemented.
  5. Default sensitivity for USB2000 sensors changed to 4.
  6. “Suni” tag added to all images.