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Version 2.0 Build 7
Release Date: 10/18/07

  1. Added features to allow the IDDLL to automatically set the image type in the invoking application.
  2. Maintenance build.

Version 2.0 Build 5
Release Date: 2/4/04

  1. Additional DICOM information support added. Please note that you will need to additionally update the DICOM.DLL and main application before the additional DICOM information will be available.

Version 2.0 Build 4
Release Date: 12/10/03

  1. Maintenance release: Window’s font is now used for various controls in the interface; extended character sets now available for a wider range of supported languages; new more efficient versions of interface controls added.

Version 2.0 Build 2
Release Date: 1/17/03

  1. Added new option to track hardware’s enabled status manually.

Version 2.0 Build 1
Release Date: 2/7/01

  1. Modified to conform to new XVa3 3.5 specs

Version 1.0 Build 16
Release Date: 6/21/00

  1. Correction made to the setting of the resolution on the DenOptix from the software

Version 1.0 Build 15
Release Date: 4/10/00

  1. Automatic Brightness/Contrast support added

Version 1.0 Build 14
Release Date: 4/16/00

  1. Noise removal features added in Options menu

Version 1.0 Build 12
Release Date: 12/31/99

  1. Correction of memory and resource leak that caused a crash in Win98