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Version 10.0 Build 8
Beta Release Date: 6/2/2017
Release Date: 10/10/2017

  1. Resolved reporting wrong number of patients when patient number exceeds 65,535 (B1379)

Version 10.0 Build 7
Beta Release Date: 6/26/2014
Release Date: TBD

  1. Resolved issues with Manually Launch Patient matching of partial patient information. (F2390)

Version 10.0 Build 6
Beta Release Date: Internal
Release Date: TBD

  1. Implemented XML function code to allow extra fields to be bridged. (F1959)

Version 10.0 Build 5
Beta Release Date: 6/20/2012
Release Date: TBD

  1. Modified to prepare for bridging additional information beyond basic patient demographic information. (F903)

Version 10.0 Build 4
Release Date: 6/20/2011

  1. Resolved issue with format of patient ID. The bridged ID number will be different when updating to this version. (B590)

Version 10.0 Resolved reporting wrong number of patients when patient number exceeds 65,535 (B1379) Build 3
Release Date: 7/7/2010

  1. Components and environment updated for compliance with new versions of the software.
  2. Made modifications to allow some of the options/preferences to be set globally instead of locally.

Version 3.0 Build 11
Release Date: 7/29/09

  1. Maintenance build.

Version 3.0 Build 9
Release Date: 1/23/06

  1. Added support to filter patients according to patient status. User can configure the DRL to retrieve and configuration of patients, non-patients, inactive patients and archived patients.

Version 3.0 Build 8
Release Date: 6/6/05

  1. Changes support for Dentrix 11 for chart number. Options added to allow selection of what should be used for the patient ID.

Version 3.0 Build 7
Release Date: 2/20/05

  1. Added support for Dentrix 11.

Version 3.0 Build 6
Release Date: 2/4/05

  1. Correction made to patient ID numbers.

Version 3.0 Build 5
Release Date: 1/19/05

  1. Correction made when invalid number of patients are determined for a large database.

Version 3.0 Build 4
Release Date: 12/10/03

  1. Maintenance release: Window’s font is now used for various controls in the interface; extended character sets now available for a wider range of supported languages; new more efficient versions of interface controls added.

Version 3.0 Build 3
Release Date: 11/20/02

  1. Added option to subtract a day from the Dentrix DOB for newer versions of the Dentrix database.

Version 3.0 Build 2
Release Date: 6/19/01

  1. Added DOB extraction

Version 3.0 Build 1
Release Date: 2/7/01

  1. Modified to conform to new XVa3 3.5 specs

Version 1.0 Build 8
Release Date: 6/21/00

  1. Safety feature added: Options saved after editing (not when application closes)

Version 1.0 Build 7
Release Date: 3/19/00

  1. Patient database caching

Version 1.0 Build 6
Release Date: 2/28/00

  1. Added support for Dentrix 7.5 new database structure