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Version 10.0 Build 22
Beta Release Date: 9/12/2016
Release Date: 1/6/2017

  1. Added new despeckle filter to remove spec noise while preserving the fine details and edges in an image (F3225)
  2. Added parallelization to speed up image enhancement time. (F2869)

Version 10.0 Build 21
Beta Release Date: 9/14/2015
Release Date: 9/14/2015

  1. Add new capture mode – capture endo series from selected image. (F2858)

Version 10.0 Build 20
Beta Release Date: 2/05/2015
Release Date: 7/8/2015

  1. Added option to set all images captured with DirectVideo as “Primary”. (F2658)

Version 10.0 Build 19
Beta Release Date: Internal
Release Date: TBD

  1. Corrected a possible memory leak that could occur in progression captures with image holding area enabled. (F2633)

Version 10.0 Build 18
Beta Release Date: 1/09/2015
Release Date: TBD

  1. Added “Always on top” to capture window when in progression capture. (F2201)
  2. Add auto-dismissing preview option for progression captures. (F2531)
  3. New option added to rotate images associated with upper dentition 180 degrees. (F2319)

Version 10.0 Build 17
Beta Release Date: 6/18/2014
Release Date: TBD

  1. Now remembers last used tooth chart. (F2441)

Version 10.0 Build 16
Beta Release Date: 6/12/2014
Release Date: TBD

  1. Corrected issue where “Display Progressions as Layouts” option not functioning in combined teeth and capture window. (B1076)

Version 10.0 Build 15
Beta Release Date: 5/7/2014
Release Date: TBD

  1. Extension will now proceed automatically with only the modalities that are enabled through preferences. (F1925)
  2. Added capability for tooth defintion settings to carry over from DCV preference. (F2280)
  3. Added scroll wheel support to the progression selection in the combined tooth/progression selection window. (F2307)
  4. Added ability to display previously captured images when user is capturing additional into existing series. (F2358)

Version 10.0 Build 12
Beta Release Date: 01/03/2014
Release Date: TBD

  1. Corrected issue where all teeth number assignments were not being retained after image return. (F2112)

Version 10.0 Build 11
Beta Release Date: 01/16/2014
Release Date: TBD

  1. Modified capture selection window into a combined single image tooth selection and progression selection prompt. (F1982)

Version 10.0 Build 10
Beta Release Date: Internal
Release Date: TBD

  1. Added ability for DCV and IXDLLs to share tooth definition settings. (F2280)

Version 10.0 Build 9
Beta Release Date: 04/30/2013
Release Date: TBD

  1. Corrected issue when moving images between tiles in veterinary mode would display human tooth associations. (F1718)
  2. Corrected handling of intial and subsequent tiles of continuous endo series. (F1737)

Version 10.0 Build 8
Beta Release Date: 01/10/2013
Release Date: TBD

  1. Added ability to view images full screen while in anatomical layout capture. (1659)
  2. Fixed issue with improper rotions during layout capture in anatomical view (B864)
  3. Added voice recognition support. (F1290)

Version 10.0 Build 7
Beta Release Date: 10/5/2012
Release Date: NA

  1. Added capture button support for cameras that use “Still Pin Capture” in the Video Options > Still Pin and other video sizes option. (F1203)
  2. Modification to remember the previous camera control settings. (F1203)
  3. Changed the menu text from Xtriggers to Capture Buttons. (F1203)

Version 10.0 Build 6
Beta Release Date: 5/25/2012
Release Date: NA

  1. Added some new imaging algorithms to available post capture filters. (F1390)
  2. Fixed issue with images being labeled as retake with no tooth association during layout capture. (B716)

Version: 10 Build 5
Release Date: 1/25/2012

  1. Add ability to assign tooth numbers to direct video images. (F1092)
  2. Add ability to capture direct video images into progressions. (F1092)
  3. Fixed bug that would retain deleted images in the safety cache. (B699)

Version 2.1 Build 1
Release Date: 8/21/09

  1. Added new support for selected discipline in the invoking application.
  2. Added new support for general anatomy selection, veterinary anatomy and veterinary dental fields.
  3. Added CR modality support.

Version 2.0 Build 15
Release Date: 5/4/09

  1. Made changes to support Schick USB Cam 2 buttons. Changes were made in both the IXDLL and the EM2800chipset.XTriggerDLL files.

Version 2.0 Build 14
Release Date: 8/12/08

  1. Implemented new ghosting and retaken image classification. Additional options added to automatically mark images as ghosted or retaken based on the acquisition context.

Version 2.0 Build 12
Release Date: 4/8/08

  1. Image Operations popup menu on the progression screen now has an “Advanced Image Display” option. This option is the same as double-clicking on an image.

Version 2.0 Build 11
Release Date: 3/26/08

  1. Better image, series and study description labeling.
  2. Added new option to quickly edit image notes during progression capture.
  3. Maintenance build.

Version 2.0 Build 10
Release Date: 4/4/07

  1. Corrected orientations when changing between various tiles when capturing a progression.
  2. Maintenance build.

Version 2.0 Build 7
Release Date: 2/27/07

  1. Image view control improved with additional funcationality: image enhancement drop-down (auto BC, emboss, invert); drag gamma adjustment tool added.

Version 2.0 Build 6
Release Date: 9/18/06

  1. Added ghosted image support.

Version 2.0 Build 5
Release Date: 2/3/06

  1. 16-bit image capture error corrected. In some circumstances an error is reported when converting 16-bit image data into a DICOM image object.
  2. Spatial sharpening filter added to the post capture filter options.
  3. Direct selection of progressions support added.
  4. ES / Endoscopy modality support added.

Version 1.0 Build 14
Release Date: 8/19/05

  1. Maintinance build.

Version 1.0 Build 11
Release Date: 7/7/05

  1. Correction made to prevent invalid UID generation.

Version 1.0 Build 10
Release Date: 7/5/05

  1. Correction made for image resolutions. Some images had an improper resolution associated with an image.
  2. Maintenance build.

Version 1.0 Build 9
Release Date: 1/18/05

  1. New Apteryx DICOM UID added.