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Version 10.2 Build 4
Beta Release Date: 2/27/2017
Release Date: 4/6/2017

  1. Better handling of database access. Will now try default credentials in case it cannot connect to the database. (F3414)

Version 10.2 Build 3
Beta Release Date: 10/28/2016
Release Date: 1/6/2017

  1. Eaglesoft 18: Added support for secondary database selection at startup. (F3323)

Version 10.2 Build 2
Beta Release Date: 4/26/2016
Release Date: 4/26/2016

  1. Added support for Eaglesoft 18, with new option to “use access token”. (F3061)

Version 10.1 Build 1
Beta Release Date: 6/24/2014

  1. Updated graphics, copyright, and/or contact information. (F2397)

Version 10.0 Build 9
Beta Release Date: 10/23/2013

  1. Resolved issues with Manually Launch Patient matching of partial patient information. (F2390)

Version 10.0 Build 8
Beta Release Date: 10/23/2013

  1.  Added option to ignore inactive patients in the Eaglesoft database. (F2029)

Version 10.0 Build 7
Beta Release Date:

  1. Implemented XML function code to allow extra fields to be bridged. (F1959)

Version 10.0 Build 6
Beta Release Date: 6/20/2012

  1. Modified to prepare for bridging additional information beyond basic patient demographic information. (F903)

Version 10.0 Build 5
Release Date: 8/20/2010

  1. Added option to use Chart ID.

Version 10.0 Build 4
Release Date: 8/11/2010

  1. Make a correction that handles a freeze that can occur when closing the main application and a computer has an older version of the ODBC driver.

Version 10.0 Build 2
Release Date: 7/7/2010

  1. Components and environment updated for compliance with new versions of the software.
  2. Made modifications to allow some of the options/preferences to be set globally instead of locally.

Version 10.0 Build 4
Release Date: 7/7/2010

  1. Modified read/write access permission on database file to address problem of reading from the database when the associated application has the file open for read/write access..

Version 10.0 Build 3
Release Date: 6/30/2010

  1. Components and environment updated for compliance with new versions of the software.
  2. Added support for version 16.
  3. Made modifications to allow some of the options/preferences to be set globally instead of locally.

Version 3.0 Build 9
Release Date: 12/5/08

  1. Added options to bridge preferred name instead of the normal name.

Version 3.0 Build 8
Release Date: 3/25/08

  1. Updated for version 14.

Version 3.0 Build 8
Release Date: 2/16/05

  1. Correct problems with a patient’s DOB sometimes being reported as 12/31/69.

Version 3.0 Build 7
Release Date: 10/22/04

  1. Corrected problem where the data drill reported one patient less than was really in the patient database.

Version 3.0 Build 6
Release Date: 12/10/03

  1. Maintenance release: Window’s font is now used for various controls in the interface; extended character sets now available for a wider range of supported languages; new more efficient versions of interface controls added.

Version 3.0 Build 5
Release Date: 4/4/03

  1. Added option to subtract the last character of the last name.

Version 3.0 Build 3
Release Date: 11/21/02

  1. Caching added to dramatically increase the rate at which information is retrieved from the EagleSoft database.  Note that some additions, deletions and changes made to patients in EagleSoft may not be immediately detected when caching is enabled due to SQL functionality.  To update the EagleSoft cached information in XrayVision at any time, access the DataDrill options (under the Database menu) and enter the EagleSoft DataDrill options.  Click on the Update cached information button to update the internal patient cache.

Version 3.0 Build 2
Release Date: 11/18/02

  1. New processing added for handling EagleSoft SQL driver.  The new extension takes longer to access the patients but provides improved linking to the patients in EagleSoft.

Version 3.0 Build 1
Release Date: 2/7/01

  1. Modified to conform to new XVa3 3.5 specs.

Version 1.0 Build 7
Release Date: 6/21/00

  1. Safety feature added: Options saved after editing (not when application closes)

Version 1.0 Build 6
Release Date: 4/26/00

  1. Additional error handling added to prevent MS record error messages

Version 1.0 Build 5
Release Date: 4/7/00

  1. Initial release