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Version 10.0 Build 6
Beta Release Date: 08/09/2018
Release Date: TBD

  1. Initial creation of OEM version of SED. (F3815)

Version 10.0 Build 5
Beta Release Date: Internal Only
Release Date: NA

  1. Added debug logging option to the SED to track sensor readying. Log stored in \Logs\ folder. (F2841)

Version 10.0 Build 4
Beta Release Date: 05/25/2012
Release Date: TBD

  1. SED now returns DPI correctly, so measurements can be placed on an image without calibrating. (B779)

Version 10.0 Build 3
Release Date: 11/12/2010

  1. Resolved SED backwards compatibility issue with pre-3.12 XV by renaming layout tile capture reorient function. (Feature 846)

Version 10.0 Build 2
Release Date: 8/20/2010

  1. Updates to support GxPicture 3.0.

Version 1.0 Build 3
Release Date: 10/9/07

  1. Made changes to prevent conflicts with other Gendex imaging extensions.

Version 1.0 Build 2
Release Date: 10/9/07

  1. Initial release