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Version 5.1 Build 31
Release Date: 9/10/2015
IAM version: 5.5.11811.0

  1. Added support for IAM 5.5.11811.0. (F2815)
  2. Resolved issue with support for Toto sensor. (F2815)

Version 5.1 Build 30
Release Date: 3/11/2015
IAM version: 4.20.8297

  1. Added support for IAM 4.20.8297. (F2539)

Version 5.1 Build 29
Release Date: 10/17/2013
IAM version: 4.13.6590

  1. Incremented build number for new IAM driver release. (F2037)

Version 5.1 Build 27
Release Date: 9/17/2012
IAM version: 4.04.0009

  1. Removed extra InitDICC calls from being invoked to help speed up image return. (F1402)
  2. Changed default integration time for Snapshot to 128ms. (F1374)
  3. Added options to apply consistent contrast filtering across images for Snapshot and Optime. (F1553)

Version 5.1 Build 26
Release Date: 12/7/2011
IAM version: 4.04.0009

  1. Added support for capture into Finnish Cliniview 10. (B681)

Version 5.1 Build 25
Release Date: 8/31/2011
IAM version: 4.04.0009

  1. Modified Snapshot handling to improve capture speed in certain scenarios (B583)
  2. Additional logging included during DSD capture. (B592)
  3. Reverted Snapshot SDK integration from DSD back to DICC, per Instrumentarium request. (B588)

Version 5.1 Build 24
Release Date: 6/1/2011

  1. Modified handling of Get ICAP_AUTHOR request. (B576)

Version 5.1 Build 23
Release Date: 5/17/2011

  1. Modified handling of Retrieve Last Image capability for Optime to prevent UA Flag issue. (B572)

Version 5.1 Build 18
Release Date: 2/1/2011

  1. Implemented DSD version of Snapshot integration. (F901)
  2. Created separate TWAINs for US and Finland, with specific cosmetic changes for each. Removed all Soredex hardware from Finland version. (F901)
  3. Resolved issue with capturing images from TWAIN in multiple different programs on the same computer. (B493)

Version 5.1 Build 15
Release Date: 12/22/2010

  1. Added option for “automatic hardware image processing”, which will change the “NOP” registry setting to enable/disable the DSD’s additional filtering options. (F849)

Version 5.1 Build 14
Release Date: 12/10/2010

  1. Added support for IAM SDK 1.2 with DICC 1.6.2. (Feature 853)
  2. Replaced Instrumentarium DICC integration of Snapshot with the Soredex DSD DIGORA Toto integration. (Feature 849)
  3. Removed all references to Soredex from TWAIN. (Feature 831)

Version 5.1 Build 12
Release Date: 10/14/2010

  1. Added option to disable Delete Image functionality. (Feature 823)

Version 5.1 Build 11
Release Date: 10/11/2010

  1. Work around an issue in EasySetup.dll in which it locks up while Dicc is cleaning up, and causes a crash when Dicc is initialized again in the same session. The workaround is performed by loading EasySetup.dll into the address space of the calling process before initializing the Dicc. This is done to increase the reference count of EasySetup DLL whenever it is loaded. (Bug 449)

Version 5.1 Build 10
Release Date: 10/5/2010

  1. Added Optime Continuous Capture Mode. (Feature 819)

Version 5.1 Build 9
Release Date: 9/14/2010

  1. Attempted resolution to issue with layout capture from Snapshot in Single Image Capture Mode, in which the second image capture is stuck at “Image Successfully Downloaded”, and the Return/Cancel buttons are non-functional.

Version 5.1 Build 8
Release Date: 9/2/2010

  1. Add option to disable filtering for Novus pan.

Version 5.1 Build 7
Release Date: 7/13/2010

  1. Several titles and texts renamed for more general descriptions.
  2. Removal of SigmaM references.

Version 5.1 Build 4
Release Date: 5/13/2010

  1. Integration of the new OP30 hardware.
  2. Integration of all Soredex products.
  3. Updated the options and the GUI to include support for the Soredex hardware.
  4. Minor modifications to the GUI to make it cleaner and easier to use.
  5. Minor modifications to the options to make them cleaner and easier to understand.
  6. Made name and verbiage changes to make various options compliant with multiple hardware support.

Version 5.0 Build 22
Release Date: 4/22/09

  1. Integration of new ICM.
  2. New JPEG library utilized.

Version 5.0 Build 21
Release Date: 3/11/09

  1. Made changes for better handling of SmartNav display.

Version 5.0 Build 16
Release Date: 9/19/08

  1. Integration of new SDK.
  2. Integration of new interface controls.
  3. The first time the TWAIN source is run, it prompts the user to select which Instrumentarium hardware they will be user. By default, everything is enabled.
  4. “Supported OP Hardware” changed to “Support Extraoral Hardware” and other verbiage updated.
  5. Naming of extraoral hardware updated to OP/OC100D, etc.
  6. Flipped 16-bit images when returning images in native format has been corrected.
  7. “Sensor Ready” status is only displayed when all sensors that are being enabled are ready. To reduce the likelihood that someone will inadvertently expose a patient to x-rays separate ready indicators are not displayed if more than one sensor is enabled at the same time.
  8. Firmware download status display implemented. An animated graphic is displayed in the message area while firmware is being downloaded from one or more sensors.
  9. Verbiage changed for Snapshot image quality options.
  10. Hardware information has been updated to correct missing information and to change information that is not applicable for a selected hardware system.
  11. “Sensor Ready” indicator display corrected when a lengthy image enhancement is being performed and the sensor sends a ready message to the software. Previously the “Sensor Ready” indicator would either not be displayed or would be hidden again when additional messages were displayed indicating the status of processing an image.
  12. Single capture mode -vs- series capture mode now specified to the hardware when the user starts image capture.
  13. Hardware information dialog made bigger to display more information at the same time.
  14. A visual and audible warning is now displayed when a sensor system is close to timing out.
  15. Noise reduction is now performed before sharpening in the image processing order.

Version 5.0 Build 12
Release Date: 8/20/08

  1. Integration of new SDK.
  2. Better handling of “ready” messages when more than one hardware is being enabled.
  3. Addition of Snapshot gailfile download from the hardware.
  4. Better timing of “ready” message when in continuous capture mode.

Version 5.0 Build 3
Release Date: 5/15/08

  1. Added binning support for the Snapshot sensor.
  2. Changed how the “Ready” screen works in continuous capture mode. Now the “Ready” is only displayed when the hardware indicates it is actually ready.

Version 5.0 Build 2
Release Date: 5/13/08

  1. Added Snapshot sensor support.
  2. Reformatted several screens for better display on smaller computer screens.
  3. Reformatted how some of the device information is displayed.
  4. Prevented a crash that could occur when the user clicks on the cancel button during hardware initialization.

Version 4.0 Build 14
Release Date: 5/8/08

  1. Installer updated to properly set the user folder permissions on non-English versions of Vista.
  2. Changes made to more accurately enable/disable Sigma, SigmaM Small and SigmaM Large sensors based on what options and hardware the user enables.
  3. Hardware information displays now limited to the appropriately selected hardware in the various preference pages.
  4. Corrections made to floating sensor selection dialog. Previously this dialog could disappear based on different operations performed by the user or how the TWAIN source started.
  5. SigmaM floating sensor status is no longer displayed when the user is acquiring with the Sigma sensor.

Version 4.0 Build 10
Release Date: 4/22/08

  1. Minimum interface size reduced so that the interface fits better on a 1024×768 screen.
  2. “Options” button now disabled with an image acquisition is started.
  3. Add Sensor application (new version 1.0 build 3) now displays different messages depending on what was encountered during the process of copying sensor/gain files. Previously it would report a successful copy even if the sensor/gain files were not copied due to user permission problems.
  4. “Always indicate one image is available” option functionality changed. Previously the TWAIN source would report only one image was available each time the invoking application asked for how many images were available (the invoking application could ask how many images are available, get the one image and then ask again – the TWAIN source would say “1” again if there were additional images that could be transferred). Some application ask this question more than once and thus would retrieve all the images during one TWAIN invocation. This option was changed to only indicate one image is available period no matter how many times the invoking application asks how many are available.

Version 4.0 Build 9
Release Date: 3/18/08

  1. New interface design implemented
  2. Multiple image acquisition capabilities added. Previous interface only permitted a single image capture at a time. The new interface permits acquisition of multiple images which are then displayed as thumbnails.
  3. New options interface implemented. Provides much better organization and layout of various options for the TWAIN application and the various hardware specific settings.
  4. New options added to enable the user to enable/disable different hardware support in the interface.
  5. New Instrumentarium DLLs added to the product.
  6. Installer now sets user permissions on the target folder. Due to Window’s security settings, the new installer will NOT set the permissions on a previously installed version of the product.
  7. SigmaM support added.
  8. Continuous image acquisition mode added for acquiring images from the Sigma and SigmaM hardware.
  9. Improved error handling added when controlling Sigma/SigmaM sensors.
  10. “Add Sensor” functionality has been extracted to a separate program.
  11. Better notification messages added to what is happening with the image acquisition from the various hardware platforms.
  12. Improved text display for “Sensor Ready” message.
  13. Improved hardware enabling/disabling support added. This enhancement improves performance of initializing hardware when more than one image is acquired.
  14. Improved functionality under Vista.

Version 3.2 Build 14
Release Date: 5/11/07

  1. Added better support for SmartNav.

Version 3.2 Build 4
Release Date: 8/16/06

  1. Added support for the new OP200D and OC200D with SmartNav support.
  2. Modified DLL resources to remove conflict with some imaging applications that prevented the TWAIN source from being recognized.

Version 3.2 Build 3
Release Date: 7/27/06

  1. Added support for new Instrumentarium hardware product lines.
  2. When Sigma capture is interrupted by timeout or battery charging, the buttons are now reenabled on the interface.
  3. Before a user modifies the preferences the TWAIN source now checks to see if the user has the proper privileges. If not a warning message is displayed indicating that any changes to the settings will not be saved.
  4. Installer changed from Installer VISE to InstallShield.