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Version 10 Build 5
Release Date: 3/7/2012

  1. Added options for pan, ceph, and pan/ceph as selection is invoked via software. (F1354)

Version 10 Build 4
Release Date: 3/7/2011

  1. Resolved issue with setting proper image resolution. (B545)

Version 1.0 Build 8
Release Date: 12/14/2009

  1. A change was made to enable PAN acquisition from the K9000 unit.

Version 1.0 Build 7
Release Date: 11/4/2009

  1. Corrected a crash that resulted from not passing parameters to the new version of the Kodak SDK.

Version 1.0 Build 3
Release Date: 7/16/2008

  1. Corrected problem with first sensor initialization error being interpreted as a hardware error (which resulted in termination of the image acquisition). New version displays status messages when the first sensor initialization error messages are sent to the imaging extension.
  2. Changes made to only display one message to the user when the connection to the hardware is lost.