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Version 12.0 Build 1
Beta Release Date: 9/13/2019
Release Date: 5/11/2020

  1. Integrated new SDK 9_0_2_0. (F3966)

Version 11.0 Build 1
Beta Release Date: 10/3/2017
Release Date: 1/3/2018

  1. Created new OEM version. (F3386)
  2. Added “Capture New Continuous Series From Selected Image” functionality to Hamamatsu extensions. (F3435)
  3. Created new OEM. (F3545)

Version 10.0 Build 5
Beta Release Date: 2/13/2017
Release Date: 4/6/2017

  1. Added TIFF binary diagnositc image saving option for diagnostic image evaluation. (F3423)

Version 10.0 Build 4
Beta Release Date: 11/3/2016
Release Date: 1/6/2017

  1. BioRayHR – Changed location of watermark and added password requirement to access extension options. (F3274)
  2. Renamed Extension to remove a brand name. (F3337)

Version 10.0 Build 3
Beta Release Date: 8/26/2016
Release Date: 1/6/2017

  1. Added support for Hamamatsu Image Saturation diagnostics. (F3153)
  2. Added support for “suspend mode” time interval changing. (F3155)
  3. Changed how the extension tracks the location of sensor calibration files. (F3162)
  4. Added support for Hamamatsu Dosimeter diagnostics. (F3207)
  5. Added new “Despeckle” filter to post capture filtering options. (F3221)
  6. Added parallelization to speed up image enhancement time. (F2869)

Version 10.0 Build 2
Beta Release Date: 4/28/2016
Release Date: TBD

  1. Added prompt to create calibration file before capturing from an uncalibrated sensor. (F3129)
  2. Modified image filtering algorithms to utilize multi-core processors for faster filtering. (F3130)
  3. Created new OEM version. (F3055)

Version 10.0 Build 1
Beta Release Date: 2/16/2016
Release Date: TBD

  1. Initial Release. (F3037)