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Version 5.0 Build 25
Release Date: 6/25/08

  1. Updated sensor resolutions.

Version 5.0 Build 20
Release Date: 1/24/07

  1. Added sharpening filter.

Version 5.0 Build 18
Release Date: 6/23/06

  1. Made a small change in image processing in order to ignore a small border around the image when determining the optimal brightness/contrast around an image.
  2. Maintenance build.

Version 5.0 Build 16
Release Date: 6/8/05

  1. Maintenance release.

Version 5.0 Build 14
Release Date: 12/13/04

  1. Changes made to handle power problems with the 1800 that could result in a software crash.

Version 5.0 Build 11
Release Date: 2/17/04

  1. Internal changes made to hardware handling.

Version 5.0 Build 8
Release Date: 2/9/04

  1. Changes made to be sure that detection of other Suni hardware is not falsely interpreted as Suni digital x-ray hardware.

Version 5.0 Build 6
Release Date: 2/4/04

  1. Additional DICOM information support added. Please note that you will need to additionally update the DICOM.DLL and main application before the additional DICOM information will be available.

Version 5.0 Build 3
Release Date: 1/12/04

  1. Separate smoothing factors for standard and binned images.
  2. Image return type defaulted to standard.

Version 5.0 Build 2
Release Date: 12/31/03

  1. Support for additional hardware types.
  2. Support for automatic firmware selection.
  3. SED options updated.
  4. Password protection removed on some of the option pages.

Version 4.0 Build 26
Release Date: 12/15/03

  1. Correction made to correct multiple image capture problems..

Version 4.0 Build 25
Release Date: 12/10/03

  1. Maintenance release: Window’s font is now used for various controls in the interface; extended character sets now available for a wider range of supported languages; new more efficient versions of interface controls added.
  2. Internal firmware handling changes.

Version 4.0 Build 23
Release Date: 7/8/03

  1. Made correction to binned flaw correction to correct for floor binning function.

Version 4.0 Build 22
Release Date: 6/17/03

  1. Changed flaw corrections on systems utilizing binning firmware.

Version 4.0 Build 21
Release Date: 5/16/03

  1. Added ability to add sensor configurations from drives and locations other than a floppy diskette.

Version 4.0 Build 19
Release Date: 3/11/03

  1. Added additional support for handling when more than 3 firmware releases are available at the same time.

Version 4.0 Build 18
Release Date: 12/13/02

  1. Made power handling corrections based on the selected firmware.

Version 4.0 Build 17
Release Date: 12/12/02

  1. Changed the “low power checking” option to default to enabled.
  2. Changed the image width used when capturing from BINNED firmware.
  3. Added previous firmware option for original Suni hardware.

Version 4.0 Build 16
Release Date: 12/10/02

  1. Added default support for Suni’s new firmware filenames.

Version 4.0 Build 16
Release Date: 12/8/02

  1. Added support for a wider range of firmware.

Version 4.0 Build 14
Release Date: 9/29/02

  1. Added a default image calibration option.

Version 4.0 Build 11
Release Date: 5/15/02

  1. New options added to the MPDx options.
  2. Changes made to support new Suni Firmware and new hardware models.

Version 4.0 Build 6
Release Date: 4/23/02

  1. Added better support for selecting different types of firmware.
  2. Added support for the USB-1600 model of the Suni hardware.

Version 4.0 Build 4
Release Date: 3/28/02

  1. Changed the default B/C and gamma settings for freshly installed systems.

Version 4.0 Build 3
Release Date: 3/14/01

  1. Additional flush time options added to adjust the amount of time required to prepare sensor captures

Version 4.0 Build 2
Release Date: 3/3/01

  1. Added thorough median filter

Version 4.0 Build 1
Release Date: 2/7/01

  1. Modified to conform to new XVa3 3.5 specs

Version 3.0 Build 15
Release Date: 5/28/00

  1. Additional improvements to image processing, handling and options.
  2. Automatic orientation corrected on teeth #5, 21, 21 and 28.

Version 3.0 Build 14
Release Date: 5/2/00

  1. Large improvements to image processing and handling.

Version 3.0 Build 11
Release Date: 4/16/00

  1. Additional B/C user specified application support
  2. Improved support for handling errors after x-ray exposure
  3. Support for preventing white burnout in image

Version 3.0 Build 9
Release Date: 3/19/00

  1. Image reorientation support added
  2. MPDx image calibration improved

Version 3.0 Build 8
Release Date: 2/13/00

  1. Change made to “Processing …” display to accommodate lag on some systems

Version 3.0 Build 7
Release Date: 1/1/00

  1. Confirmation message added when a new sensor is added
  2. “Processing” message displayed immediately after x-ray is triggered
  3. Fix: “User canceled” message displayed when board times out
  4. Raw sensor image import remembers last settings
  5. Fix: Blank error message returned when user cancels various functions
  6. New features added to report the current sensor port
  7. Fix: MCS file not automatically being found until entering options

Version 3.0 Build 6
Release Date: 12/20/99

  1. Compiled to conform to new application interface standard

Version 2.0 Build 14
Release Date: 11/11/99

  1. Battery/External power setting added to options
  2. “Don’t display this message again” functionality
  3. When background capture times out on a battery powered system, background capturing is suspended so that the battery can recharge
  4. Development dialog that is displayed while in background capture was removed
  5. Automatic selection of a sensor the first time the software is run
  6. Background capture and battery powered unit warnings added.