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Version 3.5 Build 2
Beta Release Date: 5/6/2020
Release Date: TBD

  1. Added functionality to not automatically forward images when saved to the local database. (F4033)
  2. Added new DICOM server options to the program defaults INI file. (F4020)
  3. Added option to hide white borders around images in DCV image collection screen. (F4015)
  4. Changed verbiage and command line options to move away from SSN references in DCV (F4067)
  5. Corrected issue with date range querying. (F4051)
  6. Addressed issue with CT processing (F4052)
  7. Addressed issue with revisions being stored under the wrong DICOM tag (B1485)
  8. Addressed issue with printing not populating patient DOB (B1488)
  9. Addressed issue with large image importation. (B1484

Version 3.5 Build 1
Beta Release Date: 9/13/2019
Release Date: 5/11/2020

  1. Removal of Leadtools DICOM library from DCV Programs (F3377)
  2. Added ability to forward DICOM images in the background after capture (F3911, F1458)
  3. Added ability to keep all endo images marked as “Primary” (F3892)
  4. Added ability to display mixed modality layouts (F3918)
  5. Added ability to save and forward images during progression capture (F3908)
  6. Added capture scripts to take multiple modalities in a row (F3988)
  7. Added Auto Import Capabilities from Xrayvision to DCV. (F3880, F3894)
  8. Added capability to restrict certain modalities from being retrieved on query. (F1435, F1280)
  9. Added temporary local storage for CT viewing and image editing (F3850, F2559, F3997)
  10. Changed Verbiage of image calibration warnings (F3555)
  11. Added DICOM field for “Client’s Name” (F2668)
  12. Added “Responsible Person” DICOM tag to images (F3746)
  13. Id numbers can now be changed during DICOM image import (F3477)
  14. Added ability to cancel out of DICOM Query Window (F2205)
  15. Added ability to copy manually managed user list to clipboard (F3937)
  16. Improved Handling of single and multi-frame CT images (F2866, F1518, F1430)
  17. Added option to query using all fields EXCEPT patient ID number (F3871)
  18. Added ability to retrieve document files from XVWeb (F3557)
  19. Added ability to enable real-time filters on multiple PCs via ConfigurationDefaults.ini (F3912)
  20. Added command line option to open images directly via UID (F3905)
  21. Added ability for new DCV version and legacy Data Manager to use same database folder and not share DICOM definition files (F3999)
  22. Added ability to import PDF and STL files in DCV (F3900, F3901)
  23. Addressed image sequencing issue (F3926)
  24. Resolved various DICOM communication issues with XVWeb (F3913, F1552)
  25. Resolved issues with legacy Kodak image calibrations (F3157, F2826)
  26. Added Location ID capabilities for DICOM servers (F2876)
  27. Added ability for DCV to automatically disable hardware extensions on PCs where drivers are not detected. F(3853)
  28. Changed display of tooth selection popup (F3904)
  29. Corrected issues with forwarding color images to XVWeb (F3950)
  30. Changed how save and go back button functions when capturing additional images (F3908)
  31. Modified PROXY DICOM image retrieval functionality (F3996)
  32. Changed content of series descriptions (F3551, F3787)
  33. Added warning message when changing DICOM information for a single image within a series (F2040)
  34. Created all in one updaters. (F3965) No need to post VH online.
  35. Added new option to reverse lower tooth numbering to match anatomical position in mouth. (F3782)
  36. Add functionality to update local copies if retreived copy is newer than local copy (F3902)
  37. Changed barcode scanning for the DoD to read in two ID numbers instead of 1. (F3300)
  38. Added save and go back button when capturing additional images from view series/patient window. (F3330)
  39. Added check for ” marks around file specifications in command line operations. (F2770)
  40. Changed temporary local storage of images during image edit (F2559, F2992, F3066)
  41. Made Study, Series and Image description assignment more consistent. (F1361, F1612)

Version 3.4 Build 40
Beta Release Date: 11/7/2018
Release Date: TBD

  1. Added command line options to forward images immediately and to hide the DCV interface. (F3879) (F3881)

Version 3.4 Build 39
Beta Release Date: 10/17/2018
Release Date: TBD

  1. Integration of new Apteryx Registration and Token Registration Distribution. (F3626)
  2. Addressed licensing dialog for 1 User Token license. (F3667)
  3. Added support for mixed dentition progressions. (F3754)
  4. Added permissions check for safety cache directory. (F3753)
  5. New option to specify which breed list should be displayed. (F3744)
  6. New option to enable/disable the user’s ability to change image viewing preference. (F3741)
  7. Corrected the handling of the “use image stamps”. (F3727)
  8. Support added for auto-dismissing preview during progression captures. (F3724)
  9.  Can now set global real-time filter defaults in preferences. (F3687)
  10. New option in preferences to “allow edit databases” on database selection prompt. (F3685)
  11. New option added to control the image import validation prompt. (F3677)
  12. Return to home screen when new command line bridge passed. (F3671)
  13. Corrected issue where DICOM server list would cross when using multiple databases. (F3635)
  14. Removed “export dicomdir” as a stand-alone option from export menu. (F3618)
  15. Retains the original and derived images in image collection screen for view. (F3584)
  16. Option added to image desktop window to organize images into anatomical grouping. (F3474)
  17. Added tooth, date, modality, and color filtering to the image desktop window. (F3328)
  18. New options added to audit trail; forward to Data Manager, store locally, send to XVWeb. (F3731)
  19. New logging added to audit trail for image capturing and purging. (F3720)
  20. Added support for anatomy tag and acquisition date used by MiPACS. (F3701) (F3792)
  21. New /test commandline option added. (F3659)
  22. Save/Export all images no longer requires user to first select all images. (F3617)
  23. Added precautions to eliminate images not forwarded from being purged. (F3568)
  24. Streamline the save/export interface. (F3552)
  25. Added logic to assist with patient matching for automatic PI updates via bridge. (F3317) (F3146)
  26. New option to export multiple and single images with labels. (F3004)
  27. New font size options for worklist/query screens. (F3743)
  28. “All Dental Modalities” added as option for query restriction. (F3674)
  29. New option for automitically saving images immediatly after capture. (F3115)
  30. Corrected issue where some machines were not allowing users to export mutliple images as single image. (B1428)
  31. Corrected workflow for issue with save/stay causing crash on some machines. (B1436)
  32. Command Line Options Added – Prefetch patient list from DICOM server, Add Stamp File Ability, Query latest Image, Resize Stamp Files, Retrieve Thumbnails by ID number (F3843)(F3844)(F3845)(F3846)(F3847)(F3848)(F3849)
  33. Made adjustements for failed image forward handling. (F3820)
  34. Created Dentimax Cloud OEM (F3712).
  35. Address expired certificate issue/inability to validate INI file on closed network systems. (F3831)

Version 3.4 Build 38
Beta Release Date: 10/4/2017
Release Date: 1/3/2018

  1. Corrected dataloss occuring when exporting CT’s as multi-file single frame study. (B1412)
  2. Corrected the Invert enhancement not inverting the image. (B1407)
  3. Corrected Automatic enhancments causing crash after application. (B1407)
  4. Added auto resubmission of “missing UID” DICOM storage failures. (F3570)
  5. Image Collection screen menus have been reordered. (F3554)
  6. Corrected issue of “Reorganize Images” and “RTF rules options” windows not displaying. (F3553)
  7. Default option for Modality display to those enabled in IXDLL’s. (F3550)
  8. Defaults IXDLL display in modality/progression drop down menu to OFF. (F3512)
  9. Patient information bar in image enhancement window now defaulted to on. (F3509)
  10. Apex Capture OEM created. (F3505)
  11. Persistent user now recorded as “operator” for image captures. (F3500)
  12. Other ID now added to Auto-match and MRU patient lists. (F3494)
  13. SmarterDentist OEM created. (F3481)

Version 3.4 Build 37
Beta Release Date: 5/17/2017
Release Date: TBD

  1. Corrected issue where XVCapture.exe was not accepting the /p command when open. (B1382)

Version 3.4 Build 36
Beta Release Date: 4/21/2017
Release Date: 10/10/2017

  1. Corrected issue where XVCapture.exe was not accepting the /p command when open. (B1382)

Version 3.4 Build 36
Beta Release Date: 4/21/2017
Release Date: TBD

  1. Warning message added when enabling immed image purging if older images exist. (B1367)
  2. Corrected issue where it was no longer stripping punctuation from ID’s when option is enabled. (B1352)
  3. Corrected graphic in XVImageViewer showing as XVCapture. (B1327)
  4. Relocated the ISTDLL extensions into a “Burn/Export/Send Study” menu from Image Operations. (F3483)
  5. Image histogram added to image enhancment view. (F3465)
  6. New option for “persistant user” which will allow AD authentication against account used at application startup. (F3430)
  7. Added Dentalaire’s contact information to the trial extension window. (F3380)
  8. Patent number added for real-time filter patent. (F3347)
  9. Ability to display “Other Patient ID” field in capture window. (F3326)
  10. Implemented new image desktop window features; drag and drop of image series, display of patient info and RTF applied, add images menu added, autofit when adding images, and window positioning control. (F3320)
  11. RTF rules added, where user can set which RTF to apply to specific images based on specific criteria. (F2477) (F3094)
  12. Added ability to export 16bit CBCT. (F3070)
  13. New option, “Reorganize Images” added to image collection screen which allows user to update tooth numbers by rearranging image tiles. (F2942)
  14. Flush has been added to the file IO when saving config files. (F2538)

Version 3.4 Build 35
Beta Release Date: 10/11/2016
Release Date: 1/6/2017

  1. Addressed permissions issue error message when assigning default configurations. (F3304)
  2. Created the XVW Capture and XVW ImageViewer. (F3081, F3080)
  3. Updated font colors for new color schemes in the XVCapture and XVImageViewer. (F3309)
  4. Created Dentriay Capture OEM version. (F3190)

Version 3.4 Build 34
Beta Release Date: 9/23/2016
Release Date: TBD

  1. “Create continuous series from” option is now available when the “Capture additional into” option is disabled. (F3278)
  2. New control options added for “Capture additional into”; allow today only, always allow, prompt, and disabled. (F3277)
  3. Corrected artifact that would occur on the print images screen. (F3276)
  4. Allows the new TWAIN.IXDLL to set study/series dates for images. (F3256)
  5. Multihomed settings changes; Allows for wildcarding IP Addresses or using Ethernet Adapter Name. (F3254)
  6. DCV will now proceed with DICOM queried data if all data is received but a release response is not. (F3248)
  7. New option under Preferences/Database/Database Searching that will allow DCV to search both primary ID and other ID field. (F3235)
  8. New configuration options added to ConfigurationDefaults.INI. (F3233) (F3158)
  9. New option added for Patient ID Prefix assignments. (F3232) (F3198) (F3090)
  10. New despeckle filter added to available enhancements. (F3224)
  11. Unique device ID has been added to help. (F3210)
  12. New product code added for DCV/XVWebCapture. (F3203)
  13. Disclaimer added for the “Allow saving of modified images” option. (F3201)
  14. New default configuration option for enabled/disabled hardware extensions available under Preferences/Imaging Extensions. (F3158)
  15. Default configuration now retains image forwarding settings. (F3158)
  16. DCV will now strip invalid characters from patient names when exporting images with patient name as file naming assignment. (F3016)
  17. “Export ToStore Database” option added to export the ToStore database as a CSV added to Preferences / Image Forwarding / Image Forwarding Options. (F2558)
  18. Option added to remove Auto Enhancements from Real-Time Filter list, Interface / Miscellaneous Interface Options / Add Auto Enhancements to the RTF menu. (F2553)
  19. Delayed purge added for viewing sessions when editting images from a DICOM source for installations configured to forward and purge immediatly. (F1780)
  20. Corrected crash when using the ‘Save Export All Images As One’. (B1304)
  21. Corrected issue where some images acquired from TWAIN would have DOB stripped when saved. (B1302)
  22. Corrected a compression issue that occured when exporting CT’s as multi-file. (B1248)

Version 3.4 Build 33
Beta Release Date: 5/17/2016
Release Date: 5/17/2016

  1. New “save and stay” and “save and go back” options added to the image operations menu following image capture. (F2665)
  2. Corrected image order issue when displaying “bitewings” in compare window. (F2713)
  3. New arrow buttons in enhancement window to move through images in series. (F2713)
  4. New option in save/export that allows real-time filters to be applied to exported images. (F2739)
  5. Parallelize image algorithms. (F2870)
  6. Removed case sensitivity when logging in with built-in user accounts. (F3147)
  7. Added ability to change AD user for authentication when launching the program when utilizing the active directory integration. (F3136)
  8. Added ability to specify multiple accepted or exclusion for image routing in DICOM server definition. Multiple values can be separated by ‘;’. Exclusions can be specified by having a ‘!’ specified as the first character of a value. (F3131)
  9. New option to config.ini, no prompt for use defaults. (F3057)
  10. Added option for “copy to clipboard with predefined labels”, definition and option is under Preferences > Images & Image Handling. (F3049)
  11. New ApteryxINI.DLL option to translate EULA. (F3013)
  12. New government notice and restricted licensing text added to EULA. (F3011, F3012)
  13. Changed default CT viewer from Apteryx 3D to individual images. (F2922)
  14. Refined data correction permissions into 5 types; General, Patient Info, Image Taken Dates, Image Info, Image Operations. (F2907)

Version 3.4 Build 32
Beta Release Date: 10/26/2015
Release Date: 1/14/2016

  1. Corrected issue for assigning tooth numbers to images that were originally assigned NULL. (B1240)

Version 3.4 Build 31
Beta Release Date: 10/14/2015
Release Date: TBD

  1. Continuous series display now hangs chronologically from first to last in anatomical grouping view. (F2971)
  2. With delete ability enabled in DCV the delete option is now available in the multi-image tile selection window. (F2969)
  3. Optimized the import of DICOM files using the “as-is” option. (F2884)
  4. Export XML image information in image export is now disabled by default. (F2881)
  5. Now handles 12-bit JPEG2000 bit-packing. (F2853)
  6. An always on-top patient image-bar is now available from image collection screen under image operations. (F2799)
  7. Added new capture additional mode, capture continuous series from selected image. (F2215) (F2019)

Version 3.4 Build 30
Beta Release Date: 4/29/2015
Release Date: 7/8/2015

  1. Added ability to scroll through open images using arrow keys. (F2676)
  2. Various UI corrections. (F2606)
  3. Corrected issue where corrupted configuration files would result in a blank safety cache path. (F2529)
  4. Addressed issue where a corrupt configuration file would cause the spot magnifier to crash the program. (F2471)
  5. Access to the calibration management has now been added to preferences. (F2470)
  6. Added new patient icons for query results. (F2663)
  7. For Dentalaire OEM, the compare bitewing and compare bitewing and pan options are now hidden. (F2686)
  8. Corrected image info tooltip so it no longer overlaps any of the image thumbnails in view screen. (F2667)
  9. Added support for printing labels in layout view and document templates. (F2670) (F2567)
  10. Add option to the Advanced preferences tab, to enable weekly auto-clean of the DCV temp storage in the programdata directory. (F2508)
  11. Confirmed Canadian Medical Device labeling requirements. (F2749)

Version 3.4 Build 29
Beta Release Date: 1/5/2015
Release Date: TBA

  1. Corrected issue with license reallocation permissions where it would not recognize admin user. (F2359)
  2. Moved temp storage out of %temp% directory and now defaults to %programdata%; this was to resolve the safety cache being cleared on some systems. (F2488)

Version 3.4 Build 28
Beta Release Date: 8/5/2014
Release Date: TBA

  1. Added a compare panoramic/bitewing option. (F2079)
  2. Add Administrator requirements to license reallocation process. (F2359)
  3. Ability to handle transparent backgrounds for filter icons added. (F2386)
  4. Patent added for Real time filters. (F2430)
  5. All DICOM tags are now being carried over when dental modalities are mapped to the CR modality. (F2439)
  6. Editing of images where DOB field is blank will no longer assign the “zero” date of 1899. (F2443)
  7. Now remembers the last used tooth chart. (F2447)
  8. Will no longer reference revisions for patient information that is no longer there. (F2446)

Version 3.4 Build 27
Beta Release Date: 4/24/2014
Release Date: TBA

  1. Corrected issue that prevents users from resizing images when exporting. (B1054)
  2. Corrected issue that caused Audit Trail to not log image capture if the application crashed. (B1073)
  3. Added ability to copy text from the list of images to be forwarded and failed forwards. (F2225)
  4. Updated the MRU to include Breed when matching patients. (F2228)
  5. Updated the Delete After Capture functionality to include images captured through Capture Additional. (F2320)
  6. Added patient name and tooth number tooltip to Image Enhancement screen when using Anatomic group display. (F2331)
  7. Added ability for XrayVisionDCV and IXDLL imaging extensions to share tooth definition settings. (F2353)
  8. Updated database creation to add breed information for patients. (F2356)

Version 3.4 Build 25
Beta Release Date: 4/4/2014
Release Date: TBA

  1. Corrected issue where multiple entries were returned when performing local database and DICOM queries for patients with blank DOB. (F2226)
  2. Corrected possible issue where ISTDLL’s could error due to access rights to a previously accessed temp directory. (F2100)
  3. Updated Data Correction to follow the required patient information. (F2057)
  4. Added new options to set default settings for Import Images. (F2080)
  5. Added ability to modify the MRU list. (F2091)
  6. Added ability for existing images to be displayed when capturing into an existing series. (F2092)
  7. Updated tooth control to automatically default to the species of the selected patient. (F2094)
  8. Moved ‘View Images As’ selection to the Options display in the Image Collection interface. (F2095)
  9. Added requirement for images to be saved before exiting the application when using the Capture Additional feature. (F2227)
  10. Updated GUI font and theme drawings throughout the application. (F2210)
  11. Updated toolbars to prevent an infinite loop, causing them to flash. (F2211)
  12. Corrected issue where standalone text tiles were not included on printed layouts. (B1030)
  13. Corrected issue where the Cancel button did not cancel a query of a DICOM server. (B1016)
  14. Added new manual save function option, when enabled the user will not recieve save prompt but will have to select item from options menu.(F2078)
  15. Added ability to reorder images for Document Templates. (F2099)
  16. Add ability to change tooth definitions acrossed entire program. (F1859)

Version 3.4 Build 24
Beta Release Date: 12/12/2013
Release Date: TBA

  1. Added ‘Other’ gender to commandline bridging support. (B952)
  2. Corrected issue where patients age was displayed incorrectly if DOB month was after current month. (B1000)
  3. Added options to export screen allowing users to choose image types to be exported; ie Primary, Derived, Ghosted, Retaken. (F1980)
  4. Corrected issue with hash table lookup of patient ID’s, if patient ID was updated it was not immediatly searchable until application was closed and reopened. (F2042)
  5. Prevent users from manually entering data is now split into capture and view. (F1861)
  6. Show thumbnails option will remain enabled for active application or until hidden. (F1797)
  7. Add ability to “ignore color images” and “ignore large images” to Real Time Filter options. (F1984)
  8. Save and Go back button now disabled until images are completely processed. This was resulting in images being stored in safety cache when clicked too early. (F2015)
  9. Corrected anomaly where all stacked images were being deleted rather than just one. (B988)
  10. Added Global shared MRU option to track in databases. (F1970)
  11. Resolved crashing associated with DICOM printing. (B1022)
  12. Added ability for DCV clients and DataManager to have seperate ToStore db’s. (F2064)
  13. Corrected issue where original attributes tag may contain modified data rather than original. (F2036)

Version 3.4 Build 23
Beta Release Date: 08/28/2013
Release Date: TBA

  1. Corrected issue creating calibration files for hardware that does not specify the model. (B951)
  2. Corrected issue when deciduous bitewings were being displayed on the wrong sides in the bitewing compare window. (B949)
  3. Expanded PFL command line support to work with remote DICOM servers. (F1879)
  4. Added /bridgedcapture command line support, allowing bridging directly into capture mode. (F1934)
  5. New UID sections added to resolve issue from users using cloned disk ID’s. (F1893)
  6. Added ability to handle images that filename differs than the UID. (F1947)

Version 3.4 Build 22
Beta Release Date: 05/03/2013
Release Date: TBA

  1. Optimized stamp compression handling during DICOM association/negotiation. (F1866)
  2. Changed order for image resolution checking to assign correct resolutions.  (F1884)
  3. Corrected issue that resulted in periodic crashing after image manipulation. (B927)

Version 3.4 Build 21
Beta Release Date: 04/18/2013
Release Date: TBA

  1. Now requires override code to allow users to manually enter data if restricted. (F1796)
  2. Added compare history and compare bitewing series.  (F1787)
  3.  Added toggle button for go back/go home. (F1788)
  4. Added support for document templates. (F1271)
  5. Added edit layout ability to print layout window.  (F1793)
  6. Now defaults focus to most recent study when reopening patient into view. (F1805)
  7. Upgrader will now update to latest version of lead tools file requirements. (F1810)
  8. If conflicting LeadTools versions are found in system paths, warning message appears but user can choose to not display in future to avoid updating those dll’s. (F1810)
  9. New Option under Commandline Support to only pass ID when querying off of bridged data. (F1634)
  10. Added option under Worklist and Image Query Interface Options to only query on patient ID. (F1777)
  11. New spacial layout calculator for displaying multiple images in several areas of the application. (F1795)
  12. Current users are now associated under operator name when creating derived images. (F1803)
  13. In enhancment screen user can now click on anatomical tile to select/display image.  (F1798)
  14. Image views are now displayed chronologically from newest to oldest. (F1798)
  15. Corrected issue that would distort display when CTRL + Tab were pressed. (B933)
  16. Added optimizations to update database function. (F1850)
  17. New option to allow users to re-edit previously saved derived images. (F1662)
  18. Ability to cache audit trail when not connected to server then resend when connects succesfully. (F1801)
  19. New DICOM revisions are now recorded to audit trail logs.  (F1802)
  20. DICOM revisions are now added to Original Attributes Sequence, 0400:0561. (F1800)
  21. Changes made to correct file addition to ToStore database. (F1827)
  22. Improved image import speeds. (F1853)
  23. Optimized DICOM forwarding for large volumes. (F1806)
  24. Changed default settings. (F1794)
  25. Added new breeds for veterinary mode. (F1691)
  26. Ability to limit which species are available when in veterinary mode. (F1691)
  27. Ability to drag and drop multiple images to ghost/retake/delte bins. (F1691)
  28. Confirmed functionality with Win8/Server2012. (F1673)

Version 3.4 Build 20
Beta Release Date: 03/05/2013
Release Date: TBA

  1. Add ability to assign species to worklist entries. (F1716)
  2. Add version check for lead tools dll’s. (F1254)
  3. Add ability to list IXDLL’s in Modality/progression drop down on capture interface. (F1705)
  4. Will not add images to ToStore that do not meet image routing requirements. (F1489)
  5. Added anatomical grouping to image bar in enhancements window. (F1655)
  6. Corrected issue for deleted images not being removed from ToStore. (F1481)
  7. Now able to add custom text to printouts. (F1731)
  8. Change dialog for selecting directories. (F1733)

Version 3.4 Build 19
Beta Release Date: 01/10/2013
Release Date: 03/05/2013

  1. Added more customizable printing options, such as custom signatures, headers, and footers. (F1451)
  2. Optimized DICOM queries and image retrieval. (F1470)
  3. All image stamp files are should now utilize JPEG compression. (F1473)
  4. When using image stamps, now integrated threading into the downloading of the full image file. (F1459)
  5. Added option to use image stamps as much as possible, therefor reducing memory usage and time to display images. (F1293)
  6. Added Scheduled Station AE title as an available query option for worklist query field. (F1596)
  7. Added resubmission of filed images to the DCV Client. Images that fail will auto resubmit when a store operation is performed. (F1533)
  8. DCV’s embedded data in custom sequences now checks for formatting out of an UN buffer when retrived from a third pary PACS. (F1555)
  9. Added CGET support to DCV, If CGET is supported on the DICOM server DCV defaults to CGET, if not supported DCV goes to CMOVE. (F1581)
  10. Added additional validation check when moving images from Saftey Cache to the database for technical support purposes. F(1454)
  11. Added support of blocked DICOM tags to Worklist query. F(1584)
  12. Corrected issue that could arise with future builds where DICOM Servers could be removed. (B857)
  13. Added date selection pop up to date entry fields in both worklist and image query screens. (F1614)
  14. Added commandline options /e and /t. (F1622)
  15. Added new capture additional button which will allow captures into the preexisting series. (F1653)
  16. Added ability to merge studies and series from advanced user tools > data correction. (F1618)
  17. Added option under “Worklist and Image Query Interface Options” to only query off ID. (F1679)
  18. DICOM transfer will do all files rather then just one at a time. (F1657)
  19. Added option to require a reason for retaken images.(F1690)
  20. Added most recently used (MRU) button to Capture Images and View Images interfaces.(F1642)
  21. Added ability to merge studies from the Image Query interface. (F1618)
  22. Updated wording within the Preferences menu.(F1615)
  23. Added command line options for ProcessCT have been modified to support saving the processed image if any changes have occurred in the external folder. (F1609, F1428)
  24. Added additional application default parameters to the configurationdefaults.ini(F1561)
  25. Removed DICOM RLE transfer support. Replaced with JPEG Lossless transfer support.(F1494)
  26. Added auto-progress feature when bridging from a third party application. When a single patient is matched, the application progresses directly to View Images window.(F1475)
  27. Added option to begin downloading thumbnails in the background in the View Images window.(F1472)
  28. Added option for promiscuous image reception from multiple server AE title (F1467)
  29. Added additional print controls to support multiple signatures and control infomation included in print jobs.(F1451)
  30. Added ability to store Multiframe CT Studies, store as Singleframe. (F1428)
  31. Fixed issue with invalid resize error when exporting multiple images as one. (B867)
  32. Optimized ToStore and FailedStore handling. (F1601)
  33. Updated display of SQL status windows.(F1474)

Version 3.4 Build 18
Beta Release Date: 05/15/2012
Release Date: NA

  1. Corrected issue where image location prompt would not appear when importing images on XP machines. (B762)
  2. Corrected issue where images would be loaded twice when selecting multiple thumbnails from same study to view. (F1416)
  3. Added preference to set precedence for SSN or other ID when patient is bridged with two ID’s. (F1367)
  4. Corrected issue where some Advanced User Tools and utility options would not load properly on XP machines. (B775) (B778)
  5. Corrected issue which would base preferences access off of disabled active directory permissions if they were previously enabled. (B770)
  6. Ability now to ungroup or group image thumbnails in query window. (F1446)
  7. Added option to ‘Image and Image Handling’ for use of threaded processing to speed up image loading. (F1450)
  8. Corrected issue that would import stamp files if contained in directory with DICOM files. (F1441)
  9. New option to allow users to set type of compression to be applied to images. (F1235)
  10. Added new diagnostic logging for data checking when viewing images. (B767)
  11. Added ability to require reauthentication immediatly before each capture. (F1378)
  12. Corrected issue when user login is required at startup it would not prompt for reauthentications when required. (B782)
  13. Built in user accounts will now be associated with image only if login is required at startup, if not windows account will be associated. (B782)
  14. Added new imaging algorithms; Guassian Edge Enhance and Guassian Blur. (F1388)
  15. Added capability to open CTs for reprocessing. (F1381)
  16. Added command line option; “/UIDDIAGNOSTICS “DatabasePath; UID_List_Filename; Results_Filename” for diagnostic reporting. (F1382)
  17. Added command line support for the -f, patient specification file. (F1362)
  18. Corrected worklist query issue when no date was specified it would default to “today’s” date. (F1398)
  19. Added embedded data tags for CT’s to DCV. (F1380)

Version 3.4 Build 17
Release Date: 03/02/2012

  1. Added ability to query study date range when using SQL database. (F1189)
  2. Change text in worklist query window from “manually create order” to “capture images”. (F1269)
  3. Combined the study date & time columns in the view images query window. (F1268)
  4. Added ability to double-click on Graphic in query screen to open patient into image viewing. (F1270)
  5. Added some of the new features to the application startup configuration screen. (F1265)
  6. Added ability to associate XC modality images to teeth numbers. (F1288)
  7. New “Advanced Enhancements” added to enhancements menu, allowing users more control of the enhancement factor. (F1102)
  8. Added more reduction size capabilities when exporting images. Now able to specify percentage or manually set dimensions. (F1220)
  9. Resolved issue so all series captured under the same study will maintain the same study ID and accession number. (F1253)
  10. Changed queries from DICOM to file list, optimized the queries. (F1305, F1308)
  11. Resolved issues with saving and forwarding image edits for images viewed from a DICOM server. (F1032)
  12. Added ability to set default configurations. (F1046)
  13. Thumbnails will now only display a single frame of a CT or the CT logo. (F1266)
  14. Added thumbnails to query window results. (F1279, F980)
  15. Multi-language support added. (F1068)
  16. Command line support added for a third-party app to get a patient file list from DCV; retrieving image from patient; and converting it to JPG. (F1057)

Version 3.4 Build 16
Release Date: 11/02/2011

  1. New, more descriptive tooltip added to magnifying tool in image enhancement toolbar. (F1037)
  2. Fixed bug in data correction that would always have referring doctor and study description editable even when multiple studys/patients selected. (B584)
  3. Added Branch of Service Tag and also ability to populate this tag to preexisting data through DM. (F977)
  4. New options added for command line support. Now able to set to auto query worklist/image off of ID. (F1030)
  5. Audit trail now reports UID for any actions involving specific images. (F1036)
  6. Standardized filename definition formats for Launched Applications. (F1112, F1123)
  7. Added ability for client to specify a local temp directory as its database that will forward to DataManager and purge. (F931)
  8. Added new “anatomical layout view” for capture and viewing images. (F1026)
  9. Rearranged options in the ‘view images’ screen. ‘thumbnails’ & ‘view dicom tags’ now located in Image Operations menu. Added ‘View images as…’ on to main. (F1026)
  10. Added digital signature to application, user will no longer recieve “publisher cannot be verified” message when launching across network. (F555)
  11. Fixed issue so the command line parsing will now follow the “strip id’s” setting under the Data Entry preference. (B632)
  12. Now prevents the addition of images to the tostore if all dicom servers are disabled for forwarding. (F1121)
  13. Does not autoselect “all servers” when selecting images to forward within Preferences. (F1121)
  14. Can now manually add image to store to specified server even if disabled in preferences. (F1121)
  15. Added new utility to allow dragging and dropping of images onto a second screen for comparison/enhancements. (F1104)
  16. Now able to set a default species when program is set to Veterinary mode. (F1147)
  17. Updated software to accept old config file naming convention that includes dashes from computer names. (B649)
  18. If extra patient information is available it is associated with an image upon acquisition. (F1155)
  19. Fixed ‘invert gray-scale’ issue where inversions were tracked but not being saved in the image. (B624)
  20. New options in Preferences to indicate if other storage servers should be listed on Worklist query screen when going to acquire new images. (F1155)
  21. The size of the field entry area on the image and worklist query screen optimized. (F1155)
  22. The DCV program will now add specifically named entries to the ToStore database instead of leaving the name blank. (F1155)
  23. Optimized memory usage for large databases. (F1071)


Version 3.4 Build 15
Release Date:

  1. Fixed issue when permissions were enabled to limit “extended data correction” and it was not. (B564)
  2. Added permissions to restrict image capture (F1022)
  3. Seperated permissions for data correction and image type changing (ghost/retake) into different permission fields. (F999)
  4. Added permissions to restrict view/query (F1023)
  5. Added check and warning message for newly required dlls, LFJ2K14N.dll & LFJ2K14nu.dll. (F1012)
  6. Now able to modify permissions for multiple users at once. (F919)
  7. Added “branch of service” tag. (F977)
  8. Added Data correction button to query screen. (F969)
  9. New ability to pull users from Active Directory and control permissions through domain groups. (F994)
  10. Able to limit starting applications to specific groups in active directory. (F1013)
  11. Rearranged the Permissions section in preferences to make more user friendly. (F1015)

Version 3.4 Build 14
Release Date: 3/31/2011

  1. Updated the incompatable dll warning message upon launch of DCV, it now provides where to get upgrades and also displays current/required versions. (f968)
  2. SafetyCache now defaults to the local Temp directory, rather than the DCV install folder, so images are stored locally in the event of network failure. (f927)
  3. Added ability with the zooming tool to click and hold mouse button and drag up to zoom in and down to zoom out. (f762)
  4. Added ability to select one image and hold the shift key and select the another and all in between will now be selected. (f981)
  5. Added ability to reduce/resize image and crop image during export (f981)
  6. New spot invert tool added. (f981)
  7. All spot tools can now be frozen on screen using the right click. (f981)
  8. Custom rotation capability now added in view. (f981)
  9. DICOM tag window now resizable (f539)
  10. Revisions now track all saved changes (f539)
  11. Fixed bug where unchecked launched applications were still being displayed (f539)
  12. New redundancy check options added under the ‘Safety Cache’ options (F943)
  13. Fixed bug when delete was disabled but user could drag to where delete bin would exist and it would still delete. (B497)
  14. When floating progression view is enabled and you select a shot it will highlight all images associated with those teeth. When you then select save/export it will now only export those that are selected. (B496)
  15. New feature to automatically prompt to switch to the default database in app directory if the target database no longer exists. (F608)
  16. Added ability to “freeze” spot enhance tools on image with right click. (F942)
  17. Added capability to query both local and dicom by tooth number. (F582)
  18. Added ability to save modified images as “derived images” (F569)
  19. Limits study/series descriptions to 64 characters (F983)
  20. Added ability to select DOD ID number instead of SSN from scanned government IDs. (F1047)
  21. Modified to stop sending SOP Class UID to a worklist server. (F978)

Version 3.4 Build 11
Release Date: 2/16/2011

  1. Added ability to import a list of usernames. (F928)

Version 3.4 Build 10
Release Date: 1/15/2011

  1. Uppercase conversion (and invalid character removal “?*!#$%&+=|\\\”<>?/”) added to image import, patient import, and worklist import. (F894)
  2. Data correction now changed to take into consideration case changes and patient name correction. (F894)
  3. Added ability to select specific images to forward to specific DICOM servers. (F249)
  4. Added ability to create global, custom descriptions that can be added to a study/series. (F265)
  5. The Delete Image validation code was modified to accept hexadecimal characters. (F330)
  6. Updated to assure unique patients with partial matching information are listed separately on query results screen. (F81)
  7. Fixed bug that allow incorrect date formats to be entered when preparing to capture an image. Additionally included relevant warning messages when user attempts to enter an incorrect date format. (B267)
  8. New command line arguments added for view ( “/v”) and capture (“/c”). Fixed Configuration Manager’s (1.2 b7) command line options to open view or capture screens as designed when brigding a patient. (B529)

Version 3.4 Build 6
Release Date: 12/16/2010

  1. Disabled scanning for old-style nested database structure during startup. (Feature 873)

Version 3.4 Build 5
Release Date: 12/16/2010

  1. Added diagnostic logging during startup.(requires manual creation of a text file called ApteryxDiagnostic.TXT in the program directory. The existence of this file will generate COMPUTER_Diagnostic.Log in the program directory after the program is started.) (Feature 872)

Version 3.4 Build 4
Release Date: 11/30/2010

  1. Added extra processing on corrupt and unsupported DICOM images to prevent thumbnail display. (Bug 483)

Version 3.4 Build 2
Release Date: 11/3/2010

  1. Resolved issue where DCV was using today’s date in worklist query, even when not displaying the date in the interface. (Bug 459)

Version 3.3 Build 14
Release Date: 8/18/2010

  1. Added support for licensing by user and by client. (Feature 813)

Version 3.3 Build 9
Release Date: 8/18/2010

  1. Components and environment updated for compliance with new versions of the software.
  2. Modified deletion of images to the local Recycle Bin on networked installations.
  3. Corrected where the text for entering a validation code is cut off.
  4. Updated restrictions where entry of the Study Date is a madatory worklist manual entry criteria.
  5. Made correction to correctly display modality and/or progressions in the capture screen (previously is always displayed both regardless of the setting in the preferences).
  6. Added options to permit forwarding of an image to a specific server instead of the default forwarding scheme.
  7. New option added under “Image Forwarding” options to indicate if forwarding to a specific server should be displayed in the Advanced options.
  8. Made correction to handling where forwarded images can have their VR changed to UR for the image modifications tag.
  9. Removed patient DOB restriction on edit image information dialog.
  10. Added the ability to import encrypted files that were exported with the new version of the CD extension.
  11. Correction made to display the correct species dentition when selecting to capture additional images in a continuous endo progression (previously it would only display human dentition).
  12. Correction made where the application may abnormally terminate if a certain set of operations and cancellations are performed when modifying and rotating images.
  13. New option added to require the user to specify a species when acquiring images.
  14. Splitting of multiple modality series added. Better support added for only permitting a single modality in a series.
  15. Current real-time filter display and selection made more prominant.
  16. Added new options to export a progression and/or multiple images as a single image.
  17. Correction made to enabling/disabling automatch on the various screens (previously, the query setting controlled the display on both the query and worklist screens).
  18. Correction made where the study descriptions entered in the capture screen were not applied to the image.
  19. The modality description in the query screen now shows all modalities for all of the series contained in the study.
  20. Added options to display and/or print image modifications.
  21. Added audit trail capabilities.
  22. Added support for copying and renaming IXDLLs.
  23. Added ability to track licenses via user name.

Version 3.2 Build 12
Release Date: 3/25/2010

  1. Removed the restrictions of only selecting non-removable drives when selecting the database and/or export locations.

Version 3.2 Build 11
Release Date: 2/5/2010

  1. Corrected a problem with the application may crash when modifying image information on newly acquired images before they were saved to the database (image would be recovered from the safety cache).

Version 3.2 Build 5
Release Date: 11/13/2009

  1. Ability to require user login.
  2. Associate users with image captures/modifications.

Version 3.2 Build 4
Release Date: 10/23/09

  1. Made it so that the various descriptive buttons display the focus rectangle.
  2. Added new option to tie the user permission IDs to the Window’s login.
  3. Corrected issue where the initial set of user permissions were not recorded when creating a new user. Previously, you had to create a user then edit them in order to assign the permissions.

Version 3.2 Build 3
Release Date: 9/14/09

  1. Made a correction where capturing an image could ignore the specified sex.

Version 3.2 Build 2
Release Date: 8/27/09

  1. Added new labels: straight line; bisecting lines; four-point bisection; relative angles.

Version 3.2 Build 1
Release Date: 8/21/09

  1. Added new fields to the patient database. NOTE, this version will perform an update to the database!
  2. Added new fields to the image database. NOTE, this version will perform an update to the database!
  3. You are now able to set what discipline the software should support: human general; human dental; veterinary genera; veterinary dental; podiatry. . The various “general” disciplines change the software interface from being dental-centric to allowing the user to utilize a more general interface (e.g. instead of selecting teeth when capturing an image the user selects what region of the body). In addition, when one of the “veterinary” disciplines are selected, the interface modifies itself to show species and breed information.
  4. The out-dated “veterinary mode” option has been removed since it has been superceded by the new discipline preferences.
  5. Species and breed selections are available when in a vet mode. The interface modifies itself to display species and breed information. Not only do these selections appear to allow the user to select what species and breed should be used, the designators also appear throughout the application whenever patient demographic information or image information is displayed.
  6. Body part selection is displayed when acquiring images in human general mode. Since general users (i.e. non-dental organizations) do not acquire or work exclusively with the patient’s mouth, the software changes from requiring the user to select teeth before an image is acquired to selecting what portion of the body is going to be imaged. Of course, the user always has the option of clicking on the “Capture Dental Image” button should they need too. This interface allows quick and easy selection of the general areas of the body in additional to permitting the user the ability to select the specific item that is to be imaged (i.e. femur).
  7. Generic animal body is displayed when acquiring in vet general mode. Similar to the general human discipline, the general veterinary mode presents the user with a quick selection of animal anatomy when capturing an image. Similar to the human interface, the user may either click on one of the quick areas or may select the specific area and item that is going to be imaged.
  8. Tooth charts and tooth numbering automatically changes based on the patient’s species in vet mode. When in veterinary dental mode, the software automatically adjusts the various tooth charts and tooth numbering based on the species of the patient. Currently four dentitions are supported: canine; feline; equine; and a general tooth chart.
  9. Field data entry area completely redone on the worklist and query screens. New design facilitates easier data entry, better flexibility and easier to use fields.
  10. New options added to the preferences to identify exactly what data entry fields are to be displayed on the worklist and query screens.
  11. Data Server selection text removed and new section added to the data entry field list. New server selection is much easier to use and can be hidden under the preferences.
  12. NOTE: The imaging capture extension IXDLLs will need to be updated to support the discipline and species/breed acquisitions.
  13. Added CR modality support.

Version 3.1 Build 15
Release Date: 8/12/09

  1. Added new features to PING for data servers when creating server definitions.
  2. Added new Auto-Discovery options. This enables DCV clients to automatically use Data Managers that appears on a network without having to manually create server definitions for the servers. This is primarily used for mobile environments and laptop computers which enable the user to coordinate with Data Managers on networks that may come and go. Security features exist to prevent just any DCV client from using any Data Manager.

Version 3.1 Build 14
Release Date: 8/10/09

  1. New option added to prevent data entry if the patient information has been bridged from another application.
  2. New option added to only allow data entry from bridged patient demographic information.
  3. Added new button that appears that allows the user to override data entry. This option has optional data access permissions that can be enabled in the preferences.
  4. New command line option added (/db) that permits a third-party application to add patient names to the patient list WITHOUT influencing anything else in the application (e.g. taking the user to the capture images screen).
  5. Added new button in the data correction screen to allow changes to the patient demographic information to be taken from an entry in the patient database.
  6. New defaults assigned to the options in the application: data correction option now added by default; report generator link now added by default; monitor test pattern link now added by default; image import link now added by default; display query for orders button now disabled by default; stand-alone accession number now disabled by default; bar code scanning now added by default; manual entry fields DOB and sex now required by default; default printer types now defaults to Windows printers; printing center marks now enabled by default.
  7. Minor changes to the query screen so that it more uniformly coordinates with the worklist/image capture screen.
  8. New real-time measurements added when creating a measurement label.
  9. Query for the SOP Instance UID corrected.
  10. Corrected a problem where the toolbars may go blank when resizing the compare images window.
  11. Made it so that the images always display as large as possible on the compare images window on high resolution monitors.
  12. Added a preference to display a message to the user when they are about to exit a patient context (i.e. capturing images or viewing images).
  13. Made changes to the query pop-up dialog texts (e.g. Image UID pop-up was labeled “Study UID”).
  14. Added copy-to-clipboard functionality to the various tree list controls on the query screens. This can be done via a menu that appears by right-clicking on an item in the tree.
  15. Added default launch definitions for: XrayVision; Kodak 3D; Planmeca 3D.
  16. The compare image dialog now remembers the last placement of the window.

Version 3.1 Build 12
Release Date: 8/7/09

  1. Updated default bridged application definitions.
  2. Update Apteryx3DViewer launching capabilities.
  3. Added new capabilities to allow IXDLLs to have the patient’s name when capturing an image.
  4. Added new internal capabilities of passing additional information to image algorithm DLLs.

Version 3.1 Build 8
Release Date: 7/22/09

  1. Added new command line options and specification for launching other applications. Additional tags added: time; date; unformatted ID; last 4 of ID; user specified permanent filenames. Permanent filename and directory specification added.

Version 3.1 Build 7
Release Date: 7/21/09

  1. Added new options to allow an image’s toolbars to appear vertically.

Version 3.1 Build 5
Release Date: 7/13/09

  1. Added ability for invoked applications to create and work with an extracted single-frame DICOM directory.
  2. Added new options for CT imaging handling.
  3. Added new DCV CT volume display (requires new Apteryx3D.DLL).
  4. Added new 3rd party 3D application invocation handling when clicking on a CT volume.
  5. Updated invalid date entry when modifying images.

Version 3.1 Build 4
Release Date: 7/9/09

  1. Dramatically faster queries when specifying non-wild carded patient IDs.
  2. Updated worklist information porting functions: will automatically add associated tags if they do not exist in the image returned from an imaging extension.

Version 3.1 Build 2
Release Date: 5/20/09

  1. Added CT dental modalities.
  2. Added ability to invoke other applications and create your own definitions for invoking other applications when viewing images.
  3. Added additional options for CT volume handling.

Version 3.1 Build 1
Release Date: 5/20/09

  1. The default administrator password has been changed.
  2. Added new “Links” features that can be specified in the preferences and displayed in the advanced user tools. These links can include: web addresses; email addresses; folders; files; executables; CHM files; etc. When displayed, they are grouped into their respective categories.
  3. Minor build number increase due to internal structural changes that were made to support third party application invocation and 3D/volumetric image display.

Version 3.0 Build 116
Release Date: 5/15/09

  1. Recompiled to use new JPEG library.

Version 3.0 Build 115
Release Date: 4/27/09

  1. Corrections made for displaying 1-bit scanned documents.

Version 3.0 Build 114
Release Date: 4/22/09

  1. Added new startup message screen support. This new option will enable the application to display a HTML content file at program startup that has an OK and Cancel buttons. The HTML file that is to be displayed is set in the Interface preferences.

Version 3.0 Build 111
Release Date: 3/6/09

  1. New Escape key tracking.
  2. If the database path is invalid at startup, the application now prompts the user to modify/correct the path. Previously the application displayed an error message and quit the application.
  3. Revert to original option now restores any labels to their original state.
  4. Can now interact with labels that fell outside of the image.
  5. Labels will now flip and rotate with the image.
  6. Print dialogs are no long top-level windows.
  7. Labels modification is tracked better.
  8. Label operations have been added to the undo/redo engine.
  9. Implants are now rotated top-to-bottom by default.
  10. New monitor test pattern added.
  11. Modified the “Hide Labels” option so that it now hides implants.
  12. Image imports now can handle importing of any DICOM images and DICOMDIRs. Previously, the import function only imported files that had the .DIC and .DCM file extensions.
  13. Image filters have been added to the Advanced image view screen that is displayed when acquiring images in a progression.
  14. Images queried from remote servers are now downloaded to the local database before performing an ISTDLL export (e.g. Disk Burning) from the query screen. Previously these extensions would only process images that were stored locally and would issue warning messages to the user that the remote images would not be processed.
  15. Correction made when the print setting is set to either Windows or DICOM so the “Copy” and “Copy With Labels” options were available. If the user specified a Windows or DICOM only setting, then they did not get the two different copy operations.

Version 3.0 Build 108
Release Date: 12/11/08

  1. Modified default calibration storage in an image.
  2. Modifications to calibrations when they do not exist (i.e. 0.0 or 1.0).
  3. Automatic enhancements have been added as possible auto-filter options.
  4. Updated options on auto-image enhancement when deleting an entry.

Version 3.0 Build 107
Release Date: 12/2/08

  1. New left/right magnification tool added to the image viewer control.
  2. New labels added: arrow; angle; ellipse; rectangle; text; time/date text.
  3. 3i implant labels added.
  4. Corrected label drawing offset when dragging a label on a reduced or magnified image.
  5. Editing doctor list permissions added.
  6. Query date ranges added for both image query and worklist query.
  7. User IDs masked when editing the user list.
  8. User ID entry is now obscured by asterisks during entry.
  9. Blank text descriptions added throughout the application. When an edit field is blank, faint descriptive descriptive text is visible.
  10. Doctor IDs masked.
  11. Operator’s name is now associated with images. Currently it is the Window’s logon name until various CAC card and other user entry methods are implemented.
  12. Operator’s name has been added to the miscellaneous information tab.

Version 3.0 Build 106
Release Date: 11/26/08

  1. Image filters and custom macros are now available in the view image screen. This functionality permits the user to view an image with different image algorithms applied to it at the same time to determine which image operation results in the best image. Additionally, the user is able to create their own custom macros that can be applied to an image.
  2. Permission control has been added to the calibration factor management.
  3. Once an image has been calibrated, the calibration is physically stored inside each image. This way, when an image is forward to another computer that does not have an auto-calibration associated with the image, any measurements are already calibrated in an image.
  4. New image modification tracking has been implemented by changing the images content date and time tags (tag 0008,0023 and 0008,0033). Every time something is modified in an image, these tags are updated with the current date/time.
  5. Auto-calibrations are now immediately associated with an image when they are acquired from a device. As stated previously, these calibrations are saved internal to the image.
  6. New option added to permit changes made to an image to be resaved to the database and resubmitted for forwarding. These changes include image enhancements, rotations, flips, label changes and similar operations.
  7. Permission control has been added to permit saving of changes made to an image.
  8. Additional text added to an image’s calibration information to indicate if the image was calibrated using its internal tag or via an auto-calibration.
  9. Measurement menu updated on the view image screen: changed the menu name to “label” to accommodate the other labels that are being added to the menu; reworded several of the sub-options; added additional label options and functions.
  10. Show/hide labels option added to the label menu on the view images screen.
  11. Labels can now be saved with an image. These labels are saved internally with the image so they would be forwarded to other DICOM systems.
  12. Labels no are removed when navigating from one image to the next in the view images screen. Previously a label stayed in place when you navigated from one screen to the next.
  13. “Images” preferences option added to the application preferences. Allowed for better classification of options that related directly to how images are views and operated on in the program.
  14. “Delete images” options moved from the “Permissions” options group to the new “Images” options group.
  15. Label saving option added to the “Images” preferences. The levels include: never save labels; prompt if labels should be saved; always save labels. Note that this setting operates hand-in-hand with the option to permit the saving of modified images.

Version 3.0 Build 105
Release Date: 11/21/08

  1. Added functionality to better handle image compression when exporting images.

Version 3.0 Build 104
Release Date: 11/20/08

  1. Made correction where the application would try and forward images to a Worklist only server. Now the software ignores Worklist only servers when trying to forward images.
  2. ISDLLs now operate on selected images or all images if none were selected in the view images screen. Previously they worked on ALL images even if the user selected a specific image in the view.
  3. SSN matching can now handle matching formatted and unformatted SSN numbers. Previously 111-22-3333 and 111223333 would not match as identical patient ID numbers.
  4. Optimized drawing of collection views.
  5. Printing from the view images screen now pre selects any images that were previously selected by the user. If the user selects one or two images in the view and then prints (either to Windows or DICOM printers), those images are pre-selected in the image list. If no images were selected in the view images screen, then all images are automatically pre-selected.
  6. The preferences dialog is no long a top-most window.
  7. Tool tip display has been corrected on Vista operating systems.
  8. Popup menu controls are now automatically adjusted to be the correct size the first time they are displayed.
  9. When dragging the images around in the compare images dialog, the on-screen text is no long redrawn while the image is being redrawn. Previously, text artifacts would be left on the images as the image was dragged around the view.
  10. The multiple window sliding bars at the bottom of the screen have been made smaller.
  11. If multiple patients are selected when viewing images, the patient’s names now appear in the text below each image and in the tool tips that are displayed for each image.
  12. Monitor test pattern options added to the application. This option automatically appears in the Advanced User Tools menu but can be disabled in the preferences. The monitor test pattern handles single or multiple screen calibration.
  13. Much better display of multiple-framed images added. Now multiple-framed images are displayed as an animation in each thumbnail image. When a multiple-framed image is selected for display, each individual frames is selectable by the user in the thumbnail list at the bottom of the screen.
  14. Auto-clear options consolidated into the Interface preferences. Previously the auto-clear options appeared in multiple locations throughout the preferences.

Version 3.0 Build 102
Release Date: 10/13/08

  1. Additional changes made to study/series description to ensure compliance with the maximum string lengths for these DICOM tags. Problems can be encountered when storing images with too long of study/series descriptions to a third party PACS.
  2. Correction made to TIFF image exporting.
  3. Update/optimizations made to some GUI controls integrated.

Version 3.0 Build 101
Release Date: 10/8/08

  1. Corrected a crash that can occur with strangely padded images.

Version 3.0 Build 100
Release Date: 10/2/2008

  1. Fixed freezing issue upon image rotation.

Version 3.0 Build 99
Release Date: 9/17/08

  1. Added better support of external filters (general endo, Kodak, etc) and effects on various images before they are saved to the database. Previous version could potentially save the filtered image instead of the original base image returned from the various imaging extensions if the user applied certain image algorithms to an image before saving the new images to the database.
  2. Integrated new versions of various controls into the application.
  3. Upgrader now adds the General external filter extension. To add the Kodak external filter, the user will need to use the Kodak imaging extension upgrader

Version 3.0 Build 98
Release Date: 8/15/08

  1. Clear options on various query screens now clear previous query results and sets the focus to the preferred query field.
  2. Patient ID tracking in drop-down lists change to allow multiple patients with the same ID.
  3. Sort order and column selection is now remember for the various query fields.
  4. Organized miscellaneous section in the interface options.
  5. Image deletion implemented (new drag target on image view screen). Various permissions, tracking and display options are available in the preferences.
  6. Ability to set new study and series UIDs when editing images.

Version 3.0 Build 97
Release Date: 8/12/08

  1. Implemented new ghosting and retaken image types. New infrastructure, image editing, image data display and image drops implemented.

Version 3.0 Build 95
Release Date: 7/30/08

  1. Added two new Decimate/Crop options to the DICOM Printer definitions. “<AUTO DECIMATE>” will automatically adjust the resolution of an image so that the image fits on the selected paper size if the image is too big to fit on the printed page (if it can fit, the resolution is left alone). “<AUTO ZOOM TO FIT>” will automatically adjust an image’s resolution so that the image will always print as large as possible on the selected paper size.

Version 3.0 Build 91
Release Date: 6/18/08

  1. Report Generator permissions added.
  2. Reformatted the permissions options and handling.
  3. Accession Number field option added to either display it as a primary field or in the advanced field list on the worklist screen.
  4. Desktop icon now added to the common desktop instead of just the current user’s account.
  5. Sliding status indicators removed and replaced with standard progress indicators.
  6. Crash corrected when user edits an image and then clicks on the Cancel button (the application crashes when the user reselects the same image).
  7. Improved DICOM image export implemented – application removes empty tags, fills in mandatory tags that are missing information when possible and performs data correction on tags with invalid data.
  8. Database clearing options added. This feature can move the images from the current database to another location and removes them from the current database. This is used primarily for mobile solutions and for temporary forwarding topographies.

Version 3.0 Build 90
Release Date: 4/17/08

  1. Made a change during image move operations to better select a transfer syntax based on what the remote DICOM connection requested for transfer syntaxes for other abstracts.

Version 3.0 Build 89
Release Date: 4/16/08

  1. Corrected a problem with a corrupt build of the application that caused the application to freeze when going back from viewing a single image to viewing a list of images.
  2. Now any labels are removed with switching between images in single image view when the user clicks on another image thumbnail.
  3. Optimized generation of image thumbnails when switching back and forth between view images and viewing a single image. Previous versions would regenerate the stamp images when switching back and forth. The new version simply reuses stamp images.
  4. Flicker reduction implemented with switching between images in single image view.
  5. Compare images function displaying more than the selected images when switching back and forth between multiple image view and single image view corrected.
  6. Entirely new image exporting implemented.
  7. Compare images screen now has a toggle option of displaying image information overlays each image being displayed.
  8. Setup wizard removed and replaced with a new confirm default settings dialog.
  9. Freehand pen drawing offset corrected when drawing on an image that has been magnified.
  10. Flashlight function sizes are now saved.
  11. Tool tip descriptions updated in the view image toolbars.
  12. “Location” information added to image thumbnail pop-up information.
  13. New information display controls added. These replace the older scrolling information controls usually located at the top of the screen. Newer controls take less space and are easier to read.
  14. New layout selection controls implemented. New controls make it easier to view and select a layout to use when printing images. The new control additionally has a most-recently-used section at the top of the drop-down control.
  15. Auto populate option added that automatically fills in print layout positions so that the user does not have to manually click on the “Auto Populate” button every time they go to the print layout screen.
  16. A “Clear Associations” button has been added to the print layout screen. This button clears all the associates current assigned to layout positions.

Version 3.0 Build 88
Release Date: 4/7/08

  1. If the target database path specified in the setup wizard does not exist, it will be created.

Version 3.0 Build 87
Release Date: 3/26/08

  1. Better and more consistent study descriptions implemented.
  2. Image modification tracking moved to its own custom DICOM tag. Before image modifications were saved in the image comments.
  3. Column settings on query and worklist screens are now saved.
  4. Better imaging comment editing.

Version 3.0 Build 86
Release Date: 3/25/08

  1. Modified main screen to put options under a pop-up menu instead of sprinkled around the screen.
  2. Added data correction option to pop-up menu.
  3. Added launching Report Generator from the pop-up menu.

Version 3.0 Build 84
Release Date: 3/11/08

  1. Internal database change.

Version 3.0 Build 82
Release Date: 2/26/08

  1. Capture additional images option now available when viewing existing images.
  2. Totally new options dialogs integrated into preferences. These new options have a much better layout, are better organized and permit scrolling for smaller sized displays.
  3. JPEG compression transmission supported.
  4. New image scrolling bar and image number display available when viewing an image. Previously two forward and backward buttons were available on the interface for going back and forth between images. The new scroll bar can be used to see how far though the series of images you are in addition to quick scrolling through the images.
  5. Scrolling through images now progresses in chronological order.
  6. New image thumbnail bar slider added to information information area at the bottom of the screen when viewing an image (previously this control only displayed image related information). This thumbnail bar can be used to quickly navigate between various images simply by clicking on an image’s thumbnail.
  7. “New Series/Same Series” dialog removed when acquiring additional images. New study/series behavior is as follows: each time the user acquires additional images during image acquisition a new series is created under the main study; when the user is viewing images from multiple patients they are not permitted to acquire additional images; when the user is viewing a single study, a new series is created under the main study; when the user is viewing multiple studies, a new study is created.

Version 3.0 Build 80
Release Date: 2/20/08

  1. Reconfigured the image capture screen so that the accession number is a main field on the screen due to its increased use in tracking image acquisition orders. Additionally options were added to the preferences to further define how this field can be used to automatically query.

Version 3.0 Build 79
Release Date: 2/12/08

  1. Added support for referring doctor database (creation, deletion and modification). This option is enabled in the preferences and is available via an options button that appears on the pop-up entry dialog when clicking on “referring doctor” on the worklist or query screen.

Version 3.0 Build 78
Release Date: 2/2/08

  1. Updated veterinary tooth number display.
  2. Option added to enable/disable worklist message and warning pop-up display before image acquisition.
  3. DCV automatically selects a IXDLL when only one exists even if the selected modality does not match. Previously, DCV would only auto select a single IXDLL if the modality was specified and it matched with a target IXDLL’s supported image types.
  4. New options button added on various pop-up entry dialogs when entering information. These options are not enabled for all information pop-ups.
  5. New referring doctor list and selection support added. Referring doctor database added and can be modified from the capture image window.
  6. New option added that enables or disables the user’s ability to manually enter in a referring doctor name.

Version 3.0 Build 76
Release Date: 1/31/08

  1. Added new options on the Image Forwarding preferences to prevent ghosted images from being automatically forward to other servers when the user acquires new images.
  2. Added new buttons that appear beside the Forward Images button on the main screen (when Image Forwarding is enabled) that permits the user to: see what images will be forwarded (the user can view images by double clicking on the appropriate entry); remove images from the forwarding list; fix forwarding errors.

Version 3.0 Build 75
Release Date: 1/22/08

  1. Made changes to check if the multiple database options have changed from the main screen even if the user does not change screens or reopen the application.

Version 3.0 Build 74
Release Date: 1/9/08

  1. Added new capabilities to display an advanced image display dialog when the user double-clicks on an image during progression capture.

Version 3.0 Build 73
Release Date: 1/8/08

  1. New user permissions options for changing image taken dates.
  2. Pen drawing added during image display. New pen feature appears in left hand button tray.
  3. Better saving of label properties added. Label properties now more consistent over different DCV sessions.
  4. Thumbnail information font size displayed below each images made bigger.
  5. Thumbnail information pop-ups added. This feature can be enabled or disabled under the interface preferences.
  6. Easy create database options added to the multiple database preferences. When enabled, the user can create databases simply by entering the database name (and possibly other information) and the databases are automatically created in the specified databases directory.
  7. Auto open new database option enabled to Edit Databases dialog (this dialog can be displayed from the Select Database dialog). When enabled, a new database is automatically selected and opened when the user creates a new database.
  8. Better display and classification of unmountable IXDLLs in the Preferences.
  9. “View Study” button changed to “View Patient” when a patient is selected on the image query screen.

Version 3.0 Build 71
Release Date: 12/24/07

  1. Multiple database support extended to allow the user to quickly switch between databases.
  2. Added options to prompt the user which database should be used when the application starts.
  3. Database naming added. Permits association of names, descriptions, contact information, addresses and notes with a database.
  4. Options added to automatically add a database’s information to the institution information of an acquired DICOM image.
  5. Options added to automatically associate a database’s information to images when they are forwarded onto other DICOM servers. Overwrite protect can additionally be enabled or disabled.
  6. Title bar modified to display the name of the current database (if it has one).
  7. Preferences modified to permit more appropriate display and management of multiple database options.

Version 3.0 Build 70
Release Date: 12/21/07

  1. Added Dental Modality mapping to map dental modalities to CR.

Version 3.0 Build 68
Release Date: 12/13/07

  1. Corrected a problem when exporting multiple images. The software exports multiple images keeping the selected extension but changed the internal image format (i.e. user selected “DIC” but the images saves in the BMP file format).

Version 3.0 Build 67
Release Date: 10/31/07

  1. Added interface options for veterinary displays.

Version 3.0 Build 66
Release Date: 7/12/07

  1. Removed standalone Measurement screen and added measurement functionality to the View Image screen. Includes adding additional options for printing, copying and saving/exporting the image with or without the measurement labels.

Version 3.0 Build 64
Release Date: 5/17/07

  1. Added SQL database support.
  2. Added new option to correct studies that have more than one patient saved under them.

Version 3.0 Build 54
Release Date: 3/7/07

  1. Database directory structure checking optimized.
  2. Separate ID restrictions now available in preferences for query screen.
  3. Copy-to-clipboard function added to the drop-down in the image viewer control.
  4. New gamma button graphic added to the image viewer control.

Version 3.0 Build 52
Release Date: 2/27/07

  1. “Capture Additional” button will no longer limit the additional captures to the same modality that was originally selected. Clicking on this option will permit the x-ray tech to capture from any modality.
  2. “Sensor Orientation Map” has been removed from the modality drop-down on the capture screen.
  3. Going to the measurement screen during capture and then returning to the images screen will no longer automatically prompt for additional image capture.
  4. Ghosting improved: Icon changed to ghost icon.
  5. Ghosting improved: Drag-and-drop ghosting now supported by clicking and dragging an image and dropping it on the ghost image.
  6. Ghosting improved: Ghosted images can now be displayed or hidden by clicking on the ghost icon.
  7. Ghosting improved: Ghost icon now displays whether ghosted images are displayed or hidden and how many ghosted images exist.
  8. On edit image the study, series and image UIDs are now properly labeled.
  9. Changed ID entry for modifying images to require entire ID to be entered or scanned.
  10. Saving/Exporting images automatically default to JPEG format.
  11. Edit images dialog no longer wipes out any wildcards entered for the patient ID. Can now do wildcard searches on patient ID.
  12. Dates now prepend months and days with 0s.
  13. <ENTER> key can now be pressed on patient ID to start a search on both Worklist and Image Query screens.
  14. Auto-match pop-ups can now be enabled on Workilst and Image Query screens independantly.
  15. Image view control improved with additional funcationality: image enhancement drop-down (auto BC, emboss, invert); drag gamma adjustment tool added.
  16. Worklist and patient lookup optmized.
  17. “Sex” changed to “Gender”.
  18. Additional fields rearragned on Worklist and Image Query screens.
  19. Message popup added when acquiring images from a worklist entry. Message popup displays: special notes related to the acquisition; medical alerts; special needs; pregancy status; and additional notices, warnings and alerts.

Version 3.0 Build 51
Release Date: 2/12/07

  1. Implemented database optimizations. Will require an initial database update when either the DCV or Data Server is started.
  2. Added option to only permit the utilization of ID numbers from scanned ID cards instead of all available information.
  3. Added REBAS worklist import.
  4. Quick list manager options added.

Version 3.0 Build 50
Release Date: 1/30/07

  1. Added command line support for the ‘P’ and ‘B’ command line options similar to the XrayVision command line options. Additional option in preferences to allow the user to customize whether the ‘P’ option takes the user to the view or capture screen

Version 3.0 Build 48
Release Date: 1/19/07

  1. Made correction that permits image orientations, flips and inversions to be performed.

Version 3.0 Build 47
Release Date: 1/9/07

  1. Added multiple image at a time correction capabilities.
  2. Added Done button to image correction screen.

Version 3.0 Build 46
Release Date: 1/8/07

  1. When popups are displayed from advanced query fields the red X now clears the field instead of simply closing the popup.
  2. When searching on study descriptions now a drop-down is available for modalities and study descriptions.
  3. Permissions tab added to preferences. Currently this table can be used to limit who has permission to edit information in DICOM image files.
  4. View Image pane’s layout changed to maximize image display.
  5. Clinic modalities are now local instead of global.
  6. DEVAA: “Allow DB Changes” setting disabled by default.
  7. Edit image DICOM information tools now available from additional screens (i.e. Image View screen).
  8. Image notes automatically updated when a user modifies a DICOM image.
  9. Support added for resubmitting modified DICOM images.
  10. Added query mode for querying referring doctors name.
  11. Renamed “Referring MD” and “Referring Physician” to “Referring Doctor”.
  12. Added print option to permit the printing of center marks on Window’s printed documents.
  13. Bar code options moved to the Data Entry tab in the preferences.
  14. Data Correction tab added to the preferences.
  15. Check box list added to Interface preference tab.

Version 3.0 Build 44
Release Date: 12/5/06

  1. Added new worklist import extension support.
  2. Checked password for DEVAA build.

Version 3.0 Build 40
Release Date: 11/31/06

  1. Significantly reduced the amount of time required to add images to the database.

Version 3.0 Build 39
Release Date: 11/30/06

  1. Changed how patient information is updated in the pop-up auto-match lists when image information has been modified.

Version 3.0 Build 36
Release Date: 10/9/06

  1. Made corrections to storage commitment to more accurately conform to the DICOM 3 standard.

Version 3.0 Build 35
Release Date: 10/3/06

  1. Added features to permit the main database file and the images folders to be on different drives.
  2. Added features to permit generic IP addresses for returned CMOVE operations from remote DICOM servers.
  3. Addition of a Transaction UID to storage commitment DS.

Version 3.0 Build 33
Release Date: 9/18/06

  1. Added ghosted image support.
  2. Printing images from the enhancement screen corrected.
  3. Switching between views when image view is in BC mode no longer displays newly selected images with strange BC.
  4. Separate auto match popup settings now for last and first names.
  5. Endo view settings now available in measurement screen.
  6. Print/Print DICOM now available from measurement screen.

Version 3.0 Build 31
Release Date: 8/10/06

  1. Added Purge Images option that will purge images from the database when they have been successfully transmitted to a remote server. This option allows the user to either permanently deletes the images or move the images to the recycle bin when they are removed from the database. Note that this feature only works when run on a local database from a computer that is running the program locally.

Version 3.0 Build 30
Release Date: 7/26/06

  1. Made changes to update an IXDLLs information after the user changes the modalities that are to be supported by an imaging extension.

Version 3.0 Build 29
Release Date: 7/25/06

  1. Corrected custom tab order for DOB month and DOB day.
  2. Added endo view setting. This setting displays the images in a different motif specifically designed for viewing endo images.

Version 3.0 Build 25
Release Date: 6/27/06

  1. Added additional options that permit the user to set which field should by default have focus on the query and worklist screens.
  2. Added support for remembering the size of the auto-match dialog on both the query and worklist screens.

Version 3.0 Build 24
Release Date: 6/26/06

  1. Made correction to popup automatch list no longer being displayed.

Version 3.0 Build 23
Release Date: 6/23/06

  1. Made correction to extra space appearing around certain print layouts when they are sent to the printer.

Version 3.0 Build 22
Release Date: 6/13/06

  1. Added ability to correct image information. The option is available in the Data Entry preference page or by clicking on the Data Correction button on the query screen when the appropriate option is enabled in the Interface preferences. The “Data Correction” button appears when the user clicks on an image (instead of a study or series) in the view screen.

Version 3.0 Build 19
Release Date: 5/31/06

  1. Added a catch-save function that addresses “Out Of Memory” error that can appear when trying to save captured images to a remote database over a troublesome network.
  2. Corrected problem printing images to print layouts that contain image tiles that do not have a corresponding text tile.

Version 3.0 Build 18
Release Date: 5/31/06

  1. Added enabling/disabling of database caching. When enabled it reduces database IO time but requires much more computer memory. Not required for computers that do not have heavy database IO.

Version 3.0 Build 17
Release Date: 5/9/06

  1. Added support for compressed imported images.

Version 3.0 Build 16
Release Date: 4/18/06

  1. Combined modalities and progressions into a single control on the worklist screen.

Version 3.0 Build 14
Release Date: 4/5/06

  1. Corrected program crash when the user clicks on the “Image Forwarding” preferences and no image servers have yet been defined.

Version 3.0 Build 12
Release Date: 3/16/06

  1. Notification added if remote DICOM server does not return all queried records due to record count limits set on the target server.
  2. DICOM processing dialog changed to display the number of records received as well as minimizing the amount of data blasted on the screen when receiving records.

Version 3.0 Build 11
Release Date: 3/6/06

  1. DCV Configuration Manager application developed.
  2. Instrumentarium imaging extension added.
  3. Memory optimization added for accessing large databases.
  4. CD/DVD Burning extension available.
  5. Agfa date printing issues corrected when images have not yet been saved.
  6. Overlapping buttons corrected in image viewer control.
  7. Image information removed from compare screen.
  8. Global calibration support added.
  9. Next/Previous image buttons added on image view screen.
  10. Changes made to support DCV Configuration Manager application.
  11. New magnification factors implemented in image viewer control.
  12. Safety cache tracking change was made.
  13. Slider tool control now implemented in image viewer control (the buttons are no longer forced to interfere with the image).
  14. Corrections of tooltips in compare screen.

Version 3.0 Build 10
Release Date: 2/22/06

  1. Change made to correct problem where DICOM servers and DICOM printers were not correctly read the first time the application was run and the database was set using the DefaultConfiguration.INI file.
  2. Change made to selecting to view all of a patient’s images in the query screen when the studies list has not been expanded for that patient. In the prior version, an error message was displayed.

Version 3.0 Build 9
Release Date: 2/17/06

  1. Changed functionality when a user clicks on the View button when they have patient selected and the patient has the same image residing on more than one server. Prior version retrieved multiple instances of the same image.

Version 3.0 Build 8
Release Date: 2/17/06

  1. Added support for matching “O” sex to “M” and “F”. In other words, searching a sex of “O” will match “O”, “M”, or “F”; searching a sex of “M” will match “O” or “M”.

Version 3.0 Build 7
Release Date: 2/10/06

  1. Added new memory handling routines for the database to counteract new problems encountered with various OS/antivirus updates.
  2. Added image forwarding after capture option.

Version 3.0 Build 5
Release Date: 2/3/06

  1. Added additional export formats.
  2. Added capability of exporting one or more images from the view images screen. Previously the user could only export one image at a time by physically viewing the image and then selecting the save/export button.
  3. Alternate modality names added.
  4. Direct selection of a progression capability added from worklist screen. Note that that appropriate IXDLL will also have to be updated to utilize this capability.
  5. ES / Endoscopy modality added to dental modalities.

Version 2.0 Build 16
Release Date: 1/25/06

  1. Auto-adjust font sizes on layout printouts.
  2. Global settings indicated on various property pages.
  3. Measurements and calibrations now limited to only mm. The user can still manually change a measurement’s units to inches or centimeters.

Version 2.0 Build 15
Release Date: 1/16/06

  1. Additional information added under the Misc tab in the image information control.

Version 2.0 Build 14
Release Date: 1/9/06

  1. After making brightness/contrast changes in the image view, they now stay as the user selects different viewing functions/operations. To set the image, simply click on the BC button again.
  2. The local database is now displayed on the main dialog below the registration information.

Version 2.0 Build 12
Release Date: 1/6/06

  1. Corrected a problem if multiple images in a study contain the extract same information (e.g. instance number, acquisition time, acquisition number, etc) the program can “hang” while it tries to figure out how to organize the information after they have been retrieved from a DICOM server.

Version 2.0 Build 11
Release Date: 1/5/06

  1. Added features to permit the progression name to be automatically added to the study comments, study description, series description and image comments tags.

Version 2.0 Build 10
Release Date: 1/5/06

  1. Added new information control to “Edit Image Comments” screen.
  2. DEVAA: Change colors used by new control to conform with standard color scheme.
  3. Option added to display or hide the “Query For Orders” button on the worklist screen. This option has also been added to the defaults INI file under INTERFACE/DISPLAYQUERYFORORDERSBUTTON.
  4. Option added to display or hide the various on-screen keyboards. This option has also been added to the defaults INI file under INTERFACE/ONSCREENKEYBOARD.
  5. Display tooltips option added for image view controls.
  6. Default number of thumbnails for thumbnail control set to 4×2.
  7. Images view now defaulted to thumbnail view.
  8. Formatting problem corrected where comparing 4 images at the same time sometimes resulted in a “T” formation of the windows.
  9. When the user encounters a database mounting problem (e.g. permission restrictions), they cannot progress past the main window.

Version 2.0 Build 9
Release Date: 1/4/06

  1. Integrated new information control into view images and view image screens.

Version 2.0 Build 8
Release Date: 12/27/05

  1. Corrected selecting a modality for searching. Currently searched for “modality” tag; need to also search for “modalities in study” tag.

Version 2.0 Build 7
Release Date: 12/16/05

  1. When displaying images they are now sorted by study date, image date and then instance number in case where images are retrieved in reverse order of their acquisition.

Version 2.0 Build 6
Release Date: 12/15/05

  1. Corrected problem with focus issues with the popup graphic list controls.

Version 2.0 Build 5
Release Date: 12/15/05

  1. Improved logging.
  2. Improved logging speed.
  3. Correction made where updating the interface could stall the application.
  4. Smaller database record size.
  5. New database format. Will require older databases to go through a rebuilding process.
  6. Correction made to CMove operation for certain patient/study/image specifications.
  7. Safety cache improved.
  8. Added new query list type: unique patient.
  9. Tab order of capture/worklist screen changed.
  10. Modification made to DICOM printing.
  11. New image routing tag specifications tab added to server definition.
  12. Multi-homed address support added.
  13. Image forwarding options added. This permits the application to be used standalone without requiring a Data Manager in order to submit images to DICOM servers.
  14. Prompt added when specifying a database directory that does not contain an existing database.
  15. Update patient database option added.

Version 1.0 Build 60
Release Date: 10/20/05

  1. Modified record handling in memory to prevent significant delay that can be encountered with large databases.

Version 1.0 Build 59
Release Date: 10/20/05

  1. Added additional sections “ADDITIONALDATABASES”, “MULTIPLEIMAGEPRINT” and “MESSAGES” sections to the ConfigurationDefaults.INI file.
  2. Units now defaulted to mm.
  3. Additional button added to query screen when additional databases are defined and the “search all databases” option is disabled.

Version 1.0 Build 57
Release Date: 10/18/05

  1. Added functionality to allow querying from multiple local databases. The new scheme allows for searching these databases every time or only when patient/image information cannot be found in the primary local database.
  2. Corrected random program exit that can occur on query screen when an item is selected an another query is generated.
  3. Change options list in the preferences to allow for smaller screens.
  4. Changed and rearranged options in the various preference dialogs to allow for smaller screens

Version 1.0 Build 52
Release Date: 8/19/05

  1. Added clicking on progression index in various progression views selects the appropriate image in the series.
  2. Added DICOMDIR export capabilities from view images screen. Will export the currently selected images or all images if none were selected.
  3. Corrected multiple retrieval of images when an images is selected in multiple contexts. For example, if an image, its series and its study were selected, it would be opened 3 times (since it was selected in three contexts). Image, series, study selection is now resolved before images are retrieved.
  4. New tree list control added to the software. This new control adds new capabilities and views to various screens in the interface.
  5. Added option to organize queried images by patient name. Old scheme was to simply list all returned studies from a query; by default, these images are now organized by patient name. If only a single patient is returned, the study images are automatically displayed (i.e. the user does not have to expand the items under the patient item).
  6. Inverted image state addressed. When the LUT presentation is set to “INVERSE” in the DICOM object the image is automatically inverted when it is displayed.
  7. ID restrictions removed from the image query screen. The ID restrictions still apply to information entered in the work list query/manual order entry screen.
  8. Various wording changed on buttons throughout the application.
  9. Warnings added when the user performs a blank query. Option added to enable/disable these warnings.
  10. Warnings added when the user selects multiple studies/series on the image query screen. Option added to enable/disable these warnings.
  11. 1:1 printing problems corrected.
  12. Added options to permit safety cache save during progression capture in an imaging extension.
  13. Floater progression view added when viewing IO images. This view is not displayed when no IO images are present. Functionality of this control is still under review but it currently permits the user to automatically select the images associated with a tooth grouping by clicking on the appropriate index in the control.
  14. “Done” button added in the compare images view.
  15. Option added to left shift ceph images when they are printed. This prevents soft tissue cutoff when a ceph is printed 1:1 on a smaller piece of paper.
  16. Various optimizations on results fill-in added when switching between screens.
  17. Optimization of image thumbnail drawing added.
  18. Calibrated/uncalibrated message added to printouts when printing real-sized images.
  19. Options added to permit selection of which modalities to display for a computer. Current choices include: all; dental; specific.
  20. Added capabilities of saving XML files that contain DICOM information when exporting images to non-DICOM formats.

Version 1.0 Build 44
Release Date: 7/14/05

  1. Corrected issue where bar code scanners reverse case of letters of scanned barcodes when the CAPS lock key is on during decoding of SS numbers.

Version 1.0 Build 42
Release Date: 7/13/05

  1. New properties password.
  2. Thumbnail drawing improved.
  3. Time between switching pages reduced.
  4. Wait cursor and status added to thumbnail drawing updates.

Version 1.0 Build 41
Release Date: 7/7/05

  1. Handling made for UIDs that contain invalid 0’s in the definition.
  2. Additional error handling added to DICOM communications.
  3. Prior DICOM printer selection now remembered the next time the application is started.
  4. Logging information updated.
  5. Database I/O optimizations added.
  6. UID error corrected.

Version 1.0 Build 40
Release Date: 7/5/05

  1. Correction made for image resolutions. Some images had an improper resolution associated with an image.

Version 1.0 Build 39
Release Date: 6/17/05

  1. Made a correction where the setup wizard is displayed every time when the default configurations INI file is not present.

Version 1.0 Build 38
Release Date: 6/14/05

  1. Added support for the tech to specify default configuration information that is used by a new installation of DCV. The configuration defaults are saved in the INI file “ConfigurationDefaults.INI” in the main application subdirectory.

Version 1.0 Build 37
Release Date: 6/14/05

  1. No longer display an error when no DICOM servers are specified when scanning barcodes or using the popup list during Worklist Query or Image Query.

Version 1.0 Build 36
Release Date: 6/13/05

  1. DICOM print capabilities added.
  1. Thumbnail drawing quality improved.
  2. Initial setup wizard modified to account for new options.
  3. Manual patient name requirements corrected.
  4. Reordered image query columns.

Version 1.0 Build 34
Release Date: 5/19/05

  1. Maintenance release.

Version 1.0 Build 33
Release Date: 5/9/05

  1. Made an update for the global configuration settings. The product now periodically checks for changes that may have been made to the global settings since the time the application was started.

Version 1.0 Build 32
Release Date: 4/26/05

  1. Change made to prevent use of same series UID when capturing images under the same worklist entry but in such a way as to change the study UID.

Version 1.0 Build 31
Release Date: 4/26/05

  1. Added options to make the query/worklist server selections global or local. Default is global.

Version 1.0 Build 30
Release Date: 4/25/05

  1. Changed query criteria to make search compliant with MedWeb server.

Version 1.0 Build 29
Release Date: 4/22/05

  1. Changed query criteria to make search compliant with MedWeb server.

Version 1.0 Build 28
Release Date: 4/21/05

  1. DCV study date query improved.
  2. Modality query field taken out of advance list and placed on main dialog.
  3. Query results are no longer cleared when coming back to the query or worklist screens.

Version 1.0 Build 27
Release Date: 4/15/05

  1. Auto-clear options defaulted to enabled.
  2. New wildcard options added to enable the automatic addition of wildcards at the beginning of names and ID numbers.
  3. Auto-complete pop-up window can now be resized by the user.
  4. Acquisition date added to image text in collection view.
  5. Anatomy and acquisition date added to images in thumnail view.
  6. “Preference” misspelling corrected.
  7. “Acquisition date” print field defaulted to enabled.
  8. New option added to prevent the user from changing the query/worklist server/database.
  9. Default print size changed from 50 to 75;
  10. Several preferences moved over to global settings: collection/thumbnail view; SS number formatting; auto-match popup settings; automatic wildcard specification; auto save to safety cache; image retrieval preference; data entry specifications; worklist fields and miscellaneous settings; query miscellaneous settings; proxy IP address and port (but not enabled setting).

Version 1.0 Build 26
Release Date: 4/11/05

  1. Wildcard matching added to queries.
  2. Two levels of wildcard matching are now available.
  3. Option added to automatically add a ‘*’ to any query field.
  4. Functionality added to correctly create wildcarded search string when only a first name or a last name is specified.
  5. Image counts removed from query screen. This information is not always provided due to the length of time it takes to determine the information during a query.

Version 1.0 Build 25
Release Date: 4/11/05

  1. Optimized drawing of thumbnail images when using collection view.
  2. Multiple image printing support added: image list.
  3. Multiple image printing support added: contact sheet.
  4. DEVAA: Blue removed from the program.
  5. Side-by-side view support added: 2, 3 or 4 images can be viewed at the same time.
  6. Zoom-to-fit drawing artifact corrected.
  7. Image proxy retrieval modified to provide better feedback.
  8. Auto-clear option added to all query screens.
  9. Space appearing in some UIDs corrected.

Version 1.0 Build 24
Release Date: 4/6/05

  1. Similar query options added for both Query/Retrieve and Worklist Query.
  2. Improved pop-ups added for data entry on advanced field lists.
  3. Multiple study, series and image selection now available.
  4. Patient name capital letter only option added.
  5. DOB is now presented in 3 fields.
  6. Advanced query screen removed. All functionality has been combined into a single query screen.
  7. Database retrieval preference options added. Can now select whether local database or DICOM server should be used first when retrieving images.
  8. ID number stripping options added.
  9. Options added to customize the properties of ID numbers.
  10. Auto-match popup window functionality improved. Among other features, it auto-hides when no matches are available.
  11. Several cosmetic changes made to the interface.
  12. Image query screen now has a sex drop-down list instead of a simple edit field.
  13. Auto-match popup window added to image query screen.
  14. Advanced query options can be hidden on both the worklist and image query screens.
  15. Auto-match correctly setting the sex drop-down on both the worklist and image query screens.
  16. Multiple entries for the same study are not displayed when the study exists in more than one database. Now one entry is displayed and the list of servers containing that study are indicated in the “Server” field.

Version 1.0 Build 23
Release Date: 2/21/05

  1. Several internal changes.
  2. New 1D and 2D printout support added.

Version 1.0 Build 21
Release Date: 1/18/05

  1. New Apteryx DICOM ID added.

Version 1.0 Build 20
Release Date: 1/10/05

  1. Change made to proxy retrieval where the “finished” message was sometimes dropped by a network. The proxy communication window no longer freezes when it no longer receives the “finished” message and the Data Manger closes the connection.

Version 1.0 Build 19
Release Date: 1/10/05

  1. New measurements not grabbing a new calibration to an image corrected.
  2. Incorrect cursor being displayed after the user clicked on the “Calibrate” tool corrected.

Version 1.0 Build 17
Release Date: 1/8/05

  1. Patient name caching support added.
  2. Password text background corrected on preferences password dialog.
  3. Auto-complete patient information pop-ups added to various query screens. Pop-ups are automatically displayed after typing 3 characters or when the user press the left or down arrow key.
  4. RECBAS patient list importation options added.
  5. Image enhancements option added on the view images screen.
  6. Endo measurement support added.
  7. Endo measurements option added on the view images screen.
  8. Corrected buttons disappearing in the image view when zooming out of an image.

Version 1.0 Build 16
Release Date: 12/20/04

  1. Correction made for masking of patient names on printouts.

Version 1.0 Build 14
Release Date: 11/20/04

  1. Routine added to ensure proper DICOM fields before saving and storing images.
  2. Fast matching option added when searching the local database.
  3. Proxy image retrieval support added. Primary use is for DHCP environments.
  4. “Converage” type corrected to “Coverage”.
  5. Proxy settings added to setup wizard.
  6. Local database queries significantly optimized.

Version 1.0 Build 12
Release Date: 11/16/04

  1. Added support for image storage and translation extensions.

Version 1.0 Build 11
Release Date: 11/10/04

  1. Fixed problems with advanced query not always returning values.
  2. Improved first and last name layouts.
  3. Improved advanced query field layout. Includes the addition of scrolling list of information for better utilization of space.
  4. Prompts now appear after modifiying an image asking if the image should be saved.
  5. Crash fixed when user actually clicks on and selects “No worlist servers defined”.
  6. “Same series” prompt now appears on a much larger and better looking dialog.
  7. Clear buttons now appear on various clear screens. These buttons can be used to quickly clear all of the query fields on the screen.

Version 1.0 Build 10
Release Date: 11/9/04

  1. Zoom-To-Fit fuction corrected in image views.
  2. Buttons no longer disappear when selecting the zoom-to-fit option.
  3. Patient name field split into first and last name fields.
  4. Worklist defaults changed to patient name and patient id.
  5. Printing defaults changed to only print patient ID, sex and DOB.
  6. Printing defaults changed to only print a single page.
  7. Initial viewing of image makes the image automatically zoom-to-fit if required.