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(Includes: BelmontXV / CliniView / DDS Works / DentiMax Advance Imaging / ImageDDS / ImageXL / LED Imaging / LynxVision Pro / MaxiViewer / MPDx / OneView / OriView / Prof Suni / QSI Image / Sigma Image XRV / VisionDent)

XrayVision 4

Beta Release Date: 11/12/2019
Release Date: 5/11/2020

  1. [In process]

Beta Release Date: 1/11/2019
Release Date: TBD

  1. Printing multiple images: users can now rearrange selected images. (F3571)
  2. Corrected issue with date formatting when printing images with image acquisition date displayed. (F3723)
  3. Corrected issue with disabling the prompt for label properties. (F1447)
  4. Corrected issue with opening layouts from older versions of XV3. (F1434)
  5. Internal changes related to registration and license tracking. (F3630, F3664, F3833)
  6. Internal functionality for specifying the local Temp folder rather than ProgramData for the work-in-progress directory. (F3876)
  7. Changes for specific OEM version toolbar. (F3660)
  8. Changes for specific OEM version about screen. (F3715)
  9. New OEM version created. (F3730)

Beta Release Date: 10/5/2017
Release Date: 1/3/2018

  1. Added option to include labels in exported images. (F3493)
  2. Modified arrow key navigation in layouts to correspond to relative position of layout tiles, rather than capture order. (F3566)
  3. Added utility to rebuild database recovered from an undelete or other data recovery. (F3528)
  4. Internal update to file dialog code in specific windows. (F3569)

Beta Release Date: 5/26/2017
Release Date: 10/10/2017

  1. Corrected issue with taken dates on images copied between layouts. (B1378)

Beta Release Date: 4/19/2017
Release Date: TBD

  1. Single images exported from layouts should now be filtered according to the enabled real-time filter. (F3217)
  2. Added option in the Layout Taken Date window to also set the taken date for all images in the layout. (F3318)
  3. Added option to merge labels for layouts transfered through a TransIT plugin. (F3303)
  4. Corrected issue with color layouts having grayscale thumbnails. (F3444)
  5. Added print option for “maximum image size”. (F3350)
  6. Corrected issue with auto-import into layouts that have specified pre-defined image files for certain tiles. (F3456)
  7. Mask SSN in the “Select Patient From External Database” window that may appear when bridging from a PM software. (3425)
  8. Corrected licensing handling for computer names that contain special characters. (F3344)
  9. Added patent number under Help > About. (F3348)

Beta Release Date: 10/19/2016
Release Date: 1/6/2017

  1. Corrected issue with Auto Export to patient-specific subfolder when patient information contains special characters. (F3260)
  2. Changed appearance of B/C adjuster crosshair for easier visibility. (F3113)
  3. Corrected issue with option for pause between layout tile captures not being saved. (B1321)
  4. Modified when the database selection window appears if user login is enabled. (F2920)
  5. Modified behavior of option within the “Auto-Import Images or Layout” window. (F3137)

Beta Release Date: 9/23/2016
Release Date: TBD

  1. Added Device Identifier for specific OEM version. (F3279)

Beta Release Date: Internal
Release Date: TBD

  1. Added despeckle noise removal filter. (F3218)
  2. Added Device Identifier under Help > About. (F3211)

Beta Release Date: 7/15/2016
Release Date: TBD

  1. Corrected issue with color images experiencing data loss during brightness/contrast adjustments. (B1297)
  2. Added ability to pass DICOM information to IADLL filters when necessary for proper functionality. (F3172)
  3. Will now exclude % and ^ characters from patient names. (B1279)

Beta Release Date: 3/23/2016
Release Date: 7/15/2016

  1. Added Adaptive Histogram Equalization filter under Enhancement menu > Brightness/Contrast. (F3109)
  2. Increased speed of image filtering algorithms on multi-core processor systems. (F2871)
  3. Added option under Edit menu to Undo/Redo modifications to all the images in a layout simultaneously. (B1262)
  4. Added ability to send the patient name to capture plugins (SEDs) for future support of patient name display within hardware interface. (F3007)
  5.  Resolved issue with incorrect XVSync ToStore entries for layouts moved between patients. (B1256)
  6. Added ability to translate registration interface for non-English users. (F3046)
  7. Masked patient SSN in bridge matching window “Could these be the same patient?” (F3047)
  8. Corrected typo in Select Database window. (F2921)

Beta Release Date: 12/4/2015
Release Date: 1/14/2016

  1. Resolved issue with comparing images from layouts that were converted from a 3rd party imaging system. (B1217)
  2. Added 16-bit TIFF export capability for STB16 images. (F2883)
  3. Internal changes for DICOM UID assignment to images (UID stored in image information). (F2811)
  4. Internal changes for future DICOM integration. (F2822)
  5. Modified EULA and About information for regulatory requirements. (F2856)

Beta Release Date: 5/1/2015
Release Date: 7/8/2015

  1. Added Save All button when closing program with multiple unsaved images still open. (F2535)
  2. Added option to display taken dates below thumbnails in the Open Patient Images window only, under Tools menu > Options > Interface tab. (F2750, F2593)
  3. Added option to apply real-time filtering to exported single images. Option will be displayed during export. (F2593)
  4. Added option to remember the previously-selected Image Types in the Open Patient Images window. (F2692)
  5. Added option to choose the field that is initially selected in the Patient Index window (First Name, Last Name, ID, or SSN), available under Tools > Options > Interface tab. (F2643)
  6. Added right-click choices to thumbnails for non-images and CTs, allowing the user to specify a Description, Tooth Numbers, Image Type, and Taken Date. (F2541, F2772, F1621, F2773)
  7. Added report displaying how many xrays a patient has taken in the past year, and how long since their last xrays were taken, available under Database menu > Database Utilities > Print/Export Patient Image Report. (F2726)
  8. For Active Directory integration, it will now allow a different Active Directory user to authenticate than the one currently logged into Windows. (F2697)
  9. Resolved issue with Take/Retake From button functionality from Layout View window. (B1148)
  10. Added help window to the Auto Export Footer setup, listing the available variables that can be added to the footer. (F2685)
  11. Will now remember the last selected Image Type in the Capture Image window. (F2601)
  12. Resolved issue with angle measurements not being editable when set to 90 or 180 degrees. (B1183)
  13. Added option to periodically cleanup the local temporary ProgramData storage folder every week. (F2510)
  14. When exporting images, the extra XVTag file is no longer being placed in the export location. (F2662)
  15. Verified medical device labeling requirements. (F2747)

Beta Release Date: 3/12/2015
Release Date: TBA

  1. Add ability to specify which 3D rendering extension to use for CT viewing. (F2560)
  2. Added ability to import CT\’s through the direct capture extensions. (F2295)
  3. Added customizable help menu options for OEM versions. (F2597)
  4. Will now use the user\’s Windows locale setting when displaying month names in dates. (F2640)
  5. Resolved issues with various untranslatable phrases throughout the software. (B1130)
  6. Resolved issue with licensing. (B1181)
  7. Added option to cleanup duplicate images in the database to correct improper database merging/duplication. (F2724)

Beta Release Date: 8/8/2014
Release Date: TBA

  1. Updated printing options (F2427)
  2. Added patents for real-time filters (F2428)
  3. Added support for “New From Clipboard” to paste in an image file directly (F2431)
  4. Modified handling of temporary storage for layouts (F2482, F2483)
  5. Corrected issue where toolbox button “Import Images or Layout…” would not function if a single image was open (B1095)
  6. Correct issue where real-time filter toolbar button function would change if new real-time filter was added (B1082)
  7. Corrected issue where layout stamp files could be saved with RTF applied. (B1101)
  8. Modified help menu link to launch PDF help file rather than web version. (F2367)

Beta Release Date: Internal/Limited
Release Date: 6/2/2014

  1. Updated the icons and look-and-feel of the interface and various dialogs. (F2195, F2325, F2155, F2121, F2169, F2168, F2217, F2158, F2180, F2190, F2159, F1822, F2187, F2249, F2154, F2156, F2157, F2164, F2165, F2152, F2189, F2252, F2272, F1988, F2198, F2368)
  2. Added graphics and icons to the various menus. (F2143, F2354)
  3. Added custom image/layout description to thumbnails and mouseover tooltips. (F1334, F1823)
  4. Redesigned custom toolbar/toolbox functionality to allow more graphics, functions, specific hardware, and custom text. (F2178, F2179, F2256, F2127, F2124, F2125)
  5. Added multiple toolbar/toolbox selection sizes: Small, Medium, Large, Very Large, Huge (for high resolution monitors). (F2153, F2030, F815)
  6. Default toolbar: new standard toolbar definition. (F2326)
  7. Improved printing functionality now allows printing multiple images from a layout, selected part of an image, and other options. (F1438, F2260, F2244, F2243)
  8. Added Remote Audit Trail functionality, and more detailed Secure Logging. (F1927, F2135)
  9. Added multiple PA series capture functionality. (F1379)
  10. Added Continuous Series Capture functionality (Continuous Endo). (F404)
  11. Added real-time filter option selection to the bottom status bar of the main window. (F2315, F2128)
  12. Added real-time filter Spot Enhancement tool under Actions menu. (F1600)
  13. Added real-time legnth display to Measurement Label tool. (F2310)
  14. Added menu option to create new real-time filter (RTF) based on another existing RTF. (F2254)
  15. Added option to anonymize patient foldernames. (F2257)
  16. Added support for selecting and switching between multiple local/remote databases. (F2330)
  17. New “Compare Images” option added to Image menu and right-click context menus. (F619)
  18. Modified option to set default toolbar to also set a default toolbox. (F2191)
  19. Added brightness/contract (B/C) adjustment tool within the History/Compare window. (F672)
  20. Improved Full Screen View with new enhancement and image manipulation functionality. (F2149)
  21. Added option to allow the floating Layout Overview box to become semi-transparent. (F2223)
  22. Reorganized all capture hardware options into one window under Tools > Hardware Options. (F2146, F2145)
  23. Security: improved user-level permission control, integrated Active Directory security. (F314, F2203)
  24. Redesigned the layout editor. (F2199)
  25. Capture Single Image window: improved look and feel of interface. (F2132, F2161, F2130)
  26. Added new option to restore Original Image, under Patient > Patient Utilities menu. (F2314)
  27. New Image Bar functionality: remembering last position, double-click to open image in XV, right-click for additional options. (F1061)
  28. Layout Views now have more user-friendly toolbars and interface. (F2200, F2148, F2151)
  29. Added option to directly open a patient\’s folder through Windows Explorer, under Patient > Patient Utilities menu. (F2269)
  30. Customizable background graphic and tiling added to the application. (F2192, F2316)
  31. Updated the Image Type categories to use standard modalities. (F2134, F2144)
  32. Added a new “Keyboard Shortcut Reference” under the Help menu. (F2255, F2166)
  33. Ability to modify/delete keywords associated with images. (F410)
  34. Improved spot magnify box: multiple monitor support, renamed to “Box Magnifier”. (F2229)
  35. Advanced Patient Merge: Added option to merge patients with same name and DOB. (F2053)
  36. Add full path and filename to Registry location information under new “ApplicationFullPaths” registry key. (F2147)
  37. Added option under preferences to clear most-recently-used (MRU) patient list. (F2251)
  38. Options window: Redesigned interface, cleaned up settings. (F2141, F1825)
  39. Auto-Imported source files are now moved to recycle bin rather than being deleted after import. (F1774)
  40. Option to disable “display user cancelled messages” now works for any hardware capture. (F2355)
  41. Image type assignment in hardware extension now overrides default layout hardware image type. (F1417)
  42. Resolved issue with images imported into a layout not getting tooth assignments saved to them. (F2313)
  43. Resolved issue with importing multiple images that are assigned the exact same taken date and time. (F2284)
  44. Resolved issue with text label functionality. (F1714)
  45. Resolved issue with data drill not matching properly when entire patient database contains 0\’s for the SSN. (F2419)
  46. Resolved delay issue caused when Sensor Sound effect paths are invalid. (F2056)
  47. Resolved compatibility issue with Cosmetic Imaging, WhitenIT IEDLL add-ons. (B1062)
  48. Resolved issue with Apteryx-specific TWAINs returning double images. (B1049)
  49. Resolved issue with software hang when user clicks Take/Retake twice from Layout View. (B925)
  50. Resolved issue with custom toolbar functionality for layout capture buttons. (B1063)
  51. Resolved issue with thumbnails appearing inverted in layouts. (B918)
  52. Modified printed header/footer taken date information for printouts of multiple images from different dates. (B938)
  53. Resolved Auto Export file date showing as exported date when exporting a layout with a user-specified size. (B934)
  54. Resolved issue with Layout Overview showing huge measurement labels on images. (B946)
  55. Resolved issue where software only imports some of the many images selected to import. (B975)
  56. Corrected Label Properties Config error message displaying everytime software is launched. (B1010)
  57. Correct issue with tooth renumbering when rearranging images in a layout. (B1003)
  58. Corrected issue with Floating ToolBox in multiple monitor environments. (B924)
  59. Corrected issue with invalid menu options listed under Window > Control Windows. (B963)
  60. Ability to move lightbox to a different monitor in dual monitor environment. (F738)
  61. New Fourier Transform image filter algorithm. (F2237)
  62. Various list items can now be selected from anywhere in the row, not just the first column. (F2131)
  63. Improved sorting of patient Direct Select window. (F690)
  64. Version 4 registration functionality and proper handling for version 3 upgrades. (F2224, F2194)
  65. Modified handling of global settings that are changed while other instances of the software are open. (F2236)
  66. Updated About, contact info, copyright, version, and patent information in the software. (F2163, F2172, F2126, F2185, F2167)
  67. Improved organization of Database and Labels menus. (F2207, F2160, F2218)
  68. Removed obsolete/unused buttons from the Modify Tooth Associations window. (F2150)
  69. Removed obsolete capture functionality: Scan2Print, Background Capture. (F2122, F2274)
  70. Removed obsolete “Advanced Feature” menu options. (F2162)

XrayVision 3

Version 3.12 Build 45
Beta Release Date: 1/8/2014
Release Date: TBA

  1. Resolved issue with deleting images to the local recycle bin. (B1043)
  2. Modified Secure Logging display to include patient\’s internal Record Number. (F2097)
  3. Modified Secure Logging display to correct identification of patient fields. (B948)

Version 3.12 Build 44
Beta Release Date: 11/11/2013
Release Date: TBA

  1. Modified “DLL and Extension Information” window to display new ApteryxINI DLL. (F2075)

Version 3.12 Build 43
Beta Release Date: 11/11/2013
Release Date: TBA

  1. Modification to patient directory naming convention. (F1907)
  2. Additional option in command-line parameter /c to specify maximum dimensions of exported image. (F2008)
  3. Additional debug logging added during process startup. (F1870)
  4. Resolved issue with DICOM integration not specifying correct image UIDs. (F2014)
  5. Modification to EULA-specification code for dealer-specific EULAs. (F1975)

Version 3.12 Build 42
Beta Release Date: Internal Only
Release Date: TBA

  1. Internal modifications to STB file I/O handling. (F1920)

Version 3.12 Build 41
Beta Release Date: 5/6/2013
Release Date: TBA

  1. Modified layout definitions to allow Preferred Imaging Devices that include scanners, TWAINs. (F1697)
  2. Added Real Time Filter option to exclude large images (e.g. pan/ceph) from being filtered. (F1433)
  3. Changed appearance and behavior of several image enhancement preview windows. (F1411)
  4. Modified the Image Bar to allow it to be resized, repositioned, and retain those settings. (F1640)
  5. Modified Teeth image view to be resizeable. (F1410)
  6. Added option to remember the last position within the Patient Index window. (F1412)
  7. Added option under Labels > Allow Interaction With Labels, to enable or disable the ability to interact with labels after they are created. (F1286)
  8. Added layout option to delete empty tiles. (F1352)
  9. Modified layout functionality to allow emailing single image from within Layout View mode. (F1292)
  10. Modified Merge Patients window to remain open after a merge is performed. (F1616)
  11. Add functionality to allow bulk submitting of images to a TransIT plugin. (F1666)
  12. Add functionality to allow TransIT plugins to receive information on notes, tooth numbers. (F1501)
  13. Added ability to change default image type when using Auto Import from within the Capture Layout window. (F1562)
  14. Modified the DICOMDIR importation process to be more automated. (F1260)
  15. Internal redesign to all Select Directory dialog windows. (F1734)
  16. Modified displayed setting ranges within the HLS Adjustment enhancement window. (F1376)
  17. Modified contact information under About dialog. (F1656)
  18. Modified document template image data to remove newline characters from image notes. (F1658)
  19. Mass Data Correction will now write log of results, rather than popping up errors during the correction process. (F1688)
  20. Removed option to automatically save images after completing layout to avoid accidentally being disabled. (F1625)
  21. Added new .PackagedFiles file for images with accessory files, such as analysis records for the Logicon Caries Detector. (F1832)
  22. Changed internal functionality of help menu items. (F1671)
  23. Resolved issue with incorrect taken date after applying image modifications and then changing taken date. (B772)
  24. Resolved issue with layout Group Type not being set to Misc when all images are set to Misc. (B822)
  25. Corrected issue that could cause a crash when label view was opened from a layout image. (B877)
  26. Resolved issue with opening several large layouts containing digital camera images. (B871)
  27. Resolved issue in Windows 8 with image titlebar text overlapping. (B866)
  28. Corrected issue with layout crashing due to pre-existing config file. (B882)
  29. Modified layout subtype functionality for imported layouts. (B836)
  30. Modified imaging device type/subtype functionality for captures via custom toolbar buttons. (B855)
  31. Resolved issue where unassociated layout tiles do not prompt for tooth numbers for “Take/Retake” captures. (B863)
  32. Resolved backwards-compatibility issue with popoutbar. (B902)
  33. Corrected issue with Auto Import functionality. (B942)

Version 3.12 Build 40
Beta Release Date: 12/17/2012
Release Date: TBA

  1. Modified Global Recent Patient list to update in realtime. (B785)
  2. Redesigned toolbar/toolbox icon drawing engine for higher color bit depth custom icons. (F1631)
  3. Resolved issue for situation in which full-size images were saved as grayscale but thumbnails were saved as color images. (B806)
  4. Resolved issue with color conversion option for TWAIN captures. (B814)
  5. Internal changes to shared code for TWAIN acquisition in DCV. (F1613)
  6. Resolved issue with layout taken date showing file creation date. (B862)

Version 3.12 Build 39
Beta Release Date: 5/24/2012
Release Date: TBA

  1. Added new imaging filtering based on the standard Unsharp Mask algorithm: Gaussian Blur, Gaussian Edge Enhancement. (F1387)
  2. Voice recognition: modified tooth selection to avoid repeatedly saying “Select”. (F1351)
  3. Added support for single images to prompt to be saved after being modified by the B/C sidebar utility (F1385)
  4. Added new option to remove blank “- -” SSNs from database. (F1326)
  5. Resolved issue with hung process when using Windows Speech Recognition (B728)
  6. When moving a tile in a layout to another patient, a message box has been added to indicate that the image will not be removed from the layout (B742)
  7. Resolved issue where Take/Retake from Open Image was not maintaining the taken date (B727)
  8. Resolved issue where previously-saved Brightness/Contrast sidebar settings were not being applied to layout images. (B730)
  9. Resolved issue with displaying incorrect thumbnails in layouts. (B731)
  10. Resolved issue where the Ignore Color Images option in Realtime Filters would cause a program crash in certain layout capture/view scenarios. (B761)
  11. Added support for new Auto Export TransIT CED. (F1456)
  12. Modified executable information to be more generic to accommodate OEM versions. (F1355)
  13. Modification to TransIT integration to allow transmission of DICOM information. (F1413)

Version 3.12 Build 38
Release Date: 2/10/2012

  1. Tooth definition selection is now a global setting. (F1211)
  2. Improved support for voice control during layout capture, tooth selection, and other operations in the software. (F1217)
  3. SSN is now masked in Auto Export information. (F706)
  4. Copied/duplicated images will now maintain taken dates (F1054)
  5. Added prompt for tooth selection during layout capture, after image is captured to an unassociated tile. (F1217)
  6. Added option to have Original Images backup automatically added to the Sync ToStore database. (F1301)
  7. Added new messages to XML notifications. (F1257; F1296; F1275)
  8. Added warning message about image removal when auto-importing from folder. (F1252)
  9. Suppressed the Extended Image Information prompt when importing non-image files. (F1140)
  10. Better handling of certain corrupt images. (F1314)
  11. Patient folder name is refreshed after merging two duplicate entries together. (F1289)
  12. Added capability to auto-submit new or modified images via CED. (F1237)
  13. Modified Real Time Filter functionality to make filtered thumbnail images appear more similar to full-sized images. (B642)
  14. Re-implemented tablet “hold for right-click” functionality to circumvent Microsoft bug in Visual Studio 2010. (B594)
  15. Resolved issue with global Recent Patient list not properly updating. (B633)
  16. Added logging capability for command-line operations. (B720)
  17. Resolved issue with merging graphic labels into images. (B677)
  18. Resolved issue with incorrect categorization of scanned images. (B690; B691)

3.12 Build 37
Release Date: 10/28/2011

  1. Improved ability to import, store, and view non-image files (e.g. PDF, DOC, XLS, HTML, PPT, AVI, MOV, etc). (F662)
  2. Added new option “Create Patient Disk for Multiple Patients” to export images for multiple patients through the CD Burner extension. (F917)
  3. Added file lock warning when editing a patient that is currently open on another computer. (F1021)
  4. Added digital signature to application. (F554)
  5. Additional labels added to the Auto Export options, including image type (if specified) and a custom text field. (F989)
  6. Addition of custom-formatted taken dates to Predefined Text label options: %L – long date; %S – short date; %D – day; %M – month; %Y – year; %T12 – time 12 hour; %T24 – time 24 hour. (F987)
  7. Reduced entry duplication risk when patients exist with the same name in a different case (e.g. all uppercase vs. mixed case), and when SSN does/doesn\’t contain hyphens. (B616)
  8. New option for label creation added to the Interface tab – “left mouse button only creation mode”, which only uses the left mouse button to create the various measurement/angle labels. (F1005)
  9. Increased the dimensions of layouts exported as single images. (F426)
  10. Masked the patient SSN in the window “Select Patient from External Database”. (F1077)
  11. Masked patient information in Recent Patients list when option to “Hide patient information as much as possible” is enabled. (F1000)
  12. The Advanced Merge verification list is now sorted alphabetically by last name. (F1095)
  13. Added ability for TransIT extensions to have extended menu service options. (F1096)
  14. Corrected when new DICOM information is being associated with an image where the various dates were not set. (B627)
  15. Will now not allow someone to access other DICOM functions on images that have not had DICOM information associated with them. (B627)
  16. Resolved issue in which “Automatically Update the Selected Patient” does not update certain patients. (B575)
  17. Modified temporary file cleanup after closing a layout, in order to completely remove all unnecessary files. (B580)
  18. Resolved issue in which Auto-start Series Capture does not display the Layout Capture window. (B604)
  19. Resolve taken date issue in which updating the patient filemap overwrites the user-specified taken date. (B617)
  20. Images captured through DCDLLs will now be automatically added to the ToStore database for XV Sync. (B622)
  21. Resolved issue with Stop Series Capture button hanging with the Instrumentarium SED. (B586)
  22. Images pasted into layouts will now be saved as JPEG if the JPEG storage preferenced is set. (B599)
  23. Resolved issue where extra characters are appended to patient\’s foldernames in some patient editing scenarios. (B616)
  24. Modified matching ability for Advanced Merge for Different Name, Same SS/ID. (B638)
  25. Resolved issue with modified status reporting in the Group > Group File Information window. (B639)
  26. Added administrator credential prompt when accessing the Secure Logging Options (requires User Login to be enabled). (B647)
  27. Modified option to “Move All Image to a Patient” to enable moving all open images from one patient to another. (B643)
  28. Resolved issue with reselecting straight line and measurement labels that are perfectly horizontal or vertical. (B644)
  29. Resolved issues were syncing patients with different cases (upper/lower) or different SSN formats (dashes or no dashes) was causing duplicate records. (B654)

Version 3.12 Build 33
Release Date: 6/29/2011

  1. Resolved issue discovered with HTML Help Updater. Corrected functionality to look for the correct file for xvassistant help file \’xvassistant.htm. (F1020)
  2. Modified handling of series capture to allow hardware shutdown to occur at any point when a series is stopped within the Capture Layout window. (B572)

Version 3.12 Build 32
Release Date: 5/6/2011

  1. Resolved issue with Quick Layout Capture buttons being switched after new layouts are created. This also applies to other custom toolbar buttons that rely on populated menu lists. (B189)
  2. Improved handling of corrupt config files that cause crashes in certain scenarios. (B569)

Version 3.12 Build 31
Release Date: 5/4/2011

  1. Resolved issue with re-saving an STB as a JPEG when the image storage format has been changed. (B563)
  2. Resolved issue with Stop Sensor capture functionality during layout capture. (B555)
  3. Resolved issues with selecting the filetype and filename during Export and Save As operations. (B553; B557; B562)
  4. Integrated Recycle Bin deletion functionality for images deleted from layout. (B565)

Version 3.12 Build 30
Release Date: 3/17/2011

  1. Modified functionality of Update Patient Filemaps in determining the taken date of layouts. (B546)
  2. Modified the determination of taken dates for layouts with mixed dates. (B546)
  3. Resolved issue with OEM searching for CHM help file. (B342)

Version 3.12 Build 29
Release Date: 3/16/2011

  1. Corrected issue where demographic information (dob, gender) changed in a Practice Management application was not being updated in XV when bridging a patient using the command line parameter “/p”. (B430)

Version 3.12 Build 28
Release Date: 2/24/2011

  1. Modified handling of read-only config files to allow the global XVAssistant.cfg to be set to read only, and disallow the users to be able to remove that status and update it. Also modified computer-specific read-only config file handling to allow users to exit the program without requiring that the read-only status be removed. (B542)
  2. Retrieving images from a dicom server into a selected layout will no longer open the capture window. (B418)
  3. Dicom “Store Images” is no longer available when no patients are open. (B418)

Version 3.12 Build 27
Release Date: 2/19/2011

  1. Integrated new browser-based help interface, featuring updated documentation. (B342)
  2. In the the Reorganize Layout Images screen, a new button exists called “Capture Additional Images” (F748)
  3. The Group Taken Date will now be displayed in the titlebar for layouts. (F904)
  4. If the last-saved path to the tooth definition TDF files is invalid, the software will now default to the current Bin folder. This resolves slowness issues for customers who have moved the program folder from an old server, but the network is still trying to resolve the old server name due to this setting.(F908)
  5. Added option to prompt for tooth information during layout capture when a tile does not have tooth associations. Available under Tools > Options > Image tab. (F896)

Version 3.12 Build 26
Release Date: 2/2/2011

  1. When bridging patient data, the software will now automatically search for similar patients if an exact match is not initially found. (F343)
  2. Added Capture Series arrow button that will override the layout\’s preferred sensor, for mixed-sensor environments. (F886)
  3. Remembers the circle size and magnification level for features like Spot Magnify/Enhance/etc, rather than defauling to Medium. (F816)
  4. Integrated measurement calibration with overlays, real-sized image printing. (B513, F535)
  5. Saves print header/footer changes without requiring the user to print. (F817)
  6. Added search fields to Move to Patient selection window. (F786)
  7. Added option under Group > Layout Options, to overwrite the Extended Image Information for all the images in a layout simultaneously. (F413)
  8. When exporting and/or auto-exporting, the exported image now has the creation date and date modified set to the Taken Date. (F421)
  9. “Draw real representations of layouts” is now enabled by default. (F612)
  10. Double click functionality now works when you open layout in single image view. (F898)
  11. The software will now set the tooth control to whatever is set in the Tooth Control pop-out bar. (F822)
  12. Added option to the Interface2 tab to display a 4-second preview image after each image is captured during layout capture. (F216)
  13. The Full Screen View will now default to the magnification tool. (F199)
  14. Resolved issue where “Incorrect Parameter” error is returned when trying to change the taken date of an image or layout. (B495)
  15. Resolved issue where imported images were not being saved with the specified Image Type and Subtype. (B501)
  16. New drawing enabled for replacing drawn parts of the image when using spot enhancement tools. (B226)
  17. The patient name-matching rules have become more strict to avoid unreliable matching caused by single-character names. (B475)
  18. Displaying a layout Full Screen View from the Image Bar will now take into consideration if it is on the primary monitor and the Windows taskbar is displayed. (B436)
  19. Resolved issue where patient information for individual layout tile\’s was not updating with new patient information, after the layout is moved to a different patient. (B165)
  20. New format added to the MRU lists, that includes SSN and ID. (B169)
  21. Fixed bug produced when patients added from a DICOM worklist into XV have a caret in their name, causing issues with characters displaying as SSN. (B193)
  22. Fixed bug that caused unassociated images in a layout to be saved as STB, rather than JPEG, if format was set to jpeg. (B340)
  23. Tooth association is now prompted for capture from a custom toolbar button to capture from an IDDLL (B351)
  24. Fixed bug where the ImageBar was setting the default background color for all thumbnail controls to black. (B452)
  25. Resolved temporary black splotches appearing around layout images when using the spot enhancement tools. (B153)
  26. Fixed bug with “Lock toolbox” where the toolbox will revert to the old settings that were used the last time the program was closed instead of current. (B462)
  27. Resolved file extension issue where it only matches .JPG, not .JPEG and same for TIF versus TIFF. (B425)
  28. Better handling of patient data between NameGrabber and Data Drill to avoid misinterpretation. (B400)
  29. Resolved issue with calibrating and measuring a newly captured layout image. (B500)
  30. Resolved a “Read only file specified” error when modifying a digital camera layout image. (B208)

Version 3.12 Build 25
Release Date: 12/30/2010

  1. Modified default options under Tools > Options. (F878)


Version 3.12 Build 24
Release Date: 12/29/2010

  1. Added “YYYY/MM/DD” date format and correct “image taken date” window to display as the format it is set to. (B484)
  2. Corrected issue with maximized images reverting back to a tiled view of all open images when window > tile\’ is selected on the menu. (B446)
  3. Resolved pixel defect issue produced when performing a custom rotation. (B390)
  4. Integrated the new RTF and \’lock views\’ tools into the compare window. (F672)
  5. Added a new option under Real-time Filters Options menu to \’ignore color images\’. (F836)

Version 3.12 Build 23
Release Date: 12/17/2010

  1. Added new option to Time/Date tab to place the year before the date (e.g. YYYY/MM/DD). (B484)
  2. Added XML notifications functionality whenever a patient/image/layout is created/modified within the software. (F847)
  3. Resolved issue where reorganizing a layout does not automatically update the tooth number information within each tile\’s image file. (B393)
  4. Resolved issue with small thumbnails being generated for layouts captured or saved in version 3.12. (B461)
  5. Resolved issue where selecting an extension from the Digital X-ray tab will instead open the last-used extension on the Digital Image tab. (B408)
  6. Resolved issue where selecting “Make this computer use the default toolbar” will not update the computer\’s custom toolbar config file when the program is restarted. (B303)

Version 3.12 Build 22
Release Date: 12/2/2010

  1. Added functionality to perform a version check of NameGrabber when starting XV. (B489)
  2. Resolved issue with tooth associations for imported files into layouts. (B360)
  3. Added consistency in how Spot Magnifier functions when accessed via Toolbox or History-Compare. (F673)

Version 3.12 Build 20
Release Date: 11/11/2010

  1. Resolved SED backwards compatibility issue with pre-3.12 XV by renaming layout tile capture reorient function. (F846)

Version 3.12 Build 19
Release Date: 11/4/2010

  1. Implemented ability to notify web server through HTTP POST when database changes occur, using a specific XML message format. This enabled by selecting the option “Enable XML notification posts” on the Notifications tab. (F847)
  2. Resolved issue with the functionality of the safety option “Automatically save layouts/groups after each new image capture”. (B466)
  3. Resolved issue with error “Attempted an unsupported operation” in Windows Vista only (not Win 7), when attempting to Save As, Export, or Save Copy. (B465)
  4. Increased speed of Median Filter implementation. (F842)

Version 3.12 Build 18
Release Date: 10/22/2010

  1. Added support for closing all patients via XrayVision Link DLL. (F833).
  2. Added command line flag /L to close all patients. (F833)

Version 3.12 Build 17
Release Date: 9/30/2010

  1. Added support for licensing by user and by client. (F813)
  2. Add language translation functionality into components on the Tooth Control and Safety tabs of Options. (B456)

Version 3.12 Build 16
Release Date: 9/29/2010

  1. Resolved issue with displaying registration numbers under Help > Display Registration Information. (B448)

Version 3.12 Build 15
Release Date: 9/2/2010

  1. Added automatic image tiling options to the Interface tab under Image Tiling that will automatically tile images on XV display when opened. An additional option allows images to be automatically tiled vertically or horizontally. (F790)

Version 3.12 Build 14
Release Date: 8/20/2010

  1. Added option on Interface tab under Image Tiling to leave extra space at the bottom of the window when tiling images to allow the auto-placement of the Layout Overview window at the bottom of the screen, without other images getting in the way. (F782)

Version 3.12 Build 11
Release Date: 8/10/2010

  1. Added Advanced Merge options to merge based on patient ID number.

Version 3.12 Build 10
Release Date: 7/29/2010

  1. Forced layout background color in the Select Layout window to use the user-specified background color for all layouts.

Version 3.12 Build 8
Release Date: 7/14/2010

  1. Resolved compatibility issue with pre-3.12 version of XVAssistant.cfg.
  2. Added “None” option to the Real Time Filter selection list.
  3. Resolved issue where software would hang if more than 3 images are open and the SSI Image Enhancement real-time filter is selected.
  4. Added option to set the background color of layouts to black (Group > Layout Options > Change Background Color).
  5. Resolved issue where “invalid argument” occurs when IADLL files are missing from the program directory.

Version 3.12 Build 7
Release Date: 7/8/2010

  1. Resolved issue where “RTF Enabled” dialog is not displayed in the lower right after XrayVision is restarted.

Version 3.12 Build 5
Release Date: 6/25/2010

Resolved slow opening of layouts as of 3.12 build 2.

Version 3.12 Build 3
Release Date: 6/4/2010

  1. Changed patient ID number to be case insensitive when bridging from practice management software.
  2. Changed the graphic list control to a checked list box control in the Mass Data Correction import confirmation window.
  3. Resolved issue with dragging and dropping files directly into the XrayVision application window.

Version 3.12 Build 2
Release Date: 5/19/2010

  1. Added Real Time Filter feature (accessible through right-click or Enhancements menu) that display a filtered version of all open images, without changing the actual saved image data.
  2. Improved software stability by restricting operations such as closing a layout or patient, or bridging a new patient, during critical tasks such as capturing or saving a layout. Error message will appear when a prohibited operation is attempted.
  3. Added support for Swedish patient identification number formatting of SSN.
  4. Added support for exporting, auto-exporting, and document spawning of filtered images that have been modified by the B/C brightness contrast sidebar utility.
  5. Modified layout capture to wait on the first tile when: the software is set to auto-start layout capture; and the layout tiles are set to Taken From: Auto Import; but there are currently no images in the auto-import folder.
  6. Resolved issue where the take date was cut off on the bottom edge of certain layouts.
  7. Added option to allow only one patient open at a given time. This option is available on the Interface 2 tab under Single Patient.
  8. Added ability to double-click on an image in order to revert back to Layout View when a layout is switched from Layout View to Single-Image View.
  9. Masked SSN in additional locations throughout the software.
  10. Re-arranged and cleaned up the buttons above the Layout View and Single Image View to make them more consistent.
  11. Resolved bridging issue with patients that have no SSN in practice management (PM) software that would prompt the user to select from a full list of patients without SSNs in the PM database.

Version 3.12 Build 1
Release Date: 5/6/2010

  1. Updated components and development environment for forward compatibility with future versions of the software.

Version 3.11 Build 55
Release Date: 4/13/2010

  1. Modified the various delete options under the right-click menus in the various layout views.
  2. Made further changes to preventing other patients from bridging when in the middle of different patient related functions in another patient (e.g. capture dialog, open patient images dialog, capture video, layout saving, print, print multiple, etc).
  3. Added new advanced export and import data correction utilities (Mass Data Correction) in the Database Utilities menu.
  4. Added additional safety options to prevent the user from forcefully closing a layout when it is still saving to a disk drive.
  5. “Stop Sensor Capture” button renamed to “Stop Series Capture”.
  6. Added Global ID matching options where patient information is coordinated based on the patient ID. This option is primarily used by large organizations that bridge patient information over from a third party application.
  7. Made adjustments for when dealing with really, really large images. The application could potentially run out of memory when doing image operations on very large images or multiple large images. Virtualized memory added when dealing with undo/redo operations on very large image operations.

Version 3.11 Build 55
Release Date: 4/7/2010

  1. Modified the various delete options under the right-click menus in the various layout views.

Version 3.11 Build 52
Release Date: 3/11/2010

  1. Color labels now appear in grayscale images when: printing; full screen view; floater view; copy to clipboard; spawned image documents.
  2. “Delete original” option now follows recycle bin setting.
  3. Tile indicators now displayed when working with layouts in the layout manager and the “display tile tooth numbers” option is enabled.
  4. Tooth numbers have been added to the status bar when working with images in a layout (e.g. single image view or tile selection).
  5. Patient sex and DOB have been added to the information displayed in the various Advanced Patient Merge dialogs.
  6. Added the ability to assign an “auto import” source to a layout\’s tile. This option additionally works when using the “automatically start series acquisition” option.
  7. Added new “/w” option that enables a remote application to specify a named windows event that will be signaled whenever an image is acquired or imported.
  8. New features added to prevent a patient from being bridged from a third party application when the user is currently in a layout or image capture context.
  9. Made is so fewer “user cancelled” messages are displayed when the user cancels a layout acquisition and the option to display cancel messages is disabled.
  10. Problem corrected where Auto Export can overwrite an already exported image when the patient name has special characters in it.
  11. Problem corrected where the patient ID number and Sex columns were switched.
  12. Problem corrected when programmatically launching XrayVision very quickly in a row when bridging patients can result in database access problems. This can manifest itself as the patient not being seen or being added to the database more than once.
  13. Problem corrected where resaving an image with the “apply storage scheme to already saved images” can loose the converted image when converting from STB to JPEG.

Version 3.11 Build 50
Release Date: 2/23/2010

  1. Corrected an issue with latency generated by additional information checking when bridging patients from a third party application.
  2. Corrected an issue where the new tooth number indicators would not updated when changing the tooth associations for an image in a layout.

Version 3.11 Build 49
Release Date: 2/18/2010

  1. Changing the patient name will now update the patient information in all of the title bars.
  2. Corrected a problem where an image\’s thumbnail in a layout could reflect the an older image when an image is deleted and then retaken in a new layout.
  3. The tile number indicators on each tile in a layout can now display the tooth numbers associated with each tile. New option on Interface 2 can be used to set it back to display the tile number. The new tooth number display will also appear on layout printouts.
  4. The tile number indicators have been made smaller.
  5. Changes made to conflict between the patient information hiding and patient information display options. New note added under the options tab to indicate which one takes precedence.
  6. Corrected image flicker when resizing STB and STB16 images.
  7. New verbiage has been added to the Version Incompatibility dialog to reduce the confusion concerning what the user should do to rectify the problem.
  8. Correction made to problem where patient thumbnails can stop updating on the patient index when manually typing in a patient\’s name.
  9. New option added (enabled by default) to the General 2 tab to automatically update the patient information associated with a layout when the patient information does not match (e.g. a patient gets married and changes their name, patient ID number is updated, etc). Previously the software would prompt the user concerning that should be done.
  10. New handling added to allow the application to recover from corrupted LYO files (the files that remember what size and positions the applications and various windows were when the application was closed).
  11. Made changes to correct the issue with new installations where the DirectVideo extension is used instead of a sensor when the user follows a certain capture path the very first time they use the application.
  12. Added new options to permit image information to be placed in the footer of an image when performing an AutoExport.
  13. “Stop Sensor Capture” button added to the bottom of the capture layout dialog. This button can be used to abort a sensor capture instead of having to click on the various sensor status dialogs and clicking Cancel, Abort or the \’X\’ in the title bar of the dialog.
  14. New option added under the Interface 2 tab that remembers the last positioning of a single image view when viewing a layout. This is used by individuals that position the layout overview to one side of the window and the layout single view on the other. When enabled this option automatically repositions the windows in single image view to the previous positions used.
  15. Added a new option under the Interface 2 tab that allows the software to automatically start the series when acquiring in a new layout. Previously, the user had to initiate the series capture when a new layout is created.
  16. The Auto Import button on the layout capture screen will now automatically start importing without prompting the user to acknowledge a dialog. A new button beside the button has been added that will display the dialog and perform the standard dialog based auto-import.
  17. Full screen mode and FloaterViews now automatically are in ZOOM mode instead of PAN mode.
  18. Change made to prevent the conflict that can occur when multiple patients are bridged from a 3rd party application at the same time and the Open Patient Images or Patient Index is displayed. Previously, it would open multiple dialogs that could lead to confusion concerning what patient is open.
  19. You can now do a Ctrl+V paste into a layout when a tile is selected instead of clicking of one of the “take image from clipboard” options.
  20. The pop-up scroll bars that are displayed throughout the application have been replaced with standard scroll bars.
  21. The Open Patient Images will now appear again if the patient is open and they are then bridged again from a 3rd party application.
  22. Changes made to how patient information is updated when bridged from 3rd party applications. The new handling additionally works with the patient\’s DOB and sex.
  23. Tool tip have now been added over the tabs in the patient index. This provides additional information for each patient and in addition is used when there are similar patients tracked by the application.
  24. Adaptive Normalize macro has been changes so that user can now specify the top and bottom margins.
  25. New Recycle Bin option added (enabled by default) to the General 2 tab. Now when deleting images and/or patients they are moved to the Recycle Bin instead of being deleted. Please note that if you are deleting images and/or patients from a networked computer, the files/directories are saved in the LOCAL Recycle Bin and not in the remote computer\’s Recycle Bin.

Version 3.11 Build 47
Release Date: 1/11/2010

  1. Made additional changes for handling of ArchiveIT logging.
  2. Added functionality to add patient files to the ToStore database that have been imported via: Import Patient; new patients found during a Update Patient Database.

Version 3.11 Build 44
Release Date: 1/6/2010

  1. Corrected a problem when exporting patient CD/DVD when specifying the XV file format.

Version 3.11 Build 43
Release Date: 12/21/09

  1. Trial version licenses increased from 3 to 15.

Version 3.11 Build 41
Release Date: 12/3/09

  1. Option to make the ImageBar go vertically instead of horizontally.
  2. Added tool tips to the ImageBar.
  3. Touched up part of the ImageBar GUI.
  4. ImageBar now appears on the same monitor as the application instead of the primary monitor on multiple-monitor systems.
  5. Option added to allow the display of both the adult and deciduous tooth controls in the popup tooth control.
  6. Corrected where a user could still capture under Nobody even though the option to prevent acquisition under Nobody was checked. This happened for Quick Layout Captures and when the user directly select an acquisition from an IDDLL.
  7. Added the ability to work with layouts in an “Inside the mouth out” capacity. When in “inside-out” mode, various title bars and contexts are updated to indicate the mode. Images are automatically flipped in this mode during acquisition. The new options is located in the layout options (when defining a layout) or when flipping an existing layout.
  8. Layout tile font changed to better handle displaying the tile\’s text on various monitors.
  9. The “Taken From” text has been removed from the tile\’s text. The tiles still display what modality they are to capture from; just the “Taken From” text was removed.

Version 3.11 Build 40
Release Date: 12/2/09

  1. Added new option to layout captures: auto-import images.

Version 3.11 Build 38
Release Date: 9/29/09

  1. Improved drawing/update speed for layout drawing and display.
  2. Improved drawing/update when resizing an image\’s or layout\’s window.
  3. Added new auto-import feature that can more easily import/acquire images from cameras and directories. The new feature automatically imports images either as single images or directly into a layout.

Version 3.11 Build 32
Release Date: 9/1/09

  1. Added new tab to the capture single image dialog that permits selection of a general TWAIN device that converts the returned image to a different color scheme when the image is returned. For example, some TWAIN scanners only return a full-color image even when scanning a grayscale image.

Version 3.11 Build 31
Release Date: 8/5/09

  1. Added a new option “Export Images” under the “Patient Utilities” menu that permits the exportation of patient images without having to open them first.
  2. Made modifications to the new label tools.
  3. Corrected typo in the export menu.
  4. Made changes to accommodate different font sizes and texts that can appear on the toolbar buttons.
  5. Added options and support for saving new images and modified images to the ToStore database. This database is used by XVSync to facilitate faster synchronization with other sites.

Version 3.11 Build 26
Release Date: 6/18/09

  1. Added translation corrections.
  2. Added ability to copy data tag search results to the clipboard.

Version 3.11 Build 25
Release Date: 6/3/09

  1. Added support for a Discipline.DAT file that identifies: Dental; Podiatry; Veterinary. Support for this file will be utilized in future releases. Currently its setting only modifies base option defaults and whether or not the Teeth pop-up is displayed.

Version 3.11 Build 24
Release Date: 5/28/09

  1. Added additional multiple-language handling.
  2. Added additional directory creation and deletion options to the diagnostics.
  3. Added additional error checking when work-in-progress directories cannot be created in the temporary WIP directory.

Version 3.11 Build 23
Release Date: 5/26/09

  1. Made a correction to version checking that incorrectly detected that the new version of the ArchiveIT extension was an unsupported version.

Version 3.11 Build 22
Release Date: 4/24/09

  1. Made a correction to default custom toolbar handling. Corrected error where the application may continue to ask if the default toolbar should be used.

Version 3.11 Build 21
Release Date: 4/20/09

  1. Added new Diagnostics option under the Help menu.
  2. Changed Suni\’s invoked 3D hardware button to recognize new direct capture extension name of “Suni3D.DCDLL”.
  3. Added new Diagnostic to determine if the WIP directory is intact.
  4. Updated floater view.
  5. Updated the export preview capability of the file dialog.
  6. Corrected problems with reallocating licenses of similarly named computers (e.g. “Computer1” and “Computer11”).
  7. Snap to grid operation when created layouts has been improved.
  8. Ability to select a category has been added when importing images.
  9. Naming conventions changed on the “Find Images By Date” dialog.
  10. Mouse over taken dates corrected in layout images.
  11. The layout\’s background color is now used in the Grid view and Single image view.
  12. Selected tile\’s border color has been changed to make it easier to see. This automatically changes based on the background color selected by the user.
  13. Default toolbar button choice can now be set. This operates similarly to setting the default configuration.
  14. New handling implemented when encountering corrupted taken dates with images.
  15. Variables have been added to predefined text labels. These variables are automatically replaced with the respective information when placed in an image (e.g. “%l, %f” will be replaced with the patient\’s last and first name).
  16. Corrected problem where unchecking the “Specified Text” options in various print dialogs still printed the text as if the option was still enabled. Additional corrections were made for the selected text font.
  17. Correction made when user manually selects a patient, then selects a different patient using the keyboard. Previously it opened the manually selected patient instead of the currently selected patient.
  18. Made changes so that the taken date and other information is transferred to a Word document when spawning from a layout.
  19. Made various multiple-monitor corrections that may not have registered user interactions when placed on a “negative” monitor (i.e. selecting the print order when printing multiple images).

Version 3.11 Build 19
Release Date: 3/20/09

  1. Added new JPEG library support that handles much wider JPEG images .
  2. ImageBar command line option updated to allow two options. \’/b\’ command line option will allow creation of the patient if they do not exist. \’/B\’ option will not create the patient if they do not exist (it will do nothing).
  3. ProfSuni: new default patient demographic requirements settings; new 3D logo.
  4. Updated the “path” field in the various image information dialogs so that it shows the whole path (if the path was too long it would truncate the value) and can now be copied to the clipboard.
  5. Corrected problem when double clicking on direct captured images (i.e. 3D volumes) on the patient\’s open image dialog would try and launch the image twice.
  6. New ESC key handling that will no longer dismiss a dialog when the ESC key is pressed to cancel an operation.

Version 3.11 Build 18
Release Date: 3/19/09

  1. Added file checking for files extracted from a zip file to ensure that they were correctly extracted to the extraction directory.

Version 3.11 Build 17
Release Date: 2/25/09

  1. Vista drawing issue with pop-out dialogs corrected. This was due to Vista\’s drawing of animated rectangle drawing which resulted in a SLOW animation.
  2. New installations default to Layout View instead of Single Image View.
  3. Monitor test pattern was added to the Tools menu.
  4. Copy to clipboard function with labels now keeps the labels in color for grayscale images. Previous version converted everything into grayscale when copying a grayscale image onto the clipboard.
  5. The default toolbox is no longer filled with all Arrow pointers.
  6. Implant labels are now oriented top-to-bottom by default instead of left-to-right.
  7. Layout indicators have been turned off on the Layout Floater View (when viewing single images in a layout).
  8. The Floater View has been completely updated.
  9. The ImageBar has had minor cosmetic updates.
  10. Modified the \’E\’, \’B\’ and \’T\’ command line arguments to NOT automatically create a patient if they do not exist. For more information, please refer to the Command Line Arguments on-line reference.
  11. Correction made to Layout Floater View – it would on occasion not update when made smaller.
  12. Additional tooth descriptions have been added (i.e. quadrant descriptors of Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4) to minimize the amount of space some tooth displays required.

Version 3.11 Build 16
Release Date: 2/13/09

  1. Added option to find out all the registration numbers assigned to a particular computer or installation. The “Display Registration Information” option is available under the Help menu.
  2. Added feature that displays known image types when acquiring from a 3D imaging device immediately after image acquisition.
  3. The patient information that is associated with each individual tile in a layout is now updated when a layout is moved to another patient. Previously the patient information was only updated for the overall layout until the user opened and resaved a layout at which time the patient information is updated for each image.
  4. Correction was made when the user selects a different database and then closes the application. The software will now reopen the same database that was opened the when the application was last closed.
  5. When a layout is opened in Single Image View, the first image is automatically selected. Current behavior displayed an “X” until the user selected an image.
  6. Corrected a problem where the dates displayed for each tile in a layout could revert to the modified date instead of the taken data associated with an image.

Version 3.11 Build 14
Release Date: 1/6/09

  1. Created a new “Could these be the same patient” interface. New dialog provides clearer options and descriptions of what will happen for each option selected. New options added to quickly update an existing patient with new patient information.
  2. Added a new reason column in the “Could these be the same patient” dialog that describes why each patient listed may be the same as the patient the user is trying to open/create.
  3. Added a new option to print the patient list reports when performing the Advanced Patient Merge function.
  4. Added ability to enable/disable individual merge items when performing an Advanced Patient Merge.
  5. Added a new feature that checks if the connection to the database has been lost (i.e. network problem, removable drive, etc) and displays an error indicating when the connection has been lost. Previously the software would display a “patient has been deleted” message when the connection is lost.
  6. The first tile in a layout is no longer automatically selected when opening an image in layout view.
  7. New features added to perform some of the image operations to ALL tiles in a layout at the same time. If no tile is selected in a layout and the user selects one of the viable image operations (i.e. invert), the software will prompt the user if the image operation should be performed on all of the images in the layout. Please note that due to various inputs required to perform some image operations (such as sharpening), not all image operations are available to be applied to all of the images at the same time.
  8. New “History” options added to the context sensitive menus. This new option more easily enables the user to access the history of a tooth (previously the user needed to click on the tooth or teeth in the Teeth pop-out dialog). A new style dialog was added to display the images in the tooth history instead of displaying the same dialog displayed by clicking on teeth in the Teeth popup dialog.
  9. Compare function added to the historical view of tooth related images. This compare can handle comparing 2, 3 or 4 images at the same time.
  10. Teeth associated with a layout has been modified to only include teeth associated with the actual images in a layout. Previously the teeth associated with a layout were based on the teeth associated with the tiles in a layout (those teeth were reflected in the tooth associations even if a tile did not have an image associated with it).
  11. A new, easier method of moving images around in a layout has been implemented. Images now do NOT have to be dropped directly onto another tile when moving the images around. When an image is dropped into open space a new tile is automatically created to contain the image. If the user then moves the image from the new tile to another tile in the layout the temporary tile is automatically deleted. If the user leaves the image in the new tile, the new tile automatically becomes a part of the layout. This new method also works when acquiring images in a layout.
  12. The “Move Image To Another Tile” button on the layout\’s toolbar has been changed to bring the user to a more advanced layout modification screen that permits the user to more easily move images around the layout. This modification screen supports the new temporary drag-and-drop tiles.
  13. By default, tiles can no longer be accidentally dragged around in the layout view. A new option has been added that locks the layout tiles so they cannot be moved by accident. Locking layouts can be disabled/enabled by a new button on the layout\’s toolbar.
  14. Extraneous save messages for layouts have been removed.
  15. Correction made to moving layouts between patients. Previously the original layout may not be deleted or removed from the old patient\’s record.
  16. Version Incompatibility window changed to include new wording and size.
  17. New options were added for STB images included in layouts that prevented labels from being merged into the image when it was exported or copied. This was due to the safety features that prevent STB images from being modified that were not needed when exporting the images in other formats or copying the images to the clipboard.
  18. Arrow keys when viewing single images in a layout have been changed (new buttons added) to correctly move between tiles in the floating layout view. The original arrow keys simply moved from one file to the next in the layout regardless of what order they appeared in the layout itself. The new arrow keys (marked with an “S”) move to the next and previous image in the series.
  19. Internal changes made to correct for portions of the application that were not being translated correctly in multiple-language versions of the software.

Version 3.11 Build 11
Release Date: 12/3/08

  1. Added new option to prevent image acquisition under “Nobody”.

Version 3.11 Build 9
Release Date: 10/17/08

  1. Made corrections to calibration management in Label View dialogs.
  2. Prevented auto-switching to point mode when drawing free-hand lines.
  3. Made adjustments to the amount of time it takes to add any new entries when recalling a patient from an archive.
  4. Made a correction to saving/exporting in the TIFF image format.
  5. Made a correction to incorrect license computation when applications are not shut down correctly and a new computer is trying to allocate a new license.
  6. Made a correction to taken dates associated with newly imported images that have their taken date changed immediately when they are imported into the software (and before they are saved to the database).
  7. Made a correction to handling real-time BC adjustment values for various images contained in a layout when they are opened in single-image view. Previously the last applied real-time BC was not applied to the image the next time it was opened in single-image view.
  8. Added new options to allow changing the overall image type associated with a layout.
  9. Made a correction to how measurement calibrations were handled in the Label View.

Version 3.11 Build 6
Release Date: 10/2/08

  1. New controls integrated into the interface.

Version 3.11 Build 5
Release Date: 9/17/08

  1. Added ability to return all of the image that are acquired from a SED at the same time instead of the user having to invoke the acquisition multiple times.
  2. New version of the graphic button list control added.
  3. New scroller control added to the graphic button list control.
  4. Incremented the minor build number to 11 to reduce confusion with XrayVision v3.1.

Version 3.10 Build 34
Release Date: 8/4/08

  1. Modified layout display capabilities for FloaterViews and Full screen displays when a user selects one of those options when a single image is not selected in a layout view.
  2. Removed the layout generation warning when displaying layouts that are selected in the ImageBar. .

Version 3.10 Build 33
Release Date: 7/8/08

  1. Added new options under DataDrills to coordinate patient IDs in the database with an external database.
  2. Made changed to the taken date that is associated with a single image that is taken from a layout and transmitted through a TransIT extension (currently the layout taken date is associated with the image).

Version 3.10 Build 32
Release Date: 5/27/08

  1. Made correction to the sex specification when passed on the command line (i.e. “/p” command line option). Depending on the specification, then sex was sometimes not utilized when specified on the command line.

Version 3.10 Build 31
Release Date: 5/15/08

  1. Added new command line options for third party application specifying auto dataTAGs. Detailed information can be found in the Knowledge base.
  2. Reorganized the auto dataTAGs dialog.
  3. Added an additional custom auto dataTAGs field.
  4. Made the dataTAGs search dialog resizeable.
  5. Added additional search fields to the dataTAGs search dialog.
  6. Added patient search fields to the dataTAGs search dialog.
  7. Updated the options on the dataTAGs search dialog.

Version 3.10 Build 30
Release Date: 5/7/08

  1. Small change made to correct display of an implant\’s divisions (its diameter and length values were reversed).
  2. Updated Apteryx\’s business address.

Version 3.10 Build 29
Release Date: 4/21/08

  1. Made a correction to a problem that was introduced into multi language toolbars that caused Windows to abort the application when the multiple language toolbar was being loaded.

Version 3.10 Build 28
Release Date: 3/36/08

  1. Added capability of passing the image taken date to a TransIT extension.

Version 3.10 Build 27
Release Date: 3/17/08

  1. Made correction to exported layout where a single image is created.

Version 3.10 Build 26
Release Date: 3/13/08

  1. Added new options to display the taken dates in layouts (available in the preferences). Depending on this setting, taken dates will be displayed below each tile and other layout operations (i.e. copying to clipboard) will additionally have the date displayed below each image.
  2. Added new options to automatically add a taken date label to new images that are acquired.

Version 3.10 Build 24
Release Date: 2/26/08

  1. Made a change to remove median and smoothing functions when making a displayable 16-bit image.

Version 3.10 Build 22
Release Date: 1/16/08

  1. Updated short creation to automatically fill in the working/start-in directory.
  2. Maintenance build.

Version 3.10 Build 18
Release Date: 10/25/07

  1. Make correction to roll-over pop-ups.
  2. Added taken-date to information at the bottom of the open patient image dialog.
  3. Added additional space at the end of the information at the bottom of the open patient image dialog.

Version 3.10 Build 17
Release Date: 10/19/07

  1. Made correction to Merge Patient tool. Was broken by previous change to facilitate easier moving of all associated files.
  2. Made update to Advanced Patient Merge tool to take into consideration formatting of SS numbers. New merge function now considers different forms of SS numbers to be the same (i.e. “111223333”, “111-22-3333” and “111.22.3333”).

Version 3.10 Build 16
Release Date: 10/18/07

  1. Added support for IDDLL to automatically specify their image types for images returned to the main application.

Version 3.10 Build 15
Release Date: 10/3/07

  1. Corrected memory leak that can occur when capturing sensor images due to new 16-bit capture implementation.

Version 3.10 Build 14
Release Date: 9/24/07

  1. Modified the “Update Patient FMap” function to additionally modify a file\’s STAMP and TAG files. .

Version 3.10 Build 12
Release Date: 9/21/07

  1. Modified the “Update Patient FMap” function to modifiy the created dates of the image files to reflect the taken date of the associated image.

Version 3.10 Build 11
Release Date: 9/6/07

  1. Further refinement of taken dates for layouts returned to third party applications utilizing the command line bridge.

Version 3.10 Build 10
Release Date: 9/5/07

  1. Changed printing of taken date for a moved layout to utilize new method of calculating layout taken dates.

Version 3.10 Build 8s
Release Date: 8/24/07

  1. Added functionality to allow sensor extensions to know when layout captures are started and stopped.
  2. Taken date for layouts calculated better for those files that have been manually copied and moved by the user.
  3. 16-bit operations corrected (saving new images, modifying images and then resaving, auto-save).

Version 3.10 Build 7
Release Date: 8/9/07

  1. Made corrections to DOB restrictions when entering patient data.

Version 3.10 Build 6
Release Date: 8/5/07

  1. Reenabled 16-bit capture.

Version 3.9 Build 119
Release Date: 7/5/07

  1. Corrected wording on flip layout button in the layout editor.
  2. When opening a group whose patient information does not match the current patient (i.e. image was moved to another patient or the patient data was modified) now prompts the user if the patient information should be updated in the file.
  3. Moving groups from patient to patient no longer looses the original creation date of the layout if it was not specifically set by the user.
  4. Selection extraction from layouts now prompts the user if the extracted image should be saved if the user did not already save it to the patient record.
  5. Custom toolbar descriptions now appropriately update when the application starts (i.e. macro and layout names now appear on the buttons).
  6. Application crash when a single user licensed computer has its main license deleted corrected.
  7. Closing or resaving a group while the group is currently saving has been prevented.

Version 3.9 Build 118
Release Date: 6/19/07

  1. Added options to automatically add various versions of the new Cosmetic Imaging application to appear in the Other Applications list.
  2. Made changes to better handle parsing dates when sent to direct capture extensions (i.e. DCDLL).
  3. Added new features to add support for image algorthm DLLs.
  4. Maintinance build.

Version 3.9 Build 117
Release Date: 5/15/07

  1. Made changes to progression capture does not overlap the task bar when on the primary display.

Version 3.9 Build 116
Release Date: 5/9/07

  1. Enhanced support for ArchiveIT extension.
  2. Added new command line options.

Version 3.9 Build 114
Release Date: 4/6/07

  1. Added ability to select what images are to be exported when creating patient CDs/DVDs

Version 3.9 Build 112
Release Date: 4/3/07

  1. CliniView: Added new toolbar button for when Novus imaging extension is available
  2. Added new options for Direct Capture extensions to return single images to the invoking application.

Version 3.9 Build 111
Release Date: 3/23/07

  1. Added new options under File Acquire menu that permits direct selection of layouts.
  2. Added “Preferred Imaging Extension” options to menus (available when editing a layout definition). Can be used to assign a default sensor extension to a layout so that the user does not have to manually select which sensor is to be used when capturing a layout.

Version 3.9 Build 110
Release Date: ???

  1. Made changes to correctly size dialogs when displayed on a smaller secondary display on multiple monitor systems.

Version 3.9 Build 109
Release Date: 2/23/07

  1. Corrected problem with removing images from the DICOM storage list.

Version 3.9 Build 108
Release Date: 2/21/07

  1. Added DOB and Sex to options that can be specified for the command line when invoking other applications.

Version 3.9 Build 107
Release Date: 2/19/07

  1. Replaced tile\’s orientation (vertical or horizontal) with an actual rotation factor. Enables users to make vertical bitewing definitions.
  2. Changes made to support new DICOM support.
  3. Corrected JPEG/STB confusion problem.
  4. Support for mapping dental modalities to other modalities (i.e. CT cone beam to CR modality).

Version 3.9 Build 105
Release Date: 1/23/07

  1. Addition of direct capture extensions (i.e. 3-D cone beam capture).
  2. Addtion of handling external file formats (i.e. 3-D cone beam files).
  3. Passing of worklist information to direct capture extensions.

Version 3.9 Build 102
Release Date: 12/28/06

  1. Corrected translation problems for menu items that have shortcut combinations listed.

Version 3.9 Build 100
Release Date: 10/13/06

  1. Corrected an error that could have caused a crash when capturing layouts while secure logging is enabled.

Version 3.9 Build 99
Release Date: 10/10/06

  1. Updated to export additional information when creating patient CD/DVD/Directory for use for the new XVQuickView viewer application.

Version 3.9 Build 98
Release Date: 9/19/06

  1. Corrected missing DICOM information for some images when captured in a layout using an IDDLL.
  2. Enhanced DICOM patient information associated with images during acquisition in a layout.

Version 3.9 Build 96
Release Date: 7/18/06

  1. Added an option to allow striping of leading zeros on patient ID numbers.

Version 3.9 Build 95
Release Date: 7/6/06

  1. Made additional corrections to account for variations in names when a middle name or initial exists.
  2. Maintenance rebuild.

Version 3.9 Build 94
Release Date: 7/6/06

  1. Made corrections to account for variations in names when a middle name or initial exists.

Version 3.9 Build 93
Release Date: 6/1/06

  1. Modified how images are passed back and forth between XV and imaging extensions. Windows incompatibilities lead to a possible crash on some computers when passing images back and forth between the apps and extensions.
  2. Added additional checking to ensure proper versions for Gendex Imaging and Soredex based extensions.

Version 3.9 Build 91
Release Date: 5/16/06

  1. Added options to allow bulk addition of auto dataTags to existing images.

Version 3.9 Build 90
Release Date: 5/2/06

  1. Corrected problem where a patient\’s middle name can cause non-matches to an applications database for certain Data Drill extensions (i.e. Dentrix).

Version 3.9 Build 89
Release Date: 4/20/06

  1. Added internal premount SED option before layout capture to support SED extensions that cannot mount in a separate process thread.

Version 3.9 Build 88
Release Date: 4/13/06

  1. Added TAKEN(YYYYMMDD) information to file produced by the “/t” command line option.

Version 3.9 Build 86
Release Date: 4/6/06

  1. Added patient import options. This can import one or more patients (or an entire database) based on the directory selected.
  2. Integrated new DiskBurner extension. This extension can be used to directly burn CD/DVD discs or to export patient\’s images to a directory.

Version 3.9 Build 85
Release Date: 3/27/06

  1. Select all option was added to the print multiple images dialog.
  2. Taken date problem corrected when the user changes an image\’s extended information in a layout and then saves the change when a taken date was not original associated with the image.
  3. Additional text can now be added to all of the printout types (originally only printing single images allowed the user to type additional text).
  4. Multiple line header and footer text now supported on printouts.
  5. Delete auto/quick calibrations option added. To delete an entry, simply right click on an entry and then click on the “OK” button.
  6. Manual entry of patient index problem corrected on patient index screen.

Version 3.9 Build 82
Release Date: 3/17/06

  1. Removed DICOM tables item from the various menus. The DICOM tables have been replaced by Apteryx\’s DICOM Reference Application.

Version 3.9 Build 81
Release Date: 3/3/06

  1. Improved status display for dataTAG searches.
  2. Improved status display for image note searches.
  3. Added starting and ending wildcards for dataTAG searches.

Version 3.9 Build 80
Release Date: 3/1/06

  1. Options added to automatically assign dataTAGs with images when they are captured. New option is under dataTAGs in the Tools menu.
  2. Options added to modify dataTAGs for both a layout and each image in a layout.
  3. dataTAG search window now stays up after the user selects which images they want to view. Search window stays up until the user clicks on the “Close” button.
  4. Taken date on spawned documents was left blank when an official taken date was not assigned to the image. A change was made to take the inferred taken date when the user has not officially assigned a taken date to an image/layout.

Version 3.9 Build 78
Release Date: 2/8/06

  1. Added ability to restrict prompting for teeth for certain sensor extensions (e.g. pans and cephs).

Version 3.9 Build 77
Release Date: 1/11/06

  1. Changed interface with TWAIN devices to retrieve better error information when scanning fails. The application would periodically display a “no error really occurred” error even though an error actually did occur; this was corrected to obtain better error information about why the scanning actually failed.

Version 3.9 Build 76
Release Date: 12/28/05

  1. Added new image macro “resize size”. Resizes an image to the indicated dimensions (in/cm/mm). NOTE that measurements may NOT be accurate in the resulting image due to this macro actually specifying the new dimensions for the image. If either the width or height parameter is left blank, the image will be resized with the proper aspect ratio. For example, an image that is 5x10in will have the following sizes: ResizeSize(2.5×20) = 2.5x20in; ResizeSize(2.5×0) = 2.5x5in; ResizeSize(0x20) = 10x20in.

Version 3.9 Build 75
Release Date: 12/27/05

  1. Added new feature to search image notes for keywords.

Version 3.9 Build 74
Release Date: 12/14/05

  1. Added the ability for a patient\’s DOB and sex to be exported when creating multiple image documents.

Version 3.9 Build 73
Release Date: 12/12/05

  1. Additions made to export taken date for the various images in a spawned multiple-image document.

Version 3.9 Build 72
Release Date: 12/8/05

  1. Corrected quick capture options for CliniView where sensor install error might be displayed if the OCD system was not installed even though the user clicked on a Sigma or OPD unit.

Version 3.9 Build 71
Release Date: 11/9/05

  1. Added options for CliniView build that will only initially add capture toolbar button if the appropriate imaging extension has been installed (e.g. Sigma button is only present if the Sigma extension has been installed).

Version 3.9 Build 70
Release Date: 11/9/05

  1. Added new \’\\t\’ command line option.
  2. Corrected problem with command line option processing.

Version 3.9 Build 69
Release Date: 10/7/05

  1. Maintenance release.

Version 3.9 Build 68
Release Date: 9/9/05

  1. Added “export patient list” option.
  2. Added option to auto-save an entire layout as a single image.

Version 3.9 Build 67
Release Date: 8/17/05

  1. Added passwording.
  2. Added secure logging.
  3. Corrected error when an external database contains more than 65K patients.

Version 3.9 Build 65
Release Date: 6/14/05

  1. Made correction to DICOM information submission of images contained in a layout. Prior versions might store the information in such a way that if the layout images were not stored before the layout was closed that the DICOM information may be ignored.

Version 3.9 Build 64
Release Date: 6/7/05

  1. Floater View now records and utilizes last window placement.

Version 3.9 Build 63
Release Date: 6/2/05

  1. Added options to have sensor extensions indicate what type of image was acquired. Previously images were sub-classified as PA images.

Version 3.9 Build 62
Release Date: 5/24/05

  1. Correction had to be made due to label property saving. Old label property file format did not permit correct interpretation of each label\’s properties leading to some label anomalies. New format more resilient to label property errors. Note that old label properties are reset.

Version 3.9 Build 60
Release Date: 5/5/05

  1. Added new layout/zip file support that will improve performance of reading layouts over the network.
  2. Corrected patient print information error when having one patient open, opening the patient list, right-clicking on an image to bring up full-screen view and then printing the image.
  3. Custom image extension buttons now correctly remember tooth numbers if they are set by the invoked extension.
  4. Implant drawing corrected.
  5. Implant thumbnail drawing rotated so the implants are displayed top-down.

Version 3.9 Build 58
Release Date: 4/28/05

  1. Added functionality to prevent closure of layout capture when a non-threaded sensor capture is invoked (i.e. Schick).

Version 3.9 Build 56
Release Date: 4/27/05

  1. New implant functionality implemented to support compressed, single-file libraries.

Version 3.9 Build 55
Release Date: 4/21/05

  1. New implant functionality implemented.
  2. New Label View option added. This view enables magnifying and panning operations when working with labels (especially implants and measurements). The new feature is activated in the Image manu, context sensitive menus or by pressing Ctrl+A when an image or layout is open.
  3. New DICOM option added to set specific institution information.

Version 3.9 Build 53
Release Date: 4/13/05

  1. Refined the implant overlay.

Version 3.9 Build 52
Release Date: 4/11/05

  1. Added option to permit storing open images to a DICOM server. This option is different than the current DICOM store option in that the user does not have to select which images they want to save to the server.

Version 3.9 Build 51
Release Date: 4/7/05

  1. Corrected problem with new SED name operations where it would try to invoke the incorrect SED.
  2. Layout selection for DICOM storage now supports multiple image selection.

Version 3.9 Build 50
Release Date: 3/29/05

  1. Correction made for crash experienced on some computers when creating a new layout. Problem was due to new overlay label update code trying to be performed on empty layouts.

Version 3.9 Build 49
Release Date: 3/23/05

  1. Added implant overlay.
  2. Added implant library support. The new implants appear as a new label object. The actual manufacturer implant libraries are not currently available online but should be available for download in the next few business days.

Version 3.9 Build 47
Release Date: 3/4/05

  1. Added new options for naming conventions of digital x-ray extensions.
  2. CliniView: updated GE graphics.

Version 3.9 Build 46
Release Date: 2/22/05

  1. Added 144% quick selection option to overlays.
  2. Added ruler overlay.

Version 3.9 Build 44
Release Date: 2/1/05

  1. Added change taken date layout option for layouts.
  2. Corrected printed taken date on layouts.

Version 3.9 Build 43
Release Date: 1/27/05

  1. New Apteryx DICOM UID added.
  2. New functionality added to layout captures to allow freeing of hardware devices.
  3. Correction made when changing tiles in the middle of a layout capture from a scanner or imaging device extension.

Version 3.9 Build 39
Release Date: 1/6/05

  1. Corrected modification of images in layouts when performed from the capture images dialog.
  2. Miscellaneous changes and fixes.

Version 3.9 Build 38
Release Date: 12/14/04

  1. Refinement of overlays calibration.

Version 3.9 Build 36
Release Date: 12/11/04

  1. Futher refinement of overlays.
  2. Added additional magification options by right clicking on overlays.

Version 3.9 Build 33
Release Date: 12/10/04

  1. Further refinement of the overlay measurements. Please note that the overlays are still linearly spaced (and the measurements will be off in non-linearly spaced pan images).

Version 3.9 Build 34
Release Date: 12/8/04

  1. New option added to only allow one overlay at a time (automatically turns off old overlays when a new overlay is selected).
  2. Interference with label operations corrected when an overlay is displayed in an image.
  3. Thickness of the various lines in the overlays made smaller to allow better placement of the overlays.
  4. “550 Tome IJD” text added to the Tome overlay.
  5. New action mode added to the software so that overlays do not conflict with labels. Overlays may be moved by selecting the “Overlay Movement” option from the Action menu.

Version 3.9 Build 33
Release Date: 11/12/04

  1. Overlays added to the Labels menu. Overlays currently consist of overlays for pan images.

Version 3.9 Build 31
Release Date: 10/28/04

  1. Maintenance build.

Version 3.9 Build 30
Release Date: 10/14/04

  1. Tooth control now automatically adjusts the size of the font used to draw the tooth labels. This adjustment is primarily required for veterinary tooth control layouts. New veterinary tooth controls are available in the tooth control updater.

Version 3.9 Build 28
Release Date: 9/39/04

  1. Tooth numbers can now be displayed on the title bar of each image (enabled by default).
  2. All options are now available for each button in the toolbox.
  3. Locking the toolbox now locks ALL of the buttons instead of just the primary buttons.
  4. Popup button list now correctly displays on multiple monitor systems.

Version 3.9 Build 27
Release Date: 9/27/04

  1. Added new options when capturing a layout that permit flipping, rotating and inverting of images directly from the layout capture screen.

Version 3.9 Build 26
Release Date: 9/23/04

  1. Added new support for auto-orientation of images when taken from imaging device extensions when not captured in a context of a layout..

Version 3.9 Build 25
Release Date: 9/16/04

  1. Added support for suppressing “media ready” messages when scanning from a scanner or TWAIN device.
  2. Added support for auto-orienting images when capturing from imaging device extensions.

Version 3.9 Build 24
Release Date: 8/30/04

  1. Changed the “unsupported database version” message to the more appropriate “read/write permission” error.
  2. Change the default requirement of the DOB field from “DATE ONLY” format to “ANY FORMAT”.

Version 3.9 Build 22
Release Date: 6/21/04

  1. Added new features to permit the user to specify the requirements for each patient information field (i.e. ss number format). The new feature is available in the application Options on the General tab (Patient Definition Requirements button).

Version 3.9 Build 21
Release Date: 6/5/04

  1. Added options to the “Safety” tab that permit the archiving of the original images when the user saves a modified image for a patient..

Version 3.9 Build 20
Release Date: 6/1/04

  1. Correction made to improper image association when capturing a layout..

Version 3.9 Build 19
Release Date: 5/25/04

  1. Integration of new drawing capabilities of various controls to make smoother drawing of the interface.
  2. Correction made to directory creation of patients in non-English countries.

Version 3.9 Build 16
Release Date: 3/8/04

  1. Added functionality added permitting other application to retrieve patient image information and direct opening of images.

Version 3.9 Build 14
Release Date: 2/10/04

  1. Additional fields added for DICOM related information.

Version 3.9 Build 12
Release Date: 2/8/04

  1. Additional calibration tools added. New Calibration popup added to the application that permits the easy setting of calibrations and auto calibration factors. New auto-calibrations added to permit calibration factors to be automatically added to an image once it has been captured.
  2. Popup locations corrected when the application is being used on a monitor to the left of the main monitor on a multi-monitor system.
  3. Better initially sized popups and corrections made to current popup size adjustments when the popups are sized greater than 1/4 of the application interface size.
  4. New calibration tools permit calibration to previous images as well as allowing different calibrations to different size sensors from the same system.

Version 3.9 Build 11
Release Date: 2/4/04

  1. Additional DICOM information support added. Please note that you will need to additionally update the DICOM.DLL and main application before the additional DICOM information will be available.

Version 3.9 Build 10
Release Date: 1/28/04

  1. Correction made to odd reduction factors on large images.

Version 3.9 Build 9
Release Date: 1/21/04

  1. Correction made to memory leak that may occur when importing DICOM images directly from a file.

Version 3.9 Build 8
Release Date: 12/10/03

  1. Maintenance release: Window\’s font is now used for various controls in the interface; extended character sets now available for a wider range of supported languages; new more efficient versions of interface controls added.
  2. DICOM print and print job support added.
  3. Tooltip functionality corrected corrected on the various thumbnail controls.

Version 3.9 Build 7
Release Date: 12/3/03

  1. Added DICOM print and print job options.
  2. Corrected DYNZAIP error that is displayed when importing images from a memory card directly into a patient\’s record.

Version 3.9 Build 5
Release Date: 11/10/03

  1. Multiple registration numbers may now be entered into the same application. Multiple registration number support permit the user to install the application on a single computer and combine their licenses into a single installation on their network.

Version 3.9 Build 4
Release Date: 11/3/03

  1. DICOM support added.
  2. Corrected problem with updating the patient database when the original database files are deleted in their entirety and database caching is enabled.

Version 3.7 Build 4
Release Date: 6/16/03

  1. CliniViewXV build only: Allows three sensor buttons (Sigma, OPD, OCD) to be placed on the toolbar..

Version 3.7 Build 3
Release Date: 6/4/03

  1. Significant redesign of how XrayVision interacts with patient information bridged from another application, detections of duplicate patient information (i.e. SS number, ID number) and actions taken when resolving patients.

Version 3.7 Build 1
Release Date: 5/16/03

  1. New registration number and licensing integrated.
  2. Quite a few internal changes.
  3. Correction made to auto-export browse button.
  4. Modifications made to ensure single-instance nature of the software.
  5. Lock toolbox option added.
  6. Upgrades where made to the “Add Sensor” utility.
  7. Open patient list now hides the thumbnail control when no patient\’s match the search criteria.
  8. Taken date dialog resized to accommodate wider date controls.
  9. “Find images by date” option added. This option may be used to search the entire patient database for images taken on a certain day.
  10. Registration upgrading support added to the software.
  11. When briding patient information from another application, XrayVision no longer automatically opens ANY matching SS number to the one specified.

Version 3.5 Build 55
Release Date: 4/15/03

  1. Change made to support layout capture from the Schick hardware.

Version 3.5 Build 54
Release Date: 4/4/03

  1. Fixes crash that occurs when clicking on several of the browse buttons throughout the application.
  2. Alternate painting/drawing setting is now forced to be applied when entering the application.
  3. The “Continue To Use This Source” setting is now saved with the application options so that it is remembered the next time the application is run.
  4. The “Switch To Layout Capture Mode” option is now defaulted to on.
  5. Auto tile option now works on image opened from the patient rolodex.

Version 3.5 Build 53
Release Date: 3/8/03

  1. Option added to prevent the image from being zoom-to-fit when brought up in a full-screen view.

Version 3.5 Build 52
Release Date: 2/13/03

  1. Dual monitor support added.
  2. HIPAA compliant setting added (enabled by default).  Hides the patient\’s SS and ID numbers on the interface as much as possible.
  3. Spot function\’s performance drastically improved.

Version 3.5 Build 51
Release Date: 2/4/03

  1. New option management feature added.  Permits the creation of a common computer settings file that can be used by other computers to use the same options that have been set on another computer.  Permits computers to share the same options without having to manually set the options on each computer.
  2. New scroll indicators used on graphic button lists.

Version 3.5 Build 49
Release Date: 1/27/03

  1. Modification made to the optimization of adding patients.  Previous optimization of patient creation resulted in failures on some computers.

Version 3.5 Build 48
Release Date: 1/21/03

  1. Database caching feature made a global setting (instead of a per computer setting).
  2. Buffering added to configuration I/O (optimization).
  3. Buffering added to Patient FMap I/O (optimization).
  4. New option added to the application options that to enable/disable patient FMap validation.  This is a feature that can be used on heavy and encrypted networks to facilitate quicker opening of patients.

Version 3.5 Build 47
Release Date: 1/6/03

  1. Database caching features added to the application.  This new feature is available under: Tools; Options; Database Tab.  This new option significantly reduces (almost to an immeasurable time) the time required for handling patient database access.  This change has been made to accommodate: encrypted, heavily utilized networks; very large databases (8000+ patients); dynamically changing databases (i.e. 10+ computers adding patients at the same time; wide area networks; and other slow or heavy networks.

Version 3.5 Build 46
Release Date: 12/12/02

  1. Version information option display and print added under the Help menu.
  2. Crash corrected when changing between tiles when capturing in a layout.
  3. Memory improvements when dealing with long patient name lists.
  4. Document template option to automatically handle when images are too large to be handled by Microsoft Word.
  5. Added new brightness/contrast algorithm for images containing a lot of white (Overwhite).
  6. Angle measurement label changed to only display one angle measurement.
  7. Calibration icon used in toolbox corrected.
  8. Angle measurement tool added to the toolbox.
  9. Auto export definition names now appear in the toolbar tooltips.
  10. “DOB:” prefix added when printing a patient\’s date of birth.
  11. Modified warnings added when trying to save an image that was modified at the same time by someone else on the network.
  12. Corrected printing an image\’s filename when printing multiple images.

Version 3.5 Build 45
Release Date: 11/22/02

  1. Angle measurement labels added.

Version 3.5 Build 44
Release Date: 11/16/02

  1. New multiple image acquisition support added for capturing from multiple image TWAIN devices/sources.

Version 3.5 Build 43
Release Date: 11/12/02

  1. New feature added to automatically associate image information returned by various imaging devices.  Note that not all imaging devices support the return of image capture information.

Version 3.5 Build 42
Release Date: 11/12/02

  1. Change made to correct if the user fails to select a sensor system before trying to capture a sensor image.  Even if it looks like the sensor system is selected, it was not actually selected until the user physically clicks on the system.

Version 3.5 Build 40
Release Date: 9/24/02

  1. Other application spawning made easier to use.  Please note that this will invalidate any previous definitions that you may have.  The underlying structure had to be changed in order to support the new version and the two are completely incompatible.
  2. Layouts consisting of all scanned images now listed under the Scanned Image type.
  3. Option added to prompt for which database should be mounted when the Advanced Database / Mobile Database extension has been installed.

Version 3.5 Build 39
Release Date: 9/24/02

  1. A new feature was added that displays a small thumbnail view of an entire layout when viewing one of the images in a layout.  New images can be selected by clicking on the various images in the layout overview.

Version 3.5 Build 38
Release Date: 9/22/02

  1. Change made for process control return when XrayVision is invoked by another application via the toolkit and the user cancels the create new patient processes.

Version 3.5 Build 37
Release Date: 9/13/02

  1. Added an Imaging Device tab in the acquire single image dialog.
  2. Added new feature for document template spawning that permits the documents to automatically be saved in a folder with a unique filename and not deleted by XrayVision.  Previously, the document templates were generated in a temporary location and deleted when the application was closed.
  3. An option was added to the layout designer that permits all tiles in a layout to be changed to a source at the same time instead of one at a time.

Version 3.5 Build 36
Release Date: 9/11/02

  1. New in-place magnification tool added to the Actions menu.

Version 3.5 Build 35
Release Date: 8/26/02

  1. RESTRICTED OPERATION ADDED:  User license tracking override added to permit the system to free up user licenses once they stop using the application.  Their configuration information is cached and utilized again the next time they use the application.
  2. Added error trapping for unsupported versions of JPEG compression in TIFF files.

Version 3.5 Build 34
Release Date: 8/25/02

  1. Added new features to the File, Acquire menu to allow direct selection of Image Device Extensions.  This option also permits the placement of a custom toolbar button for an Image Device Extension.

Version 3.5 Build 33
Release Date: 8/15/02

  1. New feature added to print patient\’s DOB in both the image text as well as in the headers and footers.
  2. Changed the maximum sensor pause from 10 seconds to 30 seconds

Version 3.5 Build 32
Release Date: 8/3/02

  1. Changes made to various sensor screens to support more sensor extensions.

Version 3.5 Build 31
Release Date: 7/25/02

  1. Date handling on “By Listing” screens changed to provide modified/taken date handling as well as sorting.

Version 3.5 Build 30
Release Date: 6/3/02

  1. New command line features added.
  2. New support for image capture invocation from remote applications.

Version 3.5 Build 28
Release Date: 3/28/02

  1. Adjusted the default number of PACs for the CliniView release.
  2. Change “panoral” to “panoramic”
  3. Added a warning message when the user disables the “Toolbox Buttons” option on the Interface2 tab in the application options.
  4. Default CliniView “Adaptive Normalize” button changed to “Auto B/C”

Version 3.5 Build 26
Release Date: 3/18/02

  1. Added new toolbar icons for the CliniView application.
  2. Changed the toolbar buttons for the CliniView application.
  3. Expanded toolbox size (there are 6 new assignable buttons).
  4. New toolbar graphics available for the custom toolbar.
  5. New toolbox buttons available.
  6. Multiple language changes now changes the text on the custom toolbar after the language selection is made (and not the next time the application is opened).
  7. Multiple language toolbar graphics – added transparent bitmap drawing to make the icons looks more presentable in Win2K/WinXP.

Version 3.5 Build 25
Release Date: 3/17/02

  1. New option to have the ability to select ANY function for each of the buttons in the toolbox.
  2. Transparent bitmap drawing added to make the icons look more presentable in Win2K/WinXP.
  3. Custom toolbars will now display text on the buttons if the large toolbar option is enabled.
  4. Change the default content of the customize toolbar.
  5. Made the default installation display only the custom toolbar and not both the custom toolbar and the main toolbar.

Version 3.5 Build 23
Release Date: 2/20/02

  1. Open file dialog for a patient\’s image displays the respective image type icons in gray if there are no images of that type in the patient\’s record.
  2. CliniViewXV OEM defaults the auto-layout capture mode to enabled.
  3. “Discard” button now changes its text depending on the function (e.g. “Discard Changes”, “Discard Image”, “Discard Group”).
  4. Full screen view now zoom-to-fit the images upon initial display.
  5. Spot magnify feature now remembers the last selected magnification factor.
  6. Relative density dialogs now appear in the lower right-hand corner of the screen.
  7. Calibration dialog now defaults to mm measurement.
  8. New emboss feature added that automatically uses default embossing values (does not display a dialog).

Version 3.5 Build 21
Release Date: 8/29/01

  1. Feature added to remember the last image type selection on the “Open Patient Images” dialog.

Version 3.5 Build 20
Release Date: 8/22/01

  1. “Update Patient Directory Names” option added to convert patient directories from firstname,lastname to lastname,firstname.
  2. Update All Patient Filenames” option added to force all patient\’s file maps to be updated.  This option is primarily used to update the taken dates associated with version 3.1 image files.

Version 3.5 Build 19
Release Date: 6/16/01

  1. New graphic buttons used to conform to Win2000 new dialog colors and graphic positions.
  2. OK and Cancel button graphics changed to Apteryx standard graphics.
  3. “Select video type” option added under Tools to select what type of real-time video device should be used.
  4. Added support for selecting the DriveVideo video capture extension.

Version 3.5 Build 18
Release Date: 5/7/01

  1. Add vertical or horizontal tile option added to layout designer.
  2. Rotate tile option added to layout designer.
  3. Reduced the number of modified image warnings reported when viewing a layout.
  4. Real layout image stamps option added to application options.  Instead of creating a generic representation, this option will create layout stamps containing actual images.
  5. Correction made to prevent tooth selections made under quick capture from jumping between adult to deciduous.
  6. Image\’s tooth display improved (automatically switches to deciduous if no adult teeth are associated with the image).
  7. If creation date of an image is greater than its modified date (i.e. an image file was copied from anther disk), then created file time is changed to the modified date.
  8. “Create Patient CD or Disk” option added to the patient utilities.
  9. Correction made to sorting by image size when displaying a database statistics.
  10. Layout display in full-screen view or floater view from any of the thumbnail controls (i.e. open patient, patient image bar, tooth images).

Version 3.5 Build 17
Release Date: 4/25/01

  1. Sensor delay option was added to enable a delay between sensor captures in a layout.
  2. Automatic title option added when opening images.
  3. Now all of the thumbnail controls will sort their images by the taken or modified date specification in the application options.
  4. Multi-line tooltips added to all thumbnail controls.
  5. Taken date now depends on the oldest associated date with a file (support for recreating or moving patient databases).
  6. Improved preview option on Open File Dialog

Version 3.5 Build 16
Release Date: 4/2/01

  1. Foot pedal activation support added to application
  2. Option to enable wether or not the application plays the “Sensor Failure” sounds on user abort

Version 3.5 Build 14
Release Date: 3/14/01

  1. Image thumbnail display enabled when scrolling through the patients in the patient index
  2. Correction for deciduous tooth associations when capturing sensor images
  3. Taken date handling improved for files/images copied from storage media or tape backups
  4. Disabled custom toolbar button\’s appearance made to resemble other disabled toolbar buttons
  5. When hitting <ESC> during sensor capture, the “Sensor Failure” audible is no longer played
  6. Additional DLL checking performed at application startup

Version 3.5 Build 12
Release Date: 3/11/01

  1. New override features were added to the application.

Version 3.5 Build 11
Release Date: 2/19/01

  1. Correct XVa3 crash on exit when TCP/IP is not installed on the computer.

Version 3.5 Build 10
Release Date: 2/07/01

  1. Addition of tracking PAC licenses by user (instead of computer) added.  The system administrator can now choose how PAC licenses are tracked.
  2. Quick scan feature added
  3. ArchiveIT support added
  4. Advanced Database support added
  5. Customizable toolbar support added
  6. Menus changed
  7. DOB and Sex added to patient information
  8. Image storage format reformatted to remove the STB16 option
  9. Better patient name checking implemented
  10. Ability to limit the number of patients presented in the MRU patient list
  11. Application options reformatted
  12. Discuss@apteryx option added
  13. False duplicate registration number error messages corrected.
  14. Functionality changes to various dialogs made
  15. Internal changes made to increase performance
  16. Wording changed on several options to improve readability
  17. Patient sub-directories now created by lastname, firstname
  18. .DOC and .DOT document template support added
  19. Printing patient list support added
  20. Tooth association with Nobody images added
  21. Layout tile/image auto type and teeth associations added
  22. A layout\’s type is now automatically determined
  23. New layouts (created under layout manager) now appear first in the MRU layout list
  24. The user can now specify what type of information is to be prompted for after an image capture
  25. User can now indicate what date is to be displayed on an image\’s title bar (i.e. modified date, taken date, etc.)
  26. Several bugs corrected