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(Includes: Dentiray, LED Imaging Cloud)


Version 1.0.15
Release Date: 7/19/2016

  1. Corrected infinite loop on reset password. (B1319)
  2. Corrected issue where all images were not deselected when clicking in background. (B1317)
  3. Corrected issue with real time filter applying to color images. (B1316)
  4. Corrected the auto-populate fields on the email page. (B1314)
  5. Corrected processing error when attempting a download. (B1308)
  6. Corrected “%” being passed from wildcarding. (B1303)
  7. Corrected blank user names in audit trail when using ADFS. (B1298)
  8. Corrected issue that would not allow series with a ghosted/retaken image to be emailed. (B1290)
  9. Corrected user creation/password reset failure when no password requirements were set. (B1288)

Version 1.0.14
Release Date: 5/4/2016

  1. Show annotations to image without labels, blacks it out. (B1266)
  2. Rotations/flips on selected images. (B1267)
  3. Override User Settings give internal server error. (B1268)
  4. Email sharing errors. (B1269)
  5. Downloading errors. (B1270)
  6. Preview in Enhancements not displaying. (B1271)
  7. Audit log/Database reports error. (B1272)
  8. Enhancement issues. (B1274)
  9. Hide ID’s not working. (1275)
  10. If wildcard prefix and suffix enabled, only matches prefix. (B1276)
  11. RTF on color images causing “black out”. (B1277)

Version 1.0.13
Release Date: 1/27/2016

  1. Grids able to be sorted by Instance Number (F2946)
  2. Grid view should not be fixed to 3 columns (F2947)
  3. Annotations button causing image to disappear (B1245)
  4. Corrected issue that would cause image to black out when enabling annotations. (B1255)
  5. Corrected issue where emails were sent twice when “password protected” was enabled. (B1234)

Version 1.0.12
Release Date: 7/6/2015

  1. Add UI for password requirement. (F2699)
  2. Firefox Extension confirmed functionality with Firefox (F2716)
  3. Make utilities menu hide-able for mobile. (F2717)
  4. Need to add support for the Rebranded exe’s (F2757)
  5. Chrome Extension confirmed functionality with Chrome (F2760)
  6. Updated Silverlight Interoperability (F2761)
  7. Scroll doesn’t work on utilities page (B1191)
  8. Check for blank “Body” field when emailing. (B1194)
  9. 90 degree tooltip issue. (B1197)
  10. Ghosted images not displaying in view if series only contains 1 primary (B1200)
  11. Password reset issue (B1211)

Version 1.0.11
Release Date: 1/20/2015

  1. Add enhancement tools to the image compare screen (F2287)
  2. Move the link email function to internal email (F2578)
  3. Allow for Hash redirect on login (F2659)
  4. Query off of ID seems to perform blank query (B1160)
  5. “Compare Selected Images” function only works once (B1179)
  6. Not able to download any reports (B1171)
  7. “Zip Passwords” Option Issue (B1172)
  8. Up & Down Arrows in Print Indent Options Not Displaying (B1173)
  9. Enhancement Icons appearing when viewing Utilities after applying spot enhancer (B1174)
  10. Not allowing shares with internal/external users (B1177)
  11. Enhancement Filters drop down bounces sizes (B1178)
  12. Auto Enhancement not applying automatically (B1161)
  13. Applications disappear (B1165)
  14. Show annotations button results in continuous “busy” and does not display if they exist (B1167)
  15. Unable to bridge into DCV (B1168)
  16. Unable to email images (B1169)
  17. We should start downloads immediately (B1131)
  18. XVWeb printing issue (B1133)
  19. Downloading images lacks consistency (B1136)
  20. Refreshing Utilities page doesn’t remember current patient (B1138)
  21. New patient capture button not working (B1190)

Version 1.0.10
Release Date: 9/4/2014

  1. Date/Time display (F1902)
  2. Print Selected Images (F2071)
  3. Draggable images on print preview (F2072)
  4. Add patient information options to Printing (F2084)
  5. Series Preview Info (F2106)
  6. Add image spot tools (F2288)
  7. Need mechanism to report data size for billing (F2444)
  8. Ability to assign user permissions to different users. (F2484)
  9. User Permissions UI (F2485)
  10. Style Notification Screen (F2489)
  11. Share Patient with User (F2505)
  12. Filter availability in enhancements menu (B1084)
  13. Series thumbnails not in chronological order (B1109)
  14. Unable to create Users (B1110)
  15. Spot tool applying extreme in some areas (B1111)
  16. Download Image issue (B1112)
  17. Override User Settings does not save new settings (B1114)
  18. Export dicom dir (B1115)
  19. isSafari reports Chrome as Safari (B1117)
  20. External API does not work with Javascript (B1118)
  21. Wildcard search is not working (B1119)
  22. “OK” Pop up displayed to users with Share Permission (B1120)
  23. Users with “”patient limited”” restriction cannot view shared studies (B1121)
  24. “Back” tooltip (B1122)
  25. Deselection of modality restriction (B1123)
  26. Multiple Spaces Not Allowed in Header/Footer (B1126)
  27. Patient info not updating in printing page (B1127)
  28. Resizing header and footer not causing the image to resize (B1128)
  29. Moving images in landscape orientation (B1129)
  30. Download/share only selected images (B1132)
  31. “Share with another user” not granting proper access to patients/studies (B1134)
  32. Single images not being emailed as zip files when specified (B1135)
  33. Layout Maker Corrupts layouts (B1139)
  34. Fixed auto enhance bug for certain images (B1140)
  35. Notifications.js is not loading for external compare via XVWebTool.exe (B1141)

Version 1.0.9
Release Date: 6/16/2014

  1. Added Enhancement modification tools. (F1526, F2286)
  2. Added database reporting tools. (F1540, F2376)
  3. Various usability updates. (F1944, F1977, F1979, F2422, F2175, F2258, F2285, F2377)
  4. Fixed an external application bug (B1075)¨
  5. Fixed issues with the Users page (B1088, B1089)¨
  6. Fixed a ghosting bug. (B1092)
  7. Fixed a registration bug (B1040)
  8. Updates to the public XVWeb API (F1869)

Version 1.0.8
Release Date: 12/2/2013

  1. Added a layout editor. (F1527, F1545)
  2. Added Email notifications for admin purposes. (F1874)
  3. Added a registration check in XVHost. (F1877)
  4. Made some improvement to ghost/retake UI. (F1976)
  5. Added options for headers and footers in the print page. (F2024)
  6. XVHost can be run as a service in a cluster environment. (F2025)
  7. Added UID as an optional parameter in a URL query. (F2026)
  8. Added a View function to the REST API. (F2032)
  9. Update layout selection UI. (F2074)
  10. Fixed a crash caused by derived images. (B961)
  11. Fixed a bug where some images were not being displayed in some layouts. (B962)
  12. Fixed the login timeout. (B1007)
  13. Fixed a 500 error when exporting zip files. (B1042)
  14. Fixed some image selection problems with ghosted images. (B1041)
  15. Fixed a bug where the previous patient’s information may have been visible when XVWeb starts up. (B1039)
  16. Fixed caching issues with new studies. (B1038)
  17. Fixed UI bugs. (B1015, B1017, B1034, B1035)

Version 1.0.7
Release Date: 8/23/2013

  1. Added a deeper integration to DCV. (F1865)
  2. Added a feature to email images, rather than just a link. (F1873)
  3. Added the ability to view images by date. (F1875)
  4. Limit query results in dicom query (F1878)
  5. Failed stores will now be saved in a QA Folder (F1890)
  6. Added a page for user management for non-domain websites. (F1897)
  7. Added a preference for tooth numbering. (F1945)
  8. Automatically redirect to Silverlight download page, if it is not detected. (F1957)
  9. Added options to require first or last names or date of birth in a query. (F1969)
  10. DCV labels are now viewable. (F1544, F1565)
  11. Added the ability to export a zip file with pngs or jpegs. (F1564)
  12. Added UI for ghosted images and retakes. (F1566)
  13. Enabled printing. (F1900)
  14. Fixed a bug where options were not being saved. (B982)
  15. Corrected timestamps when querying from DCV (B983)
  16. Fixed a bug where BCG enhancements were not being applied. (B989)
  17. Fixed date range queries from DCV. (B990)
  18. Fixed a bug where external app icons were not being displayed. (B992)
  19. Timestamps are now uniform between IE, Chrome (B993)
  20. Added several new layout types. (B994)
  21. Fixed a bug in layout generation where thumbnails were being displayed twice. (B995)
  22. Fixed an internal server error when clicking on a UID on the search page. (B996)
  23. Fixed a bug where not all of a patient’s studies were not visible. (B997)
  24. Fixed a bug where DCV was not being supplied correct information. (B1002)
  25. Fixed some upside-down icons. (B972)
  26. Fixed the display order of series in the Series Bar. (B965)

Version 1.0.6
Release Date: 6/13/2013

  1. Labels can be applied server-side so that they can be displayed on the web page. (F1544)
  2. Added jpeg and png image formats to zip and iso exports. (F1564)
  3. Added a show/hide labels button. (F1565)
  4. Added a public API for interoperability. (F1869)
  5. Added the ability to email images, either as a link or an attachment. (F1873)
  6. Added image date tree query and export. (F1875)
  7. Added the option to limit the number of results returned from a DICOM query. (F1878)
  8. Added a Q/A folder for images that weren’t able to be inserted into the database. (F1890)
  9. Added the ability to add/edit users for Forms Authentication. (F1897)
  10. Added a printing feature for printing images or series in layout form, with enhancements or with labels. (F1900)


  • Updated the users’ guide.
  • Redesigned the options pages.
  • Code cleanup.

Version 1.0.5
Release Date: 5/31/2013

  1. Added restrictions to zooming, panning in View Page. (F1754)
  2. Added tooltips to View Page. (F1768)
  3. Added ability to view filtered images on Compare Page. (F1773)
  4. Added Storage Commitment to XVHost (F1814)
  5. Added ACLs to XVHost (F1815)
  6. Added a EULA to XVWeb. (F1816)
  7. Added XVWeb Branding. (F1817)
  8. A user’s session will timeout after 24 hours. (F1818)
  9. Added an MD5 has to the Image table. This is used to verify file integrity. (F1829)
  10. XVHost will now return thumbnails to DCV. (F1857)
  11. XVHost will now accept and verify client SSL certificates. (F1860)
  12. Added a test button to the Application Options Page. (F1862)
  13. Fixed a bug where operations were not being applied to selected images in the View Page. (B941)
  14. Added General Enhancement to XVHost create function. (B953)
  15. Added support for XVAssistant interoperability. (B954)
  16. Fixed a bug where images were not being de-selected in the View Page. (B956)
  17. Fixed a bug where the breadcrumb bar did not re-direct to the appropriate page. (B959)
  18. Fixed a bug where the patient’s id was being displayed without a mask in the Info Page. (B964)
  19. Fixed a bug in XVHost where the Study, Series, Image dates were being saved as the patient’s DOB. (B967)


  • Switch Canvas API from KineticJS to EasleJS for improved rendering performance

Version 1.0.4
Release Date: 2/13/2013

  1. Exported ZIP files may be password protected. (F1191)
  2. The entire site was re-implemented in HTMLThis deprecates the Silverlight version. (F1529)
  3. Add Thumbnails to storage. (F1543)
  4. Added devices to image table. We now track the devices that create each individual image. Eventually, this will be used for device specific enhancements. (F1547)
  5. Added options for step sized in the BCG controls. (F1573)
  6. Added options for date, time, name formatting. (F1629)
  7. Added options for interacting with external applications. (F1720)
  8. Added a Forms Authentication model. (F1721)
  9. Floater View: An external application that loads the web site. (F1739)
  10. Comparison View. (F1740)
  11. Fixed the crash when XVWebTrust app executes (B903)
  12. Date Selection boxes are easier to use for dates prior to 1990. (B904)
  13. Fixed an error where the options were not loading. (B906)
  14. Added help to the project. (B907)
  15. Fixed numerous issues with the Query Page. (B908)
  16. Fixed numerous issues with the View Page. (B909, B912, B914, B921)
  17. Was not bridging DOB, Patient ID to DCV (B911, B917)
  18. Fixed an issue where the View button was not displaying on the Query Page. (B915)
  19. Fixed a bug where exporting a ZIP file resulted in a bad request. (B916)
  20. Fixed a compatibility error on the Compare Page in IE(B920)


  • Re-based JavaScript code to TypeScript for improved readability.

Version 1.0.3
Release Date: 12/11/2012

  1. Manage External Applications. (F1528)
  2. Option to store thumbnails in storage. (F1543)
  3. Apply labels serverside. (F1544)
  4. Add devices to Image Table. (F1547)
  5. Export zip of jpeg or png. (F1564)
  6. Step sizes for Brightness Contrast Gamma buttons. (F1573)
  7. Custom date/time name formats. (F1629)
  8. External Application Interoperability. (F1720)
  9. User Logon. (F1721)

Version 1.0.2
Release Date: 9/7/2012

  1. Find Patients. (F1160)
  2. Find Studies. (F1161)
  3. Find Series. (F1162)
  4. Find Images. (F1163)
  5. View Image. (F1164)
  6. View Series. (F1165)
  7. View Study. (F1166)
  8. View Patient. (F1167)
  9. Auto-Enhance Image. (F1168)
  10. Measure Image. (F1171)
  11. Label Image. (F1172)
  12. Image Operations. (F1175)
  13. View Thumbnail. (F1178)
  14. Export Single Image. (F1281)
  15. Export Patient, Study or Series. (F1284)
  16. DCV Interop. (F1328)
  17. Audit Log. (F1363)
  18. Monitor Calibration. (F1517)
  19. Administration Configuration Features. (F1521)
  20. Hide navigation bar. (F1534)
  21. Capture button on query screen. (F1571)
  22. XVWeb Help. (F1598)