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American Dental Partners & Apteryx Imaging:
The Epitome of Cloud-Based Imaging Success


Dental Support Organizations (DSOs) are increasing in the dental industry, with larger, geographically
dispersed infrastructures becoming more commonplace. Due to the number of component practices involved in each DSO, these businesses have specific hardware and software considerations that directly affect the efficiency and profitability of their organizations. However, no matter how robust the DSO organization is, the overhead and investments associated with digital imaging software, hardware, and computing technology can significantly affect its bottom line.

Fortunately, in a cloud-based computing model, rather than investing in the hardware and software outright, practices can access and use resources and applications from Apteryx on their own equipment, no matter where they are. This white paper explains how American Dental Partners (AMDPI) recently turned to XVWeb® by Apteryx, Inc.—a leading dental cloud-based image management system—when faced with upgrading, replacing and maintaining 340 imaging servers.

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Version 1.1 Revised 10.5.2020